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 Sri Lanka, Monday 6th of July 2020
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Message from ‘Stop MCC Save Sri Lanka Movement' Sri Lanka Depends on you
Gandara John
DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THE RECOGNISED POLITICAL PARTIES Democracy is the unfettered exercise of universal suffrage by the people of a Sovereign State. Democracy in Sri Lanka has suffered; it has been hijacked by the political Parties in the country.  It has been our experience that a Party after being elected to power by the will of the people, tosses out the will of the people and substitutes instead the will of the Party leadership. There is no democracy in the country, only the simulacrum of democracy... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

Why have our Universities failed?
By Garvin Karunaratne
I would like our authorities to give deep thought to the salient points I have raised in an earlier paper of mine.  Our country is deeply in debt today by blindingly following the IMF It is sad that our dons in econ, the real people that matter on this subject are silent. I would kindly request our professors of economics to rethink strategies and consider a move to commence studies on the Structural Adjustment Programme of the IMF, following which our country became indebted. This is not... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

Few Comments used as background images of TV news broadcasts
Dr Sudath Gunasekara: Mahanuwara
 I find the Hiru News broadcasts alternatively display the following pictures 1 Galle Fort2 Nelum pokuma Theatre3 Ramboda Fall4 Sigiiriya back side picture I presume the idea of displaying pictures on the TV back ground screen at such time is to inspire viewers on things like, Natural scenic beauty, unique Cultural identity of a country, (like religious and architectural)  or engineering marvels etc among such other. They are also used as a communication technique to keep listeners attention. Out of the above 4 items, only the waterfall comes... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

A recent statement of the Prime Minister, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa after meeting with executives of Ceylon Bank Employee's Union regarding the investigation on the irregular credits of government banks during the Yahapalana Regime, expressed that the government is willing to appoint an investigation commission to consider the irregularities incurred in credit approval of government banks.  It is a vital action, however, many former bankers in state banks have a question why this investigation limits to the period of the Yahapalana Regime, and why couldn't extend further covering from 1978 to 2019. The investigation of credit... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

යාපනේ ගිය සජිත් ප්‍රේමදාස හා 13 වන සංශොධනය
චන්ද්‍රසිරි විජයවික්‍රම, LL,B.,Ph,D.
කට කැඩිච්ච කතා සජිත් ප්‍රේමදාස මහතා විසින් චන්ද රැස්වීම් වල කරණ ප්‍රකාශ යූටියුබ් වලින් බලන විට මට සිතෙන්නේ ඔහු මෙච්චරටම මෝඩ කුමක් නිසාද යන්නය. යමෙක් එකම වරද නැවත නැවත කරන්නේ ඇයි? මේ දවස් වල දේශපාලකයින් විසින් කරණ කතා අතුරින් රටට ඉතාම වැදගත් කාරණා දෙකක් ලෙස මා සළකන ජරමර දෙකක් නම් 13-ඒ මර උඟුල හා මිලෙනියම් ට්‍රෝජන් අශ්වයාදය. මෙහිදි සජිත් විසින් ලඟදී යාපනයට ගොස් කල 13-ඒ සම්බන්‌ධ ප්‍රකාශය මට සිහිකරන්නේ 1955 දී යාපනයට ගොස් සර් ජෝන් කලාය කියන <කට කැඩිච්ච- (බෑඩ් මවුතින්?) ප්‍රකාශයය. රට ජාතිය ගැන කිසි තැකීමක් නැතිව 2020 දී සජිත් කරන්නේ තමන්... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

  By Stanley Perera
My dear Sajith, Re-Why you are an unsuitable person to rule Sri Lanka The writer 78 years old expatriate Sri Lankan domiciled in Melbourne Sri Lanka in the past 43 years who never lost contact with his country of birth with worldly knowledge and abundance of experience in Medical science wishes to give you a piece of advice in your political campaign at the present time.  First and foremost is that one must have a limit in whatever ambitions he or she aims at.  Secondly, one must understand the feelings of the masses and... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

බොහෝ දේශපාලන පක්ෂ මීටරය තබා සෙන්ටිමීටරයේ වත් පරතරය ගැන සැලකිලිමත් නෑ. - කැෆේ කියයි
මාධ්‍ය නිවේදනය - පාර්ලිමේන්තු මැතිවරණය 2020  මාධ්‍ය ඒකකය කැෆේ සංවිධානය
බොහෝ දේශපාලන පක්ෂ සිය මැතිවරණ රැස්වීම් වලදී මීටරයේ දුර නොව සෙන්ටිමීටරයේ දුරක් වත් තබා නොගන්නා බව කැෆේ සංවිධානය කියයි. කැෆේ සංවිධානයේ අධ්‍යක්ෂිකා සුරංගි ආරියවංශ මහත්මිය සඳහන් කළේ පවතින සෞඛ්‍යමය තත්වය හේතුකොටගෙන ආරක්ෂිත ලෙස මුහුන ආවරණ පැළඳ මීටරයක දුරින් ජනතාව රැස්කර මැතිවරණ ව්‍යාපාර කළ යුතු බවට සඳහන් වුව ද බොහෝ අපේක්ෂකයින් මෙම නිර්දේශ මායිම් නොකර පුරුදු පරිදි සිය මැතිවරණ කටයුතු පවත්වාගෙන යමින් සිටින බවයි.   කොරෝනා රෝග ව්‍යාප්තිය යම් මට්ටමින් පාලනය වුවද ජනතාවගේ නොසැලකිල්ල මත යළි දරුණු වසංගත තත්වයක් ඇතිවීමේ දැඩි අවධානමක් පවතින බවත්, එම තත්වයෙන් රට මුදා... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

Open air art shows are back in Colombo after lifting of lockdown
Courtesy NewsIn.Asia
As part of the democratization of art sales, the Colombo Municipality allows artists to sell their works in the street outside the Viharamahadevi Park Colombo, July 5 (Xinhua/newsin.asia/www.theculturetrip.com): Open-air art shows at Green Path in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, had disappeared temporarily due to a nationwide curfew imposed by Sri Lankan government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 since March 20. But after the curfew was lifted on June 28, artists gradually returned here to display their artworks, Xinhua reported. The Chief of Bureau, Xinhua News Agency in Sri Lanka and the Maldives,... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

SJB a cat’s paw of communal political parties- Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa today requested all voters to give them an overwhelming mandate exceeding even that of the presidential election of 2019, in order to put an end to narrow minded communalism in the politics of this country. Issuing a statement the Prime Minister said;The leader of the newly formed Samagi Jana Balawegaya was the UNP presidential candidate in 2019. The manifesto that Sajith Premadasa issued for the presidential election titled in Sinhala ‘Sri Lankawe idirigamanata seemawak netha, ekwa gamana yamu’ had a chapter titled ‘Janathawage Vyawasthawa’ on pages 15-16 which contained the... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

Farmers urge President not to allow artificial rice shortages
Courtesy Adaderana
The farmers in Polonnaruwa made a strong plea to the President not to allow the intermediaries to create an artificial rice shortage. They pointed out that there was a bumper harvest in the previous seasons.  ‘Hence, should not allow the attempts to create a rice shortage to succeed”, the farmers said.  The farmers made this request to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa when he joined a public gathering held at the Siripura Provincial Council Ground in Polonnaruwa on Sunday (July 5) in support of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna (SLPP) candidates contesting the upcoming... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

Easter attack update - Information of the planned bomber at Taj Samudra and the London bomber
Courtesy Hiru News
It has been revealed that the extremist preacher who influenced Safia Shaikh, the female who was planning a suicide bombing in London, had links with Abdul Latif Mohammed Jamil who came to blast Taj Samudra Hotel and the mastermind behind the Easter attack in the country, Saharan Hashim. Foreign media reported that the Taj Samudra bomber had met the extremist preacher in Britain in 2006 and 2007. https://youtu.be/2YkYHXy0LlU The 36-year-old British woman, Safia Shaikh, has been sentenced to life in prison for... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

Two (02) more persons confirmed for Covid -19: SL Country total increases to 2,076
Courtesy Hiru News
Two (02) more persons have tested positive for Covid-19 (new coronavirus) infection. The country total has increased to 2,076 according to the latest information by the Epidemiology unit of the Ministry of Health.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

57 suspects arrested in 24 hours for defrauding over 108 million
Courtesy Hiru News
In a special operation conducted by the Senior DIG in charge of the Western Province Deshabandu Tennakoon, 57 suspects have been arrested today (05) by the police. Among them were nine women and 48 men, who were involved in 70 crimes including money laundering, forgery and polygamy. The police stated that the total financial value of the crimes solved by the arrest of these suspects was over 108 million (LKR 108, 470,356) In addition to these suspects, 13 suspects who were evading... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 06/07/20)

Future cannot be built on the failed past of minorities
H. L. D. Mahindapala
Managing a democracy in normal times is bad enough. Managing it in times of crises can be a horripilating nightmare. Choices have to be made between confronting imperatives demanding urgent and unpalatable decisions and the popular will that will invariably opt for the comfortable and the least painful way out. The choices available for the drivers steering the wheel of state are risky either way. To begin with, no one likes the changing of gears which disturbs the settled position in the seat at a time when you are cruising smoothly on the surface... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 05/07/20)

Our Failing Agriculture
By Garvin Karunaratne, Ph..D. in NonFormal Education & Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University
It is sad that though we have the ideal climate to produce what we need, an intelligent people and  verdant land resources we yet are in short supply. Let us take coffee. Once we produced coffee for export. Today we import coffee. We have ideal land for coffee. In Kitulgala we have perhaps the best climate for coffee. I have seen coffee bushes full of fruit on  my irrigation inspections up in the hills of Kitulgala. Today we not only import coffee but we see... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 05/07/20)

Who says MCC is not linked to Bim Saviya (Title Registration)
Shenali D Waduge
There is a notion that MCC has nothing to do with Title Registration because it was a project started well before MCC Compact was introduced. The answer is only half correct. Yes, Title Registration Act 21, was passed in 1998 but it was not implemented. It was introduced as a World Bank project and passed as an Act in 1998. First stage was launched in 2007. World Bank funded the project probably sniffing that the terrorist conflict was drawing to a close and the international players needed to alternate ways to keep... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 05/07/20)

රෝහණ විජේවීරයන් සමග මාධ්‍ය සාකච්ඡාව
සම්බන්ධීකරණය චන්ද්‍රසේන පණ්ඩිතගේ
ප්‍රශ්නය: : මහත්මයාණෙනි, ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ මහා මැතිවරණයට ඇත්තේ ඉතාමත් කෙටි කාලයක්, මේ මැතිවරණය හා බැදුන ගැටලු රාශියක් රට පුරා පැන නැගී තියෙනවා, මේ ගැටලු වලට පැහැදිලිව පිලිතුරු දිය හැකි අයෙකු ඔබ විසින් ගොඩනැංවූ දේශපාලන පක්ෂයෙන් සොයා ගැනීම අසීරු කරුණක්, දැන් ඉන්නා නියෝජිතයින් එකම ප්‍රශ්නයට විවිධ පිලිතුරු සපයනවා, මෙය මාධ්‍යවේදීන් වන අපට මහත් අපහසුවක්, ඒ නිසයි අප ඔබ හමුවට පැමිණියේ.මේ වනවිට ඔබ ආරම්භ කල එම පක්ෂය මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතාට එරෙහිව කටයුතු කරනවා. ඔබ මේ තීරණය සම්බන්ධව දරන ආකල්පය කුමක්ද? පිලිතුර: පලමුව මම සදහන් කරන්නට කැමතියි එම පක්ෂය මා ආරම්භ කල පක්ෂයක් ලෙස... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 05/07/20)

Indian PM Modi says Buddhism can give lasting solutions to the world’s problems
Courtesy NewsIn.Asia
The Indian Cultural Center in Colombo conducted a webinar on Buddhism in India-Sri Lanka relations to mark Esala Poya Day Colombo, July 4 (newsin.asia): Buddhism forms one of the most important civilisational links between India and Sri Lanka. Addressing the Dharma Chakra Day celebrations in New Delhi on Saturday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the world fights extra-ordinary challenges. To these challenges, lasting solutions can come from the ideals of Lord Buddha. They were relevant in the past, are relevant in the present and will remain relevant in the future. Prime Minister... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 05/07/20)

Will introduce laws to prohibit sale of country’s resources – Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa
Courtesy Adaderana
Laws will be brought forward to prohibit the sale of the country’s resources, says Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. “As the former President of the country, I initiated and carried out the development of the whole country. We constructed a port, an airport, an international cricket ground and an expressway in Hambantota,” the Premier said addressing a public meeting in Beliatta on Friday (03). He said the UNP-led government sold the port built during his administration. “They stored paddy at the airport we built. They influenced the Cricket Board to withhold permission for... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 05/07/20)

Five arrivals bring COVID-19 cases count to 2,074
Courtesy Adaderana
The Ministry of Health says five more persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka as of 7.30 pm today (04). The latest coronavirus infections have moved the tally to 2,074. The Department of Government Information said these patients are arrivals from the United States (01), Madagascar (01), Qatar (02) and Bangladesh (01). Meanwhile, the total number of COVID-19 recoveries confirmed in Sri Lanka increased to 1,885 earlier today as 22 patients were discharged from hospitals as they have returned to health. According to the Epidemiology Unit’s... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 05/07/20)

MCC E-Land Registry with Bim Saviya REPEALS PERSONAL LAWS – END OF Thesawalamai, Muslim law & Kandyan Law
By shenali Waduge
Will personal laws have a place in Sri Lanka with the MCC e-land registry & Bim Saviya? Deeds which had described the various rights and description of property under these laws have been repealed. The land contracts are reduced to about 17 published in a gazette and the e-register will operate only with the forms as they call them. The forms after they are notatrised is not given to the owners. In fact, they are destroyed after entering the ownership in the e-register. All of your deeds passed down through generations will cease to... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

By Rohana R. Wasala
Today, at the end of seventy two years of  so-called independence, Sri Lanka finds itself pushed to the edge of a precipice, despite the many sacrifices made by patriots in blood, sweat and tears for its unity and stability as a flourishing sovereign state during that period (and before, for that matter, over two millennia). Sri Lankans are teetering on the brink of the dark abyss of an uncertain, unsettled and chaotic future through no fault of theirs (or rather, paradoxically, through their very innocence and decency). They have been entrapped in this position... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Landslide for the SLPP and a whitewash for the UNP.
Dr Sudath Gunasekara Mahanuwara
What people of this country should do at the upcoming election to save the Sinhala Nation, the Buddha Sasana, and the country and to take it to new heights? 3.7.2020. My prediction on the August 5th General Election Landslide victory for the SLPP and a white wash for the UNP and nemesis for all communal political parties and Independent candidates What the people of this country should do at the upcoming election to ensure this reality Before I present my write up... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

By Rohana R. Wasala Courtesy The Island
Today, at the end of seventy two years of  so-called independence, Sri Lanka finds itself pushed to the edge of a precipice, despite the many sacrifices made by patriots in blood, sweat and tears for its unity and stability as a flourishing sovereign state during that period (and before, for that matter, over two millennia). Sri Lankans are teetering on the brink of the dark abyss of an uncertain, unsettled and chaotic future through no fault of theirs (or rather, paradoxically, through their very innocence and decency). They have been entrapped... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

අ.පො.ස උ/පෙල විභාගයට දින නියම නොකොට ජනාධිපති සාකච්ඡා හා සමීක්ෂණ කරමින් කල් මැරීම සම්බන්ධවයි.
ලංකා ගුරු සේවා සංගමය ජනමාධ්‍ය නිවේදනයයි
2020. 07. 03 ගරු අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍ය, ඩලස් අලහප්පෙරුම මහතා, අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍යංශය, ඉසුරුපාය, බත්තරමුල්ල. ඇමතිතුමනි, අ.පො.ස උ/පෙල විභාගයට දින නියම නොකොට ජනාධිපති සාකච්ඡා හා සමීක්ෂණ කරමින් කල් මැරීම සම්බන්ධවයි. මෙවර අ.පො.ස උ/පෙල විභාගයට අගෝස්තු මස පෙනි සිටීමට නියමිතව සිටි සිසු දරුවන්ට කොරෝනා වසංගතය හා පසුගිය වසරේ සිදු වු පාස්කු ප‍්‍රහාරය නිසා අහිමි වු මාස 05ක පමණ අධ්‍යයන කාලසීමාව නැවත සැලසුම් කර ගැනීම සඳහා වන සාධාරණ කාලයක් ලබා දී විභාගයට දින නියම කරන ලෙස අවස්ථා ගණනාවකදී අප සංගමය ඉල්ලීම් කර ඇතත් ඒ සම්බන්ධව සාකච්ඡාවකට නොකැඳවීම හෝ කිසිදු ප‍්‍රතිචාරයක්... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

We have reached an unenviable situation as regards the Eastern Terminal of the Colombo harbour that we are unable to move ahead, We are told that that it is due to the agreement entered into with India by the previous government and also it is reported that the pressure is exerted by a powerful local company and a ,multi-national conglomerate, Whatever is the reason, we request Sri Lankan government led by the exemplary leadership of the President not to blink but to convince all the pressure groups that Sri Lanka is no longer for... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

විරැකියාවට සහ සමාජ රැකවරණය සඳහා ස්ථාවර විසඳුම් ඉල්ලා සිටීමේ යෝජනා
නිදහස් වෙළඳ කලාප සහ පොදු සේවා සේවක සංගමය
2020 ජූලි 02 වන දින ප්‍රධාන ධාරාවේ සියලූ දේශපාලන පක්ෂ වෙත නායකතුමා, ප්‍රධාන ලේකම් තුමා, විරැකියාවට සහ සමාජ රැකවරණය සඳහා ස්ථාවර විසඳුම් ඉල්ලා සිටීමේ යෝජනා ඔබ අප කවුරුත් පසුගිය මාස 03 ට වැඩි කලක් බිඳ වැටුණු ආර්ථීක කි්‍රයාවලියක, සුපුරුදු දෛනික ජීවිතය සඳහා අවකාශයක් නොලැබුණු කෝවිඩ්-19 වසංගතය පැතිරීම වළක්වා ගැනීම වෙනුවෙන් නිවෙස් තුල කොටු වූ කාලයක් ගත කළෙමු. කෝවිඩ්-19 පැතිරීම පාලනය කිරීමේදී එය සැළකිය යුතු ආකාරයකින් සාර්ථක වූ බැව් පිළිගත යුත්තෙමු. එසේ වූවත් මේ රට කෝවිඩ්-19 හේතුවෙන් බරපතල ආර්ථීක අර්බූදයකට තල්ලූ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

AG’s Dept. says will raise preliminary objections
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
The Attorney General's Department yesterday informed Supreme Court that it would raise preliminary objections against the Fundamental Rights petition filed seeking an order to immediately arrest Former LTTE commander and armed group leader Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias 'Karuna Amman’ over a controversial statement he made recently. Senior Deputy Solicitor General Haripriya Jayasundara appearing for the Attorney General told court that she is expecting to raise preliminary objections against the petition since it had not been filed within the time period stipulated in the Constitution. However, counsel Yalith Wijesurendra appearing for the petitioner... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

President says agriculture will be country’s priority
Courtesy Adaderana
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says that agriculture will be country’s priority after resolving number of persisting issues and shortcomings affecting it. Issues such as shortage of water supply and fertilizer for agriculture are being addressed by the government, he said. Failure to make payments due to suppliers on time has resulted in delay in the importation of fertilizers.  The absence of a proper market and a price for their produce has rendered the farmers helpless. The President stresses that he will address these issues and will take steps to protect the farming community.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

How a retired bank employee helped drug traffickers transfer millions.
Courtesy Adaderana
The suspect arrested by Dehiwala Police with more than 1 kg of heroin and Rs 235,000 in cash has been identified as one the agents of the large-scale drug racket run by imprisoned drug trafficker ‘Mervyn Jana’. Senior DIG, the Western Province Deshabandu Tennakoon stated that the police investigated their bank accounts it was discovered that large sums of money had been deposited to a bank account, which was under the name of a 65-year-old man living in the home of the drug trafficker. https://youtu.be/fk1MCOtUZUE He stated that... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

CID team records 4-hour long statement from Ranil on bond scam
Courtesy Adaderana
The team of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers has left the residence of former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe after recording a statement. Ada Derana reporter said that the CID team left the ex-Premier’s residence after recording a statement for around 4 hours, regarding the Central Bank treasury bond scam.  https://youtu.be/fZpL5H6WdrY The CID team had arrived at Wickremesinghe’s residence at around 4.00 p.m. today in order to record a statement. On June 18, the Attorney General had instructed the Acting IGP to record statements from former President... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Two (02) more persons confirmed for Covid -19: SL Country total increases to 2,069
Courtesy Hiru News
Two (02) more persons have tested positive for Covid-19 (new coronavirus) infection. The country total has increased to 2,069 according to the latest information by the Epidemiology unit of the Ministry of Health. One (01) more person confirmed for Covid -19: SL Country total increases to 2,067... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Police committed a mistake by stopping investigations on match fixing - Mahindananda Aluthgamage
Courtesy Hiru News
Former Minister of sports Mahindananda Aluthgamage says that the police committed a mistake by stopping investigations on match fixing allegations &amp; request the President to carry out a thorough investigation.&nbsp;... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

We never said MCC has given money - Prof. Lalithsiri Gunaruwan, Chairman of the MCC Agreement Review Committee (Video)
Courtesy Hiru News
According to Prof. Lalithsiri Gunaruwan, Chairman of the MCC Agreement Review Committee although two agreements had been signed in preparation for the MCC agreement, the committee had never stated that the money had been received. He said this participating at a press conference held at the Government Information Department today. https://youtu.be/YRXN2s-5YJQ Meanwhile, another suggestion was expressed at a press conference convened by the National Front of Professionals,... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Rajitha Senaratne responds to Wijedasa Rajapakse - Video
Courtesy Hiru News
Rajitha Senaratne responded to former minister Wijedasa Rajapakse who said at a press conference that former MP Rajitha Senaratne had obtained money from Avant Garde. https://youtu.be/tBtYJPbYd_Q... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Easter attack update - how the copper reached the suicide bombers factory
Courtesy Hiru News
The Presidential Commission to Investigate the Easter Attack revealed today that a public relations director of former President Maithripala Sirisena has asked the Industrial Development Board to supply 500 tons of copper to the Cinnamon grand hotel Bomber's copper factory. That was when the Secretary to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce gave evidence before the Commission. https://youtu.be/sh2L8CjwjnI Former Secretary to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce K.D Ranjith Asoka, who is presently serving as the Additional Secretary to the Ministry... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Prime Minister says a group of people are making plans to topple the government
Courtesy Hiru News
https://youtu.be/85tiCkgOLaU Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa says that a group has been making plans to topple the government since Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa became president. Addressing a public rally held in Beliatta today, the Prime Minister said that everyone should support to take the President's program forward.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Public trust in the institution has been tarnished - AG tells the Police
Courtesy Hiru News
Attorney General Dappula de Livera says that due to the incidents of the Police Narcotics Bureau, public trust in the institution has been tarnished. He made this remark while delivering a special lecture to the Police Narcotics Bureau officials today. The lecture was held at the DIG's office in Colombo and the acting IGP had left the place without staying on. Addressing the officials of the Narcotics Bureau, the Attorney General also expressed his views regarding the matter. Although the Attorney General had previously asked the media... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 04/07/20)

Made In Sri Lanka Is Real, But Need More Work
Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage
“Police officers should be held responsible if crimes including theft, murder or drug trafficking, were taking place in the areas coming under them’. GeneraL Kamal Gunaratna Defense Secretary Four and half years of “yahapalanaya”; rule had been a failure in many way to our country. Under the banner of “Yahapalanaya” Our Central Bank was robbed, Our Christian people were murdered by decreasing the national security of the country via draining and jeopardizing the national intelligence, Hambantota Port was Sold, Indo lanka trade agreement was about to sign without any mandate of people, as... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 03/07/20)

අනුර කුමාරගේ ඇවන්ට් ගාර්ඩ් වලිප්පුව.
චන්ද්‍රසේන පණ්ඩිතගේ
ජනතා විමුක්ති පෙරමුණ දේශපාලන පක්ෂයකි. මේ දේශපාලන පක්ෂය මෙරට සිටි උගත්, ඇති දක්ෂ තරුණයින් විසින් සිය ශක්තිය වැයකර ඉතා අසීරුවෙන් ගොඩනගන ලද එකම දේශපාලන ව්‍යාපාරයයි. මේ ව්‍යාපාරයට අප සම්බන්ධවුයේ, වර්ෂ 1967දිය. මෙය ගොඩනැංවීමට හේතුව මෙරට උගත් බුද්ධිමත් මිනිසුන් අතට රාජ්‍ය බලය ලබා ගැනීමයි. ඒ වන විට පැරණි වාමාංශික ව්‍යාපාරයට වසර 30ක කාලයක් ගතව තිබුණි. එතරම් දිගුකාලයක් ගතව තිබුනද රාජ්‍ය බලය ගැනීමට තරම් ඔවුන් ප්‍රබල ස්ථානයක නොසිටියහ. එබැවින් නව වාමාංශික ව්‍යාපාරයක් ගොඩනැංවීමට එම තරුණයින් උත්සුක වුහ. ඇත්තටම ඒ වනවිට මෙරට ජන හදවත්වල වාමාංශික ව්‍යාපාරය පැල පදියම් වී නොතිබුණි. ඒ එවකට සිටි වාමන්ශිකයින් බෞද්ධ විරෝධී පදනමක... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 03/07/20)

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  • THE ANCESTRY OF RAVANA A close study of the Ramayana, particularly the last book or Uttara Kanda, reveals that Ravana, the enemy of Lord Rama, was not a Dravidian, as many people have thought, but related to the Sri Lanka, who are considered to be Aryans-that Ravana was a migrant to Sri Lanka from the Vedic family of the Yadus, perhaps deriving originally from the city of Mathura south of Delhi. The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from the north was from Gujarat and of the Yadu family, which dominated the southwest of India and from the region of Gujarat had access to the sea on which they travelled far in their trading and colonizing ventures. The Ramayana tells the Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, had close connections with region of the Yadus, which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura south of Delhi.
  • Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
    123,000 BC - Oldest human found in Lanka - Pathirajawela in the deep South.
    12000 BC - MaduruOya findings World's oldest findings of the use of Steel, Copper, and irrigation technology
    7500 BC - Connections between Cambians, Sri Lankans, Ramayanaya & Mahabharataya The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from north India, were from the Yadu family from Gujarat. Yadus dominated the southwest of India (which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura, just south of Delhi).
    6000 BC - Lankan city on Mahamevuna Uyana - Archeologists uncovered 35 feet under the present Mahamevuna Uyana in Anuradapura,
    3000 BC - Sigiriya is considered the AlakaMandava of the Ravana
    2517 Ramayanaya and Sri Lanka According to Ramayana story, Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, belongs to a family of migrants from North India who had close connections with region of the Yadus,
    2517 BC - Ravana gets killed in Balangoda during March, 2517BC Ravana, while attending to the wounds suffered in combat by Vibishana (his brother) in Balangoda,
    1000 BC - Sri Lanka has the latest technology : Iron technology is evident in SL
    900 BC - Anuradapura, a major town of, at least 10 Hectares (25 Acres). Anuradhapura was at least 10 ha in extent by ca. 900 BC (perhaps much more). By then prehistoric stone tool technology had been completely superseded by that of iron
    700 BC - Anuradapura Town, 50 Hectares (125 Acres) .
    600 BC - Earliest Proof of Brahmi writing in Lanka At 600-500 BC, the very first appearance of writing (in Brahmi letters almost identical to the Asokan script 200 years later) marked the beginning of the Early Historic period. This writing, radiocarbon dated on charcoal and checked by thermoluminescence dating, is inscribed on potsherds signifying the ownership. Among the names, was Anuradha.
    483 BC - Vijaya lands in Sri Lanka. Girihadu Seya is built in Thiriyaya. Buddha's relics are enshrined in Mahiyanganaya Dagaba Sarabu Maharahatan Vahanse picked Budda relics from the burning cortege and arrived in Mahiyanganaya
    -For Full story go to
  • Historical Development of Sinhala and Scripts click on the links!!
    -Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
    -Unethical conversion violates the UN convention on the right of the child


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"Human Rights Watch, one of the world's best-financed and most influential human rights organizations? It turns out that they cook the books about facts, cheat on interviews, and put out pre-determined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence. These are serious accusations, and they are demonstrably true".-Alan Dershowitz Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

Amnesty and HRW may research their material and appear to be neutral in their assessments every time, no one can really evaluate their impartiality unless one sets out to investigate their background funding, behind-the-scenes researchers and the influences under which they operate. Read "Gutter Tactics of Amnesty International (AI) in Sri Lanka"


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