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As Long AS Terrorists Are Harbored, The Nation's Woes Will Continue

In the midst of calm perhaps before an impending storm long overdue, what with the LTTE now having a satellite feed to Asia, their clandestine cadres surreptitiously video taping the residence of the Foreign Minister Kadirgamar, and airstrip or two being fashioned in the more 'stylish' regions of the Wanni whither goest? the principle of never tolerating terrorism and permitting no conditions to be attached to it?

Apparently out the backdoor in the case of Sri Lanka which might be toying with another surge of terrorist insurgency given the extent of tolerance extended to the group of fully armed terrorists who have plagued the nation for decades!

Have the Liberation Tigers Of Tami Eelam finally managed to mesmerize the world that theirs is a brand of terrorism beneficial to the world and hence the tolerance and near acceptance of their right to exist in Sri Lanka suddenly prevalent.

To all intents and purposes, the glaring reality blatant in its visibility is that these are terrorists capable of ( at least in theory now that the tsunami has eaten into their resources and with it apparently Velupillai Prabhakaran who appears to have been wiped off the map!) effectively causing at any given time, sufficient distress to the tune of murder and mayhem at very short notic

Yet the staus quo within Sri lanka egged on by the International Community with an obvious repertoire of carrots dangling in front of their faces accompanied by a few prods from the superpowers and Aid donors continue to palaver to them,

A very emphatic theme which has been featured in the editorial of LankaWeb time and time again by virtue of the imperative need to din into the thick craniums of the Administrative hierarchy that terrorists in whatever guise cannot be bargained with.

This highlights the singlemost priority for any nation's continued assurance of free existence within a mantle of lasting peace which can only be accomplished by negating the terrorist nature of any terror group ever waiting in the shadows to unleash even a symbolic fury in some small measure which no Goverment in its right senses is obliged to tolerate.

In Sri Lanka this priority appears to have taken permanent residence on the back burners of its administrative agenda and the end result naturally has been a leeway granted to the LTTE terrorists that they are bound to meet with their aspired succeses sooner or later even if it is wishful thinking on their part!

Given the consideration that the terrorist element the Sri lankan Authorities are dealing with, the LTTE terroristsis are a group that has been feared as ruthless killers, whose signature tune is the suicide bomb.

This has already taken the lives of countless innocent citizens of Sri lanka, projected the assassination of an Indian Prime Minister, a President of Sri Lanka and almost accounted for the life of the present President who lost the use of one eye in the process and created an international legacy of devastation.

Their continued terror activities have never been effectively confronted by the powers that be both locally and internationally towards rendering them ineffective and ceasing to be a threat to the nation, the entire region of South Asia and perhaps even the world!

All this while the slogans and pledges for the elimination of International Terrorism by the Superpowers continue to blare foghornishly in what is projected as a dedication towards the freedom of the individual, his and her safety and the protection of the free world against the scourge of terrorism which has gained an unaccountable leeway in the land once known as the Resplendent Isle!

But overall the picture seems somewhat bleak with no end in sight to the dilema! as the double standard involving the sycophantic ravings of the international standard bearers seem to have had little impact in Sri Lanka beyond it being a double standard !

In a recent quote by a prominent journalist it has even been observed somewhat ironically that "The International Community wines and dines with 'them', and arranges matters such that the terrorists do not get the blame, even for evident violations of the Cease Fire Agreement or only get blamed along with the Government for the violations.

This is a direct reference to the Peace Monitors of Norway who incidentally despite being an enigma of embarrassment to Sri Lanka by many norms continue to be a favourite invitee of the Sri Lankan Government.

Despite the many glaring instances, where they have undisputadly been proven as LTTE supportive together with their botched attempts of past infamy of Peace in the Middle East, yet manage to curry favour with the Lankan authorities in a most bewildering manner, where the end result is always bound to be the same, i.e. a wasted effort involving the taxpayer's money.

They are once again purportedly due to be in Sri lanka towards what the Government blindly believes to be another attempt to recussitate the impassed Peace Process, that is unless the duo of Erik Solheim and Vidaar Helgessen has indicated a supreme desire for another delectable Lankan holiday by the beach as compensation for past bunglings!

So where are the rationales related to reality and the norms of decency ask the more discerning and why all of this is transpiring in an environment with a felt need for the eradication of terrorism unconditionally

It has been wisely quoted that"After all, the members of the International Community, the Ambassadors, Government delegates and independent persons, are respectable, educated and intelligent men and women.

But having come to Sri Lanka to find ways and means to rid the Island of a vicious set of dangerous terrorists, they forget their mission, and suddenly seem to be going all out to give respectability to the terrorists and help them to set up a homeland indirectly aiding and abetting the terrorists.

In an unprecedented show of patriotism albeit some of it sullied through the treachery of betrayal by certain Sri Lankans who call themselves proud citizens of the Sinhala Nation, ready to sign away the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity towards misguidedly, preserving their outgoing political legacy.

Thankfully the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna and Jathika Hela Urumaya, despite many pitfalls, have paved the way for future generations to even nominally recognize the hallmarks of true partriotism, by example, where only they amongst a vast conglomerate of a multi ethnic melting pot have had the courage to stand up unwaveringly for their convictions and continue to campaign against the acceptance of terrorism in Sri Lanka when a majority of the hierarchy continues to be blinkered!

And as long as terrorism is tolerated in Sri Lanka and the LTTE given recognition Sri Lanka's woes will continue, despite the metaphor about conciliations, tolerance and negotiations! as there are no good armed and murderous terrorists !



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