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Canada's Rescinding Of Sri Lankan High Commissioner Appointee Could Be Based On Pro LTTE Tamil Lobby!

Has the latest Canadian stance of rejecting Sri Lanka's Diplomatic Appointee to post of High Commissioner In Canada Mr.Chandrananda de Silva exposed certain transparencies suggesting Canada's motivation as being influenced by the strong Pro- LTTE Tamil Lobby as a result of the almost half a million Tamil resident population in Canada.If proven true this would be a complete travesty of justice and the protocols involving diplomatic exchanges between friendly countries.It would also indicate an unprecedented bias against the representative of a Democracy in favour of a pro terrorist lobby which many analysts believe is what Canada's response tantamounts to.

Thje grounds on which Canada is purported to have rejected the Sri Lankan appointee apparently dates back to a time when Silva was the Defence Minister in Sri Lanka and a time when LTTE terrorirst activities were rampant and rife and it would be wrong on the part of Canada to make a judgement call against the representative of a Sovereign Democracy in the face of unproven allegations where he has been in high office synonymous with a time in Sri Lanka where the acitivities of a fully armed insurgent terrorist entity the LTTE virtually brought Sri Lanka to near breaking point with the terror and mayhem of their attrocities.Something which is common knowledge globally towards which there can be no reservations or doubt that the LTTE were hell bent on destroying Sri Lanka and that their ruthless activities which paid scant respect to human life or limb was widespread in Sri Lanka.There would have been the obvious counter propaganda arguments of the LTTE and their supportives claiming human rights violations which they themselves probably had a greater liability towards. If anyone opposed to this including the then Minister of Defence Mr de Silva were deemed human rights violators based upon conjecture perhaps some arbiration is needed to clear the cobwebs particularly in the minds of the Canadian adjudicatorswho appear to have made a wrong judgement call!

It seems apathetic that Canada would cite some technicality in her Immigration Act towrds denying Mr De Siva's Appointment on the grounds of unproven Human Rights Violations against him where Mr de Silva had been the representative of a legitimate Government and the violations and attrocities related to human rights more than likely caused by the LTTE terrorists many of whom together with their supporters today have safe haven within Canada and continue most of it undercover with impunity.

Taking an example in case and point, when Major General Janaka Perera , that great terrorist hunter and relentless military leader who opposed terrorism and pursued it in Sri lanka to near extinction! and campaigned fearlessly against the LTTE was appointed as High Commissioner to Australia he too was lobbied by many of his critics for similar allegations. the Australian Government however stood firm and stoic in its acceptance of Major General Perera as the Diplomatic appointee of a nation with whom they had cordial relations with, never questioning similar allegations to those directed at Mr de Silva and proved to the International Community that terrorists and their supporters do not have any rights towards sympathies which could influence the vaiving of a diplomatic appointment, Bravo Australia!!

If such anomalies are indeed the motivation for Canada rescinding Sri Lanka's High Commissioner Appointee it must depict them in a somewhat circumspect perspective as far as policy is concerned which would undoubtedly indicate pro- LTTE bias which they have been accused of on more than one occassion! If Canada's Immigration Act was the ultimate criterion perhaps Canada should begin by ejecting the objectionable terrorists it continues to harbor somewhat blatantly despite proven records of terrorist activity rather than slight a legitimate appointment of a respected diplomat from a Nation with which they have had very cordial relations always and continue to do so!

In rejecting the appointmernt of Mr De Silva, Canada has probably classified him as undesirable and unfit to enter Canada for which Canada probably owes the Sri Lankan Government and Mr de Silva an unconditional apology and by compensating fully, by way of accepting his posting! The Sri Lankan Government should pursue this matter further and stand its grounds on the pure legitimacy of the appointment and the diplomatic protocols involved which have been in no way violated except perhaps in the misguided mindset of the Canadian Authorities!



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