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Tsunami Relief Must Not Facilitate LTTE Re-Vamping And Should Not Be Interpreted As A Peace Tool As Long As The LTTE Remain Terrorists!

There is a perplexing display of Presidential nonchalance in her drive to accomplish the ratification of the Joint Tsunami Mechanism in collaboration with the terrorist organization the LTTE as seen by what may equate to public opinion of a majority proportion of the Sinhala Nation which may not augur well towards its well being and may not endorse any Presidential right to the bravado and optimism linked thereto. An opinion also expressed by many political analysts both locally and overseas. So What exactly motivates the President and where is the Nation of Sri Lanka headed in posterity related anticipation?

Very simply illustrated it seems to portray the adamantine stance of a President who seems to be putting her political interests as well as those of the consenting supportives within her party( while there are dissenters also) as the priority involved towards negotiating with a group of terrorists who are equally adamant towards winning their objectives and seem to have sensed a Presidential Achilles Heel which they are ready to exploit. The LTTE's determination to break down Presidential resolve in the face of her opposition within her rank and file, towards their advantage seems a logical conclusion in all the present goings on and surely it cannot be expected that the President of Sri Lanka despite her charisma, charm and intelligence could fall prey to an LTTE tactic!

Not surprisingly the political ally of the Presidential Party the JVP having sensed this in all good perception has begun a campaign to dissuade the President's somewhat high risk gamble which it just might turn out to be, towards her Joint Mechanism ambitions involving LTTE participation which she believes is in the best interests of a lasting National Peace and the well being of the Nation which could be a bad read on her part as the realities surrounding the Joint Tsunami Venture involving the Tamil Tigers is no masquerade which it appears to have taken the intonations of while continuing in gay abandon and reaches far beyond the logistics of "Tigers Laying Down Arms And Coming To The Bargaining Table As Relenting Terrorists Ready To Atone For Their Criminal Past In A Civilized and Non-Aggressive Attitude, Whose Very Existence Has Been Questioned On More Than One Occassion By Many Who Matter Within The International Community As Well As Adjudicators Within The Nation! "

There is also attached a great irony to the manouverings embellished with Presidential resolve towards the Joint Mechanism based on pressure from the US and other powers where setting up the joint body with the LTTE has become a crucial issue for the President. The irony being that the proposal was initiated by the US, the European Union (EU) and Japan as a means to channel funds for Tsunami relief into areas under LTTE control.'Areas Of Control' as shamefully admitted to by a so called Sovereign Democracy whose Territorial Integrity has been flagrantly violated! While the US and the EU frown upon the LTTE as illegal and terrorist in nature and continue to maintain a proscription of the group, Japan though non commital towards proscription has certainly not condoned the LTTE as a group benevolent to the state of well being of Sri Lanka and somewhat perplexingly these three entities are in all probabilities the very motivators of Presidential resolve towards going it alone with the Tigers if need be, if the inference can be made rationally, something the JVP are adamantly prepared to oppose "even if it costs its leadership and associates their lives" as recently quoted in a deposition made to the media by JVP leader Somawansa Amerasinghe.

That an arrangement such as the Joint Mechanism involving a fully armed and unrelenting LTTE who to this day continue their attrocities veiled and surreptitious though they appear to be in many cases may seem foolhardy as expressed by the JVP and others opposed to the concept of the Joint Mechanism seems a very logical conclusion. It not only suggests a change of attitude and policy towards how the Joint Mechanism might be implemented towards proper diepensation but also endorses a National Opinion towards ascertaining the justification of the venture in its present format which may be all important towards the ultimate decision as well as its meritworthiness hinging on the unitarity, sovereignity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka which could easily be compromised and to quote the opinion of the JVP "tantamount to confering recognition on the LTTE."

While the tasks ahead of the President seem insurmountable and unenviable, on one hand while risking an administrative split and a Governmanral collapse if she loses JVP support, on the other hand she also faces compromising millions of dollars of pledged donor aid for the restoration of Tsunami losses, as an analytical conclusion, not necessarily true if the relativities of Tsunami Aid and its cross references to the Peace Process are offset rationally as non-dependant factors if taken at face value and the two issues hypothetically resolvable independently.

In the simplest of terms, Tsunami Aid can and should be distributed in a manner which will not facilitate the revamping of a depleted Terrorist Group and the lasting peace which Sri lanka desperately needs has to be achieved without bartering with terrorists who have thus far, other than through theatrics and meaningless rhetoric not shown compliance with the laws of the land or its Constitution and need to be eliminated as a terrorist entity first and dissuaded of their objectives before any negotiations would seem logically possible from a Nationalistic standpoint!



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