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The Real Objectives Of The Next President And Who It Might be Given the Facts!

The United National Party' leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe seems to prefer the age old practise of mud slinging as he has breezed onto the Presidential Campaign Trail with a roar accusing his main rival Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse of forming an 'anti peace' alliance with parties of 'war mongering' sentiments. In his latest address to the Sri Lankan voting populace Wickremesinghe has suggested that the peace within the Nation will be 'disturbed 'and the economy 'ruined' if his rival who was once the blue eyed boy of President Kumaratunga now fallen out of grace it seems, succeeds the outgoing president Ms Chandriaka Bandaranaike Kumaratunga as Sri Lankas President.

A somewhat absent minded reflection it seems on the part of someone who seemed to be doing exactly these very things during his tenure as Prime Minister and had it not been for the timely intervention of the Prersident in hindsight the country today may well have been further in a shambles and overrun by the mendacious terrorists of the LTTE even more than the havoc they have already caused under the mantle of the ceasefire which by itself appeas to be somewhat of a Metaphor.

Mr. Wickremesinghe's concept of National peace and the so called 'uplifting the economy' thus far has only resulted in the LTTE gaining further leeway into Sri Lankan National Security even conceptually by way of their being tolerated where it certainly goes beyond the mere concept and the ultimate price was probably paid through the Kadirgamar assasination and the economy definitely ruined previously by the corruption of some of his caucas members who have misapropriated public funds beyond even an extraneously imagined norm which are not expected go well with the electorate this time around as the real truth begins to emerge.

In the two years of his tenure as Prime Minister where he misguidedly portrayed a historic understanding with the LTTE which was more tantamount to a betrayal of the Nation to its enemies, he had to be ousted through President Kumaratunge's perceptions who took charge of three key Ministries in the Wickremesinghe Government, on the grounds of endangering National security and the rest thus far has been recent Sri Lankan political history where the Presidency is now up for grabs but with an apparent Hobson's choice for the prefered candidate.

If in a more discerning sense the voting populace were to reflect a upon the accomplishments of the Wickremasinghe administration and offset it against the present one which despite many rough rides administriatively speaking compounded by the natural disaster of the Tsunami due to the turbulent times it has faced in the post Wickremasinghe era.

They would undoubtedly concede that the present Administration has maintained the status quo without bending to the will of pro LTTE foreign pressure exerted by NGOs and pledge donors who seem to know precious little about the real situation within the Nation beyond their vested interests, and upto recently when a prevaricating President suddenly seems to be unsure of her direction in this context.

It should follow as due process that their votes should be cast iron and etched in stone toward who best would be the next President?

A man of the people from the rural south admired by a vast majority for his charisma, simplicity and charm notwithstanding the steely resolve he seems to have acquired towards his future leadership of the Nation tempered in fine fettle by his own political dynasty.

Through the company he prefers to keep politically and much in favour with the man on the street and someone they could trust towards maintaining the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka without pandering to outlawed terrorists or compromising the very precepts of what the Sinhala Nation stands for!

A united unassailable bastion of Sinhala Power and Might! and something which indeed seems to be poised towards being enhanced with Mr Mahinda Rajapakse holding the reins of Administrative power in a post Presidential victory parade.

Somehow and somewhat sadly the political manifesto of Ranil Wickremasinghe seems to present nothing new or beyond the high flown rhetoric he has dispensed in his past campaigns where neither mud slinging nor concocted innuendo to discredit his opponent is likely to sway the voters mind as this Election appears to be one which will be contested purely on the issue of national Security.

Who would be able to deal with the Tamil tiger terrorists equitably and decommissioning their terrorist motivations! there is nothing which seems appealing or convincing enough for the Sri Lankan people to believe in Ranil Wickremasinghe's proposed master plan for Sri Lanka towards the future as he probably had his chances together with his team of egotistical wise men of Gotham together with whom he seems to have blown the chances sky high never to be retrieved again as long as there are marauding terrorists carrying on their campaigns of violence throughout Sri Lanka.

The likes of misleading Thespians delivering hollow speeches which cannot put food on the tables of the impoverished , sustain their abject misery or protect them from a murderous enemy!

Sri Lanka's present woes do not appear to be redeemable through falsely presented election promises, deft manouvering to avoid key issues or unkeepable pledges in a Nation which cries out for panacea rather than being a safe harbour of relative peace which is more of a charade than being the ultimate reality.

The next President will be someone who could even partially restore to the Nation what is rightfull as the legacy of the Sri Lankan people! a right to continue their lives in a terrorist free environment in accordance with the concepts of freedom which is an entitlement of all of the human race where only within the confines of Sri Lanka there exists a reign of terror shrouded in the subterfuge of an internationally condemned group of terrorists tolerated with foolish impunity by a spineless Administration! Perhaps one of the first objectives of the next President towards restitution.



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