Letter to Barry Gardiner MP-Your views on Sri Lanka makes me ashamed to be British
Posted on May 12th, 2009


Dear Barry,

I’d like to inform you that you are collaborating with a terrorist in supporting Pararameswaren Subramaniam as he admits that his two sisters are attached to the terrorist organisation LTTE. If you don’t believe they are terrorists, then have a look at the atrocities they have committed over the last 26 years here.

I have read your letter dated 30 April 2009 sent to Mr. B Weerasingha (published here on LankaWeb) and would like to tell you that it’s full of poppy-cock. Also I would like to state that if there is a BAD government in this world that lies to their people, it has to be the British government, as you well know it was your government and Tony Blair who “lied” when he said “I have incontrovertible proof that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction”, and this lie we now know has led to the deaths of over 1.1million people.

I too feel desperately sorry for the poor civilian population that has had to suffer the most in this godforsaken war for an illusionary state called Tamil Eelam. However, I feel equally sorry or even more so for all the people who lost their loved ones in Tamil Tiger terrorist attacks throughout the last 27years. Over 40,000 civilians killed by the Tigers and all those who had nothing to do with the war, they too like the civilian hostages were innocent civilians and they too have left behind loved ones.

For your information, it is the LTTE who has entered the No Fire Zone and violated international humanitarian law by doing so, and it’s the LTTE who is holding the civilians hostage, NOT the government of Sri Lanka.

Then there is the point you raise about why no journalists are allowed in to the war zone, but that is not a valid point, because neither is the media allowed into the war zones in Iraq or Afghanistan. Actually, other than the 2nd world war & Vietnam never has the media been allowed on to the FDLs in any war at all. So, this we can agree now is a bogus cry from people with other agendas, or ignorants.

I have no problems with Tamils, but I do have a big problem with terrorist killers like the Tigers. If you want to stand up for the rights of your people who are a significant minority within a democracy, then you take your fight to the parliament and democratically ensure the proper mechanisms are put in place, be it power devolution or whatever, through a democratic process with the backing of your people. You don’t just buy guns and bombs and start blowing up everybody.

Sri Lanka under many a past governments hid all the Tiger atrocities from the glare of the worlds media to save their tourist industry and for other unnecessary reasons. Therefore many people, not just foreigners but also Sri Lankans living abroad, do not know the full extent of Tiger terror and the atrocities they have committed over the years. I will rather believe the government of Sri Lanka, than believe in terrorist propaganda. Because Sri Lanka in the past foolishly hid the terrorist atrocities, the Tiger propaganda machine had a free hand over the last 20 years to lie to the world and convince the gullible who were willing to listen. Sorry, but that includes you too.

Let me say that, no war can be won without casualties, for this is not a tickling competition. It’s a bloody war! – Remember during the early stages of the war in Iraq how Madeline Albright said, “some civilian casualties as collateral damage must be acceptable”.

So, remember this Barry. What’s right for you and the UK must also be right for everybody including Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka.

I sincerely hope you get lost…when you are kicked into touch at the next election

Shamefully British,

2 Responses to “Letter to Barry Gardiner MP-Your views on Sri Lanka makes me ashamed to be British”

  1. shaz Says:

    Thank you Gerald for a clear, unemotional letter concerning the dreadfull situation in Sri Lanka, I agree with your every word.
    I am horrified by the viscious attack and condemnation of the Sri Lankan Government by people who should know better. It seems that only the West has the right to defend themselves, this colonial arrogance should be unacceptable to a democratically elected government in Britain. Sri Lanka is NOT Rwanda or anywhere like it, the government was elected by the people in the oldest democracy in Asia. Ok it may not be perfect but as you said we gave up all rights to perfection when we caused the death of so many innocents in Iraq. How many people were ‘disappeared’ there. The LTTE is a formidable and utterly ruthless group, what they have done to their own people is horrendous, they are more like Pol Pot than any other group, no humanity, no compassion. Let them loose in Sri Lanka and see what they could really do with no holds barred but of course why should we worry they are a long way away and they have no reserves we want. The problem is we may rue the day when they look elsewhere to cause mayhem, or is that what this is all about?
    I read a letter by a left wing Laboiur MP, whe should know better, who suggested the Sri Lankan Government was getting fat on billions of pounds of tourism and that it should be stopped. Anyone who has knowledge of Sri Lanka would know that in the South the hotels are empty and have been for more than 20 years, (yes you will have a beach to yourself, paradise on earth) how on earth these people survive I do not know. Most of the ‘ordinary’ (peasant) population survive hand to mouth, these are the Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils whose lives have been torn to shreds by the LTTE who have ruined the economy and killed thousands of innocent people. Sri Lanka should be booming.
    Sri Lankans are a proud people, proud of their beautiful land with a magnificent and civilised history. They have been colonised by many countries in the recent past but always thery forgave the British, we had a place in their hearts and now they hate us. How can I hold my head up there. Well done stupid, vote seeking, ignorant people, the so called educated, some one else who hates us and I don’t blame them.
    I have voted Labour all my life, unless they change I will never vote for them again. The whole bunch of them can get lost

  2. shaz Says:

    I have just found and read your letter on the LTTE and the Christian Church, I salute you. May your wonderful Lanka find peace.

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