Letter to Editor – Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha should change
Posted on May 13th, 2009

Jay Deshabandu

Mr. Ranil wickramasinghe may or may not have well intentions as reasons for meeting with EU officials. But, his recent remarks about India and USA helping Sri Lanka militarily came in at the time of Tamil Nadu elections. Obviously, what is the point for making such statements? Does he think that people in this country no longer believe that he helps Sri Lanka fight against terrorists? Did he display his politically inferior leadership?

 Whatever it is, by making such a statement it is very likely that he tried to convey a message to the public at large that the government is making western allies distanced away from the government and it was the opposite process when he was in power. But if that is the case, the comparison is unfair because some western governments, including India have supported the LTTE in terms of weapons and training. It is not a secret that many pro-LTTE agents made a huge some of money off selling weapons.

 Now that LTTE is on the verge of extinction thanks to our president and military leaders and gallant forces, some frustrated pro-LTTE governments and agents see no fruits of their investments. They are not able to make money off selling weapons. So even if assume that Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe  is running the show now, it would make no difference in the current behavior of the leaders in the West.  The frustration is that money collected and profited from Tamil diaspora is now restricted and the weapons bought are used against the innocent Tamils now taken as hostages and human-shields killing scores of those who are crossing over to caring hands of the gallant forces. And, many are killed of course in the cross fire between the terrorists and the gallant soldiers.

 What is obvious in any case is that he would not definitely take bold actions that were taken by the President Rajapksha to eliminate the terrorists and indeed instead he would be giving into international pressure as evidenced by his recent decision of going for a EU trip.

 Actions count more than words! For a politically neutral person his recent actions are outrageous, disgusting and even dangerous when it comes to the security and stability of Sri Lanka.  As an average Sri Lankan citizen, I tend to believe that he only thinks of coming to power first, and then security and prosperity of our country second, which is exactly the opposite of what is expected in a good leader.  

 In the name of our motherland, no patriotic person should paint a picture in order to invite the UN to intervene and meddle in with the collective will of all Sri-Lankans. Such an interference would necessary create a poppet leader such as Don Juan Dhramapla in our history.

 Therefore, one may suspect that he is in a propaganda business and a creation of a political dogma that he is the only leader, in Sri Lanka, capable of handling affairs in the country which is now facing human rights and genocide propaganda war. Truly, it seems like he is thinking to fish in troubled waters at this time.

 I believe that the whole United National Party would perish under this kind of leader because all decisions are made by him and for him. It is a top to down approach.  The country needs an opposition party with patriotic talented leaders who may understand at lest the meaning of opposition in political sense. It should not mean that they should object to whatever the government is doing. 

 At this time paying a visit to a disabled soldier is better than paying a visit to an EU country to achieve his personal political agenda!

 Better yet, a single donation to help needy IDPs would bring him enough votes that he is craving for.  And, presenting an alternate solution to the current crises would make him look like someone that cares for his country and fellow citizen rather than making statements to under value the successes of military gains and peace.

 For example, some UNP leaders were laughing at the military and the government when the Thoppigala were liberated, and joked at the attempts of capturing of Killonchi as if it was mistaken for Madvachhchia. The incidents of opposition leaders laughing at government and military successes are too many to list here. 

 Now that the LTTE is caged in a 2.5 square kilometers, he is duty bound to give soldiers a moral boost at the time when the gallant soldiers are accused of committing rapes and genocide by international western media that are  aligned with the LTTE agents. He must be grateful to gallant soldiers that protect even his life today. Finally he should counter act against the pro-LTTE propaganda that our military is not liberating the hostage civilians but doing genocide or something else. He owes at least that much to our gallant soldiers.

 It is clear from the recent elections that majority of Sri Lankan voters has a better understanding of the current affairs and the politics in the country. This evidence from the way people have voted. There is a significant number of voters who did not cast their ballot. Those who did not cast ballot are clearly fed up with the Tamil Naud like joker’s politics in Sri Lanka. People have changed so should the leaders!

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  1. alpha Says:

    If this guy was truly a joker that would be one thing, he is not, he’s a traitor, and should be tried and hanged as one. You are asking him to change his ways. Does a leopard change its spots?

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