Misleading the International Community,The UN And The Entire World With Distorted Facts And Figures!
Posted on May 13th, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar for LankaWeb

May 11th 2009
The latest protests by the LTTE supportive  Tamils in Toronto Canada have been orchestrated with precise theatrics which should however not mislead the International Community, the Entire world and the United Nations. The protestors about a 1000 strong  blocked an arterial highway in the West of Toronto and acted with high handed bravado holding up traffic for  a few hours early today until riot police in full gear were seen advancing and they then dispersed scattering like frightened jackrabbits ! There is however information that the Canadian Government has agreed to look into their ‘greivances’ which will surely transpire as being based on sympathies towards the most notorious terror group in the world after Al Quaeda where the Canadian Authorities will never be fooled by the theatrics of the  demonstrators in Toronto it is hoped!
The protesters have misinterpreted kindness and leniency by the Canadian Authorities as weakness and are fortunate not to have faced the true consequences of their actions and have got away almost scot free with a few random arrests for unruly behaviousr where the Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies should not show the same leniencies should this kind of unlawful action be repeated in the future. The Toronto Tamils seem to be getting bolder by the day acting as though they have carte blance to break  the Canadian Law in Toronto ~ They have gone underground in cities like Montreal as the  Royal Canadian Mounted Police there show no leniencies or tolerances of LTTE activity, not even the waving of a terrorist flag considered a violatio of the law and have cracked down on them hard on many an occassion recently and perhaps it’s time the same no nonsense approach was shown in Toronto also!
Only as recently as last October 2008 the same group in all probabilities, directed shameful attacks and debris throwing incidents at the Sri Lankan cricket team during a T 20 tournament there and the world is fully aware of what neglect of security can result in as the horrendous attack on the same cricketers in Lahore Pakistan proved and lessons should be learned towards preventing any unlawful assemblies in the name of LTTE and Tamil sympathies in any part of the world, not only Canada where they should be disrupted and incarcerated as criminal activities! 

All such demonstrations stem from expatriate Tamil Tiger support according to many analysts where The LTTE now on the verge of collapse in the Mullaittivu Region are in total disarray and utter desperation and trying everything from lies, innuendo and exaggerated horror stories where they together with their overseas supportives continue to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka and the  Armed Forces of killing over 2,000 civilians in an artillery barrage over the weekend which is not only false and exaggerated according to very reliable Armed Forces information and independent observers but also coincides with the Tamil Diaspora demonstrations around the world to redeem the ruthless killers of the LTTE from total annihilation where the intended objectives seem pretty obvious.

As the Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has reiterated what the Government has said all along about the inaccuracies of the propaganda reports from Tamil news media such as the Tamilnet while also  denying all the grossly inaccurate allegations, he has also pointed out that the LTTE have timed the latest propaganda lies as makeup towards sympathy to coincide with an informal session of the UN Security Council scheduled for today May 11. It seems very clear based on this that the LTTE are making a desperate attempt to force the international community to stop the Military offensive while their diaspora support is backing up their lies and claims with cheap sensationalism around the world.  

Defence Secretary  Rajapaksha has scoffed at the accusations levelled at the GOSL and the SLAF saying to both the local and international the media  that nothing could be furthest from the truth and more ridiculous than the purported claim by both the Tamil Diaspora and the LTTE that over 2,000 civilians have been killed in a single barrage.He also pointed out that The Army could not have mounted a large scale artillery assault without the international community knowing it citing the simple employment  of  satellite technology to monitor the area of operations would have indicated the accuracy of the ground situation where unfortunately this means was unavailable and hence the LTTE being able to lie their way  towards orchestrating their survival which however will not work as the Army is readying for the final push towards their total destruction and justifiably so! 

That the LTTE and their supporters were trying to influence international opinion by propagating lies, becomes even more plausible based upon the cognizance that the Governmentof Sri Lanka  and the Armed Forces had irrefutable evidence of an attempt to force international intervention which has now been directed at the Canadian Authorities who do not view the LTTE as legitimate nor nation friendly although there are a few other pathetic sources such as the UN , the EU and the International Human Rights  Watch  to name a few who seem to accept the lies and innuendo of the pro active LTTE elements.The USA and the UK too are divided in their opinions about the realities of what goes on in Sri Lanka and need to be well advised of the truth and the consequences of deliberately orchestrated distortions and lies!  

It needs to be broadcast to the world to discourage all the rumours and lies being circulated by pro LTTE elements according to many independent as well as very reliable sources quoted corroborating the information to the media by the Defence Secretary  that “The Armed Forces have verifiably refrained from using heavy weapons even at the risk of taking casualties. Despite all the constraints, the Army has now fought its way up to the newly set up civilian safe zone, south of Karayamullivaikkal with an area about two km in length and 1.5 km in width. They are in the final stage of the offensive to eliminate the Tigers and there is absolutely no way they can get out of this trap,” end quote.

Army Chief Lt. General Sarath Fonseka has also backed up what the Defence Secretary has said and further confirmed that on Saturday 9th May the LTTE had opened fire on about 1,000 civilians attempting to reach the Army deployed south of the no fire zone. The Army had located the LTTE firing positions as well as the area targeted by the terrorists, he said, emphasising that both were located within the area under its control. Despite heavy LTTE fire about 300 men, women and children had reached the army lines, he said. Unfortunately about 700 people had been forced to turn back, he said, urging the international community to employ whatever possible means to know what is going on there. All the reported attrocities are being committed on civilians by whatever is left of the residual Tamil Tigers in Mullathivu in a vengeful and desperate mood where every attempt is being made to rescue the civilians by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and aid their safety to freedom!

 The Sri Lankan Armed Forces are continuing their operations and there could be a major breakthrough within the next 48 hours where the ground forces have made significant gains over the past three days and the LTTE would soon lose its wherewithal to offer organised resistance.

It has to be noted that certain LTTE arms procurement sources as well as a certain individual who calls himself a defence link of the LTTE and known as Illantharayan of past dubious repute  are spearheading a campaign backed by some of its international supporters to throw a lifeline to the LTTE leadership trapped on the Mullaittivu coast. 

All the stories of a bloodbath carried by Yahoo, the APF and many other international News reporting Agencies including the BBC need to be diluted or completely discredited as they are not based upon tangible or verifiable proof other than hearsay and the concoctions of pro LTTE elements which the foreign press gobbles up instantly in the manner of starved turkeys set loose in a wasteland of misinformation!

Misinformation stemming from deliberate lies, distorted reports, fasified scenario, unprovable facts and figures and cheap sensationalism intended to mislead the international community, the UN and the entire world.

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