Prabhakaran “The Saviour” Anihilates His Own Tamils
Posted on May 14th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Sooner or later, the Truth Dawns!

Whilst the entire world, with their jaundiced eyes, looks down on the Government of Sri Lanka, as usual, the “Root of the Problem” is ignored.

For over three decades, the Western world and, the BBC controlled by the Tamil management, portrayed the Tamil Tiger Terrorist LTTE as “The Saviour” of the Tamils.

First it must be emphasized that the “Root of the Problem” was created by the British Colonialism, which divided and ruled Ceylon, by nurturing division amongst the immigrant Tamil tea plantation workers, and other low class labour in the low lands of Ceylon.

The snobbish British culture was then passed down to the upper middle class Sinhalese who were largely educated in the UK.  The Oxford educated Bandaranaike, a Buddhist turned Christian by birth, purely for political convenience, went on a nationalistic rampage, thus exacerbating the Sinhala-Buddhist nationalistic cause, purely to gain political power. He did succeed. And created a Dynasty of corrupt family led selfish governments.

The 1960’s created the Sinhala-Tamil conflict which then gave birth to Prabhakaran and his LTTE movement.  The Western countries utilizing the “Monkey’s Paw” allowed the NATO member Norway, who perceived their own secret Agenda, to add fuel to the fire.

Ceylon and now Sri Lanka, is a strategic gem, both commercially and militarily!

From the weapons and infrastructure the Tamil Terrorists LTTE had in their fold, now uncovered by the SLDF, proves beyond any doubt that certain Western powers transferred technology to Tamil Terrorists to maintain a powerful offencive stance against the Sri Lankan Defence Forces.

The Western delegations paid homage unashamedly to the  “Sun God” Velupillai Prabhakaran and acknowleged as the “Leader and Saviour of the Tamils”, even after Prabhakaran was declared as a criminal murderer of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Even when the SLDF were closing in on the self-declared but illegal Tamil homeland within the Sovereign territory of Sri Lanka, the leaders of India, European Union, USA tried their best to prevent the SLDF moving forward to reclaim the illegally declared territory by a bunch of criminal squatters.

Like ALL terrorists, such as Osama bin Laden, and others, Velupillai Prabhakaran is no exception, but a COWARD, hiding in a bunker, surrounded by a horde of innocent Tamil civilians, to prevent the SLDF moving in.

Many of those who tried to escape the clutches of the Tamil Tiger Terrorist LTTE, were moved down by the LTTE cadres. So much for “The Saviour”!

Even at this hour of need to save the innocent Tamil civilians, the Western media, largely influenced by the Tamil Diaspora, are pointing the finger at the SLDF.

The Catholic Church Clergy in the Tamil North, sided with the LTTE and should now accept that the Catholic Church (I, being a Catholic, ashamed by their behaviour) has blood on their hands and that cannot be washed away with a few drops of water, during a Catholic Mass.

Its time that the Tamil Diaspora, if they have a back-bone and guts, stood-up and apologise to their Tamil brethren, kith and kin, that they faulted against their own. 

The Tamil Diaspora funded Prabhakaran “The Saviour” to  Anihilate His Own Tamils, men, women and children, whilst his own wife and children are enjoying a multi-millionaire life-style in Denmark.  Erik Solheim is enjoying his luxury pad, funded by the LTTE, in Norway.  Other Tamil Diaspora, dancing the nights away on stolen money.

The hundreds of millions of Dollars of Blood money collected by gun-running, prostitution, criminal scams, narcotics, human smuggling, passport rackets are funding the luxurious life-style of the expatriate controllers of Tamil Terrorist LTTE.

The Government of Sri Lanka led by a brave patriot, is 100% correct in his march to remove the cancer of Terrorism from the Face of Sri Lanka and remove a threat to the entire world.

Your Excellency, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, you have ignored the threats of UN, EU, USA, World Bank, the idiotic Secretary for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs of United Kingdom David Milliband, a potential Prime Minister of UK, with Pride & Dignity.

We take our hats off for you in respect, for telling the ex-Colonial Masters to bugger-off!

As in any war, USA has proved over and over again, that colateral damage is inevitable. Many a British, Iraqi, Afghanistani soldiers have succumbed to American Friendly Fire.

And many a time both American soldiers and American mercenaries have anihilated innocent humans for no apparent reason and have got away with murder.

Likewise, in the efforts of the SLDF in their attempt to capture and destroy the Tamil Tiger Terrorist LTTE, some civilian casualties may be the price to pay, especially when the innocent civilians are forcibly kept by the Terrorists for their own protection.

Let the Tamil Diaspora and Tamil Expatriate dogs and their supporters, including David Milliband, bark at their own creation! 

Mad Dogs might Bark at the Moon, but the Moon does not Fall!

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