A terrorist is primarily an ignoramus, all those who followed him and all those who supported him were, and those who still support him are ignoramuses.
Posted on May 25th, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

Terrorists are not educated, in the sense they do not have a philosophy to defend, They do not differentiate between good and bad. They have one object in mind and pursue it like a blinkered horse.  

A university education by itself does not qualify one to be accepted as educated. There are certain social norms in any culture that have to be respected. One who goes outside those norms is an ignoramus who attempts to seek out a certain egocentric ideal. Those ideals are most often universal, because perfection is sought for, but never achieved. They awaken in unintelligent weaklings a sentimental attachment to them. Thus the ego centric idealist with no education or qualification to boast of finds a following.

 Motherland, fatherland, homeland or by whatever name you call it, it is the country where you were born. The country where you are born is not always populated with people like you, who speak the same Language, worship the same god, eat the same food, wea the same dress, or react to situations in the same way. Therefore, the country in which you were born is multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural. That reality has to be accepted if you were to love the country in which you were born.

 Therefore, if an ignoramus comes out with a theory of breaking away the country to set up homelands, motherlands, or fatherlands to accommodate each category of ethnic group with the same language, with the same religion, and with the same culture, it is to mutilate the country in which you were born, to make it different from what it was, when you were born in it.

 But, to an unthinking ignoramus it is an ideal situation to desecrate something sacred such as a motherland , to suit his idiosyncrasy, to vindicate an inborn hatred. By supporting such an ignoramus all those who contribute to realise his egocentric ideal, become themselves ignoramuses despite college education, despite their position in society, despite their political achievements, and despite their money and power. 

The terrorist Prabhakaran was an ignoramus. That is why he became a terrorist to achieve his egocentric ideal of a “homeland”. All those who followed him and all those who supported him then and are supporting his cause now are therefore all ignoramuses, “uneducated” simpletons.

 Take for instances those three persons who committed self-immolation. What purpose did it serve ? Did they act as normal intelligent persons ? Then all those who sat , around the Parliament Square in London and those who carried out sitting manifestations in Canada causing immense disturbance to ordinary people , and those who went on hunger strike, were not they all ignoramuses, unintelligent, uneducated simpletons ?

 The Sri Lanka Tamil Dispora, who contributed millions of Dollars to the coffers of the terrorist, with the sole idea of getting the terrorists to set up a homeland were “fools” following an egocentric ideal of a mad man, an ignorant terrorist, who followed his ideal homeland concept like a house fly to faeces.

 There was no difference between the terrorist Prabhakaran, and the Tamil diaspora who supported him to achieve his object of the ideal homeland concept. The Tamil diaspora by supporting the terrorist Prabhakaran, contributed to those murders and massacres he masterminded to achieve his ideal.

 There is hardly any difference between one and the other. Even today in France, in Australia, as its in UK or Canada the ignorant simpletons manifest weeping for their criminal leadership, and the lost dream of the homeland. They even throw acid like vulgar underworld criminals at the Sinhala youth , perhaps more “educated” and are not as ignorant.

 The Sinhala do not fight for ideals. They are more practical. They do not fight for themselves. They fight for all those who populate their motherland.

 The Tamil diaspora as much as Prabhakaran and his followers are not made of the intelligentsia, an educated class. Even if some of the Tamil diaspora had an academic education with M.As, M.Ds, or PH.Ds they who contributed to the terrorists and supported the terrorist course were ignorant simpletons.

 Whatever their intellectual capacity they were accepting as their leader , a criminal of the worst sort wanted by the Interpol, the Indian and Sri Lankan Judiciary. He had no acceptable place living in this world, nor will he have it dead in the nether world.

 So much for the terrorist supporters of the diaspora. Beside them there are others who supported him. To quote from an article in the Lanka Web : ” ….. Then there are human rights activists, facilitators, intermediaries, go-betweens, NGOs and various other jokers attracted to the carnage like carrion birds. None of them sincerely wanted a resolution. They used terms like “ƒ”¹…”peace’, “ƒ”¹…”ceasefire’, “ƒ”¹…”cessation of hostilities’, “ƒ”¹…”peace dividend’, etc. to sustain their business.”

 That sums it all as far as the interfering terrorist loving foreign do gooders who had been walking the length and breadth of Sri Lanka like the cocks of the walk. What lessons have we got to learn from them or the likes of Anna Niastat, or Jeremy Page ?

 Then there are also the supposed to be educated, and the qualified, occupying high and mighty seats of importance like Ban Ki Moon, Koichiro Matsuura, Navy Pillay and the smaller fry Adams, Evans, Blakes,Weiss etc., who also directly or indirectly support the criminal goons , the ignoramus terrorist. Why do they support the terrorists ? Probably because they are “position” conscious, and also because it is a part of their duty, being employees of the Organisations.

 In their “position” they weigh which of the terrorist supporters carry more political weight internationally. And they choose to be with the more influential side. They will for instance not take side with China, Russia, Iran, Vietnam or even India. They will be with the more glamorous and the affluent West, USA, UK, France, Germany, and those of the EU.

 Then again there are the Attorneys like Bruce Fein. He certainly supports the terrorists for the green Dollars that come from them.

 Then why the hell is Miliband so highly worked up because the terrorists have been exterminated ? He even went to USA to get Hillary Clinton to stand by him and President Barack Obama issue a special Statement from the White House lawn, even defending the terrorist “medicine men” by name.

 Miliband is of course hurt by his bruised pride because the President of Sri Lanka did not agree to a cease fire he proposed, despite his taking Bernard Kouchner along with him to give weight to his demand. He unfortunately seems to lack ” tact and intelligent perception” of situations, and so goes complaining to his elders to stand by him.

 Then Hillary Clinton and Obama, why do they still complain and come forward with uncalled for advice as to what Sri Lanka should do with its Tamil Civilians ? Sri Lanka is after all not a “Lilliput” to be told what it should do and it should not do !!!

 However there are ignoramuses and ignoramuses. Some swear they are against terrorism. But when terrorism is fought against by some one else they complain.

 Then there is the whole set of jokers from Tamil Nadu. What do they want ? They want to be part of India. That is there interest because India as it is will be a world economic power next to China and Russia. But yet Tamil Nadu wants to set up an Eelam because they feel they have to as they are Tamils. But they do not want the Eelam in India, because they do not want to break up India. But they want an Eelam for Tamils, out side India -in Sri Lanka- breaking up Sri Lanka does not affect India.

 Their thinking seem to be that if they could set up the Eelam in the North- East of Sri Lanka to begin with, they may thereafter be able to subjugate whole of Sri Lanka and make it a part of the Tamil Nadu making it the largest State of great India. India will concur because a Sri Lanka as a developed Nation in its neighbourhood is an irritating prospect.


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