BBC shows images provenly manipulated by LTTE. Staged scene.
Posted on June 3rd, 2009

Palix Banda

Dear Editor,

BBC shows images provenly manipulated by LTTE. Staged scene.

I don’t know how many of you have noticed it. BBC showed a news item with the heading ?Calls mount for Sri Lanka probe? depicting an image of a staged scene where one can see fleeing civilians in front of a background showing smoke of an explosion.
This image was pulished in some time ago.
Date of BBC news item was long after has published it.

On saturday 30 th May (GMT 15:11) you could see this news item in BBC. However, after several minutes the text was still there but the image was replaced. Expecting that I had made a screen shot before they have replaced it. I am attaching it to this email. Further, for comparison I obtained the published original with the full image before it has been cropped up by LTTE.

Please publish this screen shot with the other images in lankaweb to show the world how a serious Britisch news agency acts.

 Best regards
Palix Banda


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