Operation Bulletin 119
Posted on June 16th, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario Canada

June 16, 2009

Hon. Jason Kenney, MP Minter of Citizenship & Immigration House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Minister Kenney:

Re: 3-Way Battle for the blood-soaked Tamil Canadian votes

I have just come across your Department’s Operation Bulletin 119-June 3, 2009 – Sri Lanka Initiative-Applications for Family Class Members and Dependents of in-Canada Permanent Residence Applicants Affected by the Current Humanitarian Situation.

This is amazing stuff. With the next federal election looming over us, your Conservatives will have a tough time to claw some of the Tamil votes with this initiative if indeed that was your motive, as the Liberal’s Bob Rae, Jim Karygiannis, John Cannis, Judy Sgro, Maria Minna, John McKay, Derek Lee, and Dan McTeague will follow a tom-tom beating Tamil Town Crier announcing to the GTA Tamils: “we fought for you guys to get your people into the country, so you better vote for us. We will do more if we get into power like lifting the ban on the LTTE and letting the WTM work the streets again with extortions, and let you all have your Government of Eelam in Exile in Toronto.” But what they will not tell the Tamil Diaspora is, “This was a selfish move on our part to bloat our Tamil voter bank to win the next federal government elections from the Conservatives. To be honest we don’t care two flippin hamburgers about you Tamils.” Think about that Minister. This is no fiction. This could be the reality that we Conservatives will have to face during the next hustings.

Bob Rae trying to enter Sri Lanka on June 10 was suspicious. In my letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of June l1, which you received a copy I said, “But I can tell you one thing, I can bet my last dollar, his exercise to go to Sri Lanka was to crawl himself to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in the north, interview a few Tamil refugees, come back and complaint, how horrible the IDP camps were, that there is no food to eat, no air to breathe, no medicine for the sick, and our Government should do everything to process the applications of thousands of relatives of Tamil Canadians for family reunification. Having spent a couple of thousand dollars for the plane ticket, do you know what? Bob Rae would have locked every Tamil vote for the Liberals in the 13 ridings of the GTA for the next elections.”

As you know, the NDP too are into these shenanigans to claw in some of the 100,000 Tamil votes from the Liberals. That is the only reason why their leader Jack Layton elevated the political-posture of the Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, the most ruthless killer-terrorist in the world, by comparing him to South Africa’s Nelson Mandela in front of 10,000 Tamils at Queens Park during a Pongu Thamil celebration. That is the only reason why he happened to be the only parliamentarian who went and spoke to the Tamil demonstrators who were waving a sea of red Tamil Tiger flags of the banned terrorist organization on parliament hill about a month ago. That was the only reason that he went to convince the Tamil demonstrators blocking the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto promising them to fight for their cause. Your Minister Bev Oda thanked him in parliament for helping the government on this issue.

Whether Jack Layton managed to claw in some Tamil votes from the Liberals is something that we will have to wait for the next federal election results to see whether the NDP had taken some of the Liberal seats in the GTA.

Your Department’s Operation Bill 119 no doubt helped them with their vote winning strategy, and I doubt your Conservatives would have gained any Tamil votes out of it.

Minister Kenney, here is the problem that I have, and many Canadians would have. Open the flood gates of Canada one more time for the Tamils, and I could bet you my last dollar that everyone of that 280,000 Tamil civilians who are now in temporary welfare camps will find a relative in Canada to take this opportunity to come to Canada, the way that 250,000 Tamils took the opportunity to come into Canada after the July 25, 1983 riots.

In that instance almost 400 Tamils met with their death in Colombo and a few hundred of Tamil shops were looted and burnt by the angry Sinhalese mobs because of the acts of the Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran and his gang of terrorists’ brutality against the Sinhalese and ethnic cleansing, and 250,000 Tamils landed on our shores saying that they were running away from discrimination and persecution. The Conservative Mulroney Government opened the flood gates then.

But here is the true story Minister Kenney. All these allegedly persecuted Tamils go back to Sri Lanka for their holidays, no longer worried about the persecutors, not even looking over their shoulders when they set foot onto the tarmac at Colombo’s airport to see whether a Sri Lankan soldier is following them to arrest them. The first thing they do when they arrive is to rush to the sunny beach resorts along the coast to lay in the sun to burn themselves a bit to get back their tan that they had lost during the Canadian winters.

But here is something for you to think about and a prediction for the Conservative Time Capsule Vault to be opened only on January 2, 2050, almost 67 years after the first wave of Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka arrived in Canada.

A news item in The Toronto Star of January 1, 2050

“A New City is Born

Since the second wave of Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka which started with the Operational Bulletin 119, dated June 3, 2009, enacted under the administration of the Conservative Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Honourable Jason Kenney, which added another 150,000 to the already existing Tamil population of 250,000, who have made their home around the Greater Toronto’s Scarborough areas brought the total of the Tamil population to 400,000. According to the 2009 demographics, this was more than that of the City of Dartmouth and Halifax, Nova Scotia (370,000); more than the City of London, Ontario (350,000); more than the City of Oshawa, Ontario (300,000); more than that of the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (250,000); and the City of Regina, Saskatchewan (220,000).

During the past four months the Tamils have agitated, demonstrated boisterously in scores of thousands and chain-linking themselves circling the City of Toronto for miles, blocking the main highway arteries that lead into the City of Toronto and crippling the business hub of the city. The Ontario Provincial Government in consultation with the Federal Government of Canada has agreed to let the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing give into their demand of amalgamating four Scarborough Municipalities to form the City of Eelam where all the Tamils live.

They now have their own Tamil Mayor and will hopefully have four Tamil members of parliament once Elections Canada approve the riding boundaries, representing Eelam North, Eelam South, Eelam East and Eelam West from their Tamil Eelam Liberation Party of Canada (TELPC). The City logo has already been chosen which is familiar to all of us. It is a Bengali growling Tiger’s head resting on the crook of two crossed assault rifles and surrounded by a festoon of bullets.

This has been a remarkable community which has business acumen; they own every business of their City of Eelam and all of the real estate. They own four Tamil news dailies and four Radio and TV stations which are programmed in their Tamil language. Their Eelam Police Force which is 800 strong are trained by the ageing hardcore Tamil Tiger terrorists, the most ruthless group of killer-terrorists in the world, during the 1970s, 80 and 90s, who came to Canada as refugees after they were wiped out by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces on May 19, 2009. The RCMP and CSIS have established that Canada accepted 18,000 hardcore Tamil Tiger terrorists into Canada during the two waves of refugees in 1983 and 2009. Most of the gang violence have been attributed to these Tamil terrorists who are in competing groups like “ƒ”¹…”Tamil Chelvam Hardnuts’, “ƒ”¹…”Soosai Morons’ and “ƒ”¹…”Killinocchi AK47’s’.

The Mayor of the City of Eelam, David Muthukumaran said, “We are a very happy people today as we finally have our own patch of land in Canada which we can now call Eelam, and the Government of Eelam in Exile is Headquartered here.”

Minister Kenney, this is something for you to think about, as there is every possibility that we are heading in this direction. I know these people too well to let their intentions by-pass me without placing it on record for a Time Capsule. I know you have dealt with these people and have understood how aggressive and determined they are, who would flout every law under the Canadian sun, cloaked under the Clauses of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for their advantage. I wish you Good Luck and I wish Canada Good Luck.

And by the way Minister Kenney, please inform our Mission in Colombo who are processing the Tamil applications, that there are other ethnic groups who have been affected by this Eelam war, the Sinhalese, Muslims and Burghers, and let them know that they are also children of the same God as the Tamils, that Canada favours and seem so enamoured by this ethnic community..


Asoka Weerasinghe

Conservative Party Member : C11255047

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  1. Raj Says:

    Well said Mr Weerasinghe. I like the bit with “…To be honest we don’t care two flippin hamburgers about you Tamils.” I am a Tamil, but I don’t need a separate state. I am quite happy to live with all other nationalities, like I do in the UK. To be honest most people don’t care about this separatism. They want to be able to go to Sri Lanka on holiday and show off their wealth. Thank You Sir.
    Raj Tharmasunderam

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