Letter sent to Catholic Leader in respond to their article appeared on their website:
Posted on June 19th, 2009

James Jayalath Melbourne, Australia




Dear Editor,


I have read an article published by Catholic Leader about the Sri Lankan issue on 16/06/2009. Being a Catholic I was ashamed to see that you allow to published an article about  Dr. Brian Senewiratne who openly supported one of the most ruthless terrorist organisation (LTTE) (see below link for photo evidence) before they completely wipe out from Sri Lanka soil last month.


The Sinhalese doctor has tried hard to tarnish our motherland for so many years, and now he tries interfering with religion for the sake of Tamils. Before you published this article, you should have verified the facts with appropriate authority instead of blatantly published lies about my motherland. I am devoted a Catholic who has been living in this country for 20 years, and I always thought that Jesus thought us to care and love for one another and to be truthful in our day to day life. I hate people lie to western media either to get fame or with a hidden agenda to destroy the image of our beautiful nation Sri Lanka. Tamils have suffered enough because of one dictator and majority of Tamil Diaspora who selfishly supported this campaign for their own benefit especially to obtain refugee status in Western countries. Please do not bring religion into the equation because this will not help any innocent Tamil who lives in Sri Lanka.  Do not try to create unnecessary tension or division among the Sri Lankan community in this country. Be impartial and verify your facts otherwise your online news will be worthless for any intelligent person.



http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=26278 (link for more information)




James Jayalath

Melbourne, Australia

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