Posted on June 19th, 2009

Ananda De Costa


It is Pakistan vs.  Sri Lanka again, this time in the most dangerous city on earth “”…” LONDON.

 Sure, there is our security chief,  rightly so; we cannot depend on London police who shoot only tourists.

Yet we should be extremely careful not be carried over by cricket craze.

This time it may not be while travelling, it might be while playing.

It may not be suicide bombs, it could be some other means .

We should withdraw from the finals unless every possibility is examined carefully and sorted.

 We should always remember London parliament is terrorist friendly, amid relentless efforts by Lord Naseby and few others. We have always thought that such terrible things would never happen in the civilized world, specially to our cricketers who are among the best not only in cricket but more importantly in civilized behaviour. Who thought they could get attacked in a friendly country ?

 We cannot expect local security men shielding our men with their bodies , like in Pakistan. Londoners will never do that. They will never protect our cricketers to that extent. Chris Board complained a lot even after so many Pakistanis gave their life to save them. These people are good in talking, lecturing, complaining  and saying sorry. They will kill ten monkeys to protect one donkey but not a single donkey to protect a monkey. This is their mindset.

 Good Terrorist of London are there,  waiting for every opportunity to strike. They will not be hanged for any crime , may only  be in luxury jails with good three meals a day, for life. There is no risk to them and they are waiting for revenge. They have withdrawn the terror flags flying high over parliament, for now, but their liberation movement  to kill Sinhalese is still intact with BBC waiting for good news.

 No time for more writing, this humble appeal for our own men. Please do more thinking ,planning and always remain in focus.

You have to sacrifice the match for mother Lanka !

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