BECOMING A GREAT KING? ………a note of optimism
Posted on July 2nd, 2009

Piyal Samarakone – Dubai

King who rules the country knows what is best for his fellow citizens. That’s why he is The King with people’s mandate. This is the undisputed norm since the tribal era in the ancient world. To a greater extent modern day kings are no different to olden age kings in term of decision making, as they all got plenty of aides & advisors around. Therefor invariably bulk of the out come neither palatable for the tribe nor for the king.

This has been the trend and the tradition and Sri Lanka is no different or immune to this. However there were kings who did what exactly good for the people not for the short sighted aides or colored factions we called them Great Kings and ancient Sri Lanka blessed with plenty of them and we are the proud sons and daughters of those Great Kings.

Fortunately for the country, present day King is much more astute than his modern-day predecessors and displaying all the positive signs to become a great king. He sees no party color in people which marginalise and divide the masses. He has won the hearts and minds of majority of the common people already, not in theory but practically. Strive to bring justice for the innocents who were left along for decades depriving basic needs. He is trying to practice what he preaches and willing to embrace the short term unpopularity to reach the much expected long term results. He is not confined to the palace, only to make sure that he would not loose the pulse of the people and shows good signs of not slowing down thinking that “job done.”
His personal charisma is powerful enough to lure the masses to follow his ideology, strong enough to face the ill-sighted stiff opposition, even within his own political realm.

More importantly he got handful of men around him capable of delivering good results but challenges are enormous and even Famous Ten Giants multiply by ten would not be adequate to meet them.

Hitherto, his handling of offshore issues proved positive and brought good returns by keeping our national interests intact, naturally not without hiccups. Nevertheless, his clear understanding of which bloc we belong to and be aligned with is vital for the future than at present.

Besides all the pleasant contemplations in people, certainly not without qualms as the nature of the task is daunting. The opportunity thrust on us today is rare and once-in-a century kind of a thing.
The status quo is conducive to commence the long run transformation to full fill the aspirations of the masses which they deserve in return, indeed.

His emulation of King Dutugemunu the Great was much expected reality, as he had the will, courage, able men and material to face the enemy. Will this courageous king of our time emulate the King Parakramabahu the Great?…… Time will tell

We are in threshold of a new beginning, and its quiet evident that present day generation may not be able to relish the entire anticipated good results.

Expectations are quiet unprecedented, wish the present day King capable of taking the entire nation into new heights. If so, becoming a “Great” may not be imminent but inevitable.


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