The legends
Posted on July 21st, 2009

Daya Thulna Tissa

Now it’s time to rewrite Mahavansa

to review and to analyze the modern history

It’s to pay our tribute to national heroes

Gotabhaya and Mahinda …the fearless giants  

Their names will ever remain as legends

Together they were able to change the history

The nation was saved from the hands of terror,

and the racist fascism is eradicated forever!


It is not the weapons that won the battle

But the spirit of young men and women,

that brought us lasting peace…thus freedom

Mahinda the 7th and the prince of defence

Commanded them towards the victory

Gave them courage and inspired in them,

A love that was great for their motherland

Saved the nation and freed us from terrorism,

Faced the challenges with the foresight and wisdom

And brought peace and harmony to this nation!


Mahinda the 7th and fearless giant

They were born to safeguard this nation

to protect its identity and sovereignty

Together they changed the paradigm

They are our national pride …our idols

Who were committed to saving the motherland

to safeguard national integrity and heritage

Brought us enthusiasm, opportunities and hopes

We are proud of our patriotic dynasty!


Now it’s time to rewrite Mahavansa

to pay our tribute to our national heroes

Mahinda the 7th and Gotabhaya…the little prince

Together they were able to change our destiny

saved this nation from a catastrophe; an avalanche

Freed us from the bondage of racist fascism

and brought all together under one flag…one nation

Enhancing peace, harmony, equanimity and freedom

Their names will go into the history as legends

Forever remember them as national idols!


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