Bob Rae’s comment on IMF loan for Sri Lanka
Posted on July 22nd, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario Canada

July 21, 2009

Hon. Bob Rae, MP Liberal Party Foreign Affairs Critic House of Commons,. Ottawa

Dear Bob:

 Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror news item of July 18th which said, “Bob Rae calls for conditions on any IMF loan on Sri Lanka “”…”Canadian opposition Liberal Party MP Bob Rae insists that conditions need to be strictly applied to any loan to Sri Lanka from International Monetary Fund, based on humanitarian concerns”, nails the reason why you were declared as a “threat to national security”, and barred entering Sri Lanka on June 10, and put on a flight to New Delhi, where you came from.

I concur now with the Sri Lankan intelligence findings.  You seem to be a “ƒ”¹…”Hostile-pretend- friend’ of Sri Lanka.

“We must be responsible in our economic assistance to Sri Lanka,” Rae said in a statement posted on his political web site”.  Ouch! That not only hurts, but also proves positive that we Canadians are a bunch of bullies.  We are the very Canadians who went grovelling to big China many times that has the Tinneman Square massacre etched as a back drop of a human rights violator in the eyes of the world, to sign up trade initiatives to let us prosper and sustain us Canadians. 

During the Ontario Government’s Trade Mission led by the Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty, his Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Joseph Cordiano said, “This trade mission sends a strong signal to potential investors that Ontario is committed to increasing its trade with China.  We are making the most of this opportunity to send a message that investing in our province provides access to a highly skilled workforce and a culture of innovation and a gateway to North America.” But hey, I don’t think there was even a whisper into the ears of the Chinese Minister Wang Xudong saying, “But, don’t get too excited, as all these will be tied to your  country’s humanitarianism, and you will have to toe our line of  human rights concerns.”  That is how hypocritical we are. Take a moment and think about it, Bob.

And, of course, Premier Dalton McGuinty said, “This mission is a great opportunity to learn how our province can succeed in this dynamic market to create jobs and prosperity at home.”  Not a word on the Canadian concerns of China’s violation of human rights of their peoples.  Talk of hypocrisy.  Bob, we Canadians seem to be maestros at this game.  Admit it, Bob.  “ƒ”¹…”Hypocrisy’ is staring at your face as you happen to be one of these nasty “ƒ”¹…”Canadian hypocrisy’ players.

Bob, you obviously have accepted and feel OK for the Chinese to shoot at the backs and kill 13 unarmed innocent men, women and children who were trying to flee, screaming for mercy on that bloody Sunday of June 4, 1989 when the unarmed peaceful Chinese families walked through their own Tinneman Square asking for equality in the housing and jobs sectors.

But for you Sri Lanka is a different kettle of fish, as their alleged human rights violations are not that OK with you.  Of course, Sri Lanka is different as it is puny, and  a brash little island  that rejected your grandiose scheme of “ƒ”¹…”federalism’ to sought out their ethnic crisis; the administrators and  the armed forces of that puny island who did not cave into and drop to the ground and pretend they were dead because Canada and the rest of the western world wanted them to declare a “ceasefire’ so that you all could save the butts and lives of the Tamil Tiger leaders before they were wiped out on May 18; and the little island which is the envy of NATO who are struggling to eliminate the Taliban terrorists when Sri Lanka did wipe out the most ruthless terrorist pack in the world, the Tamil Tigers single handed, who were by the way christened by eleven of your Liberal MPs as “Doves of Peace” during a vigil  for S.P.Thamil Chelvam on November 6, 2007, at Markham Recreation Ground together with 10,000 of your Tamil constituents of the GTA. 

And how does Bob Rae publicly admonish the Sri Lankans? You tell the International Monitory Funders, let’s screw these little bastards, and tie them down to our “ƒ”¹…”We are Holier than Thou” humanitarian concerns for any International loans that they will need to sustain their people and make them prosper.  That is how ugly your statement was.

And what does that attitude of yours reduce us Canadians to?  You have reduced us to a bunch of heartless brutes.  You have reduced us Canadians to a bunch of cruel, sick and  vulgar SOBs, wielding a big stick on puny Sri Lanka, and saying, “We’ll teach you buggers a bloody good lesson”, for one thing, expelling me from Sri Lanka and forcing me to sleep at the airport.

Well, Bob.  It is time that you think seriously about your relationship with Sri Lanka.  Stop going around saying that, “A review of my record would also show that I have been a champion of moderate Tamil opinion and Tamil dissent.”  Rubbish!  What moderate Tamil opinion are you talking of?   

The fact is that you have your own agenda when it comes to Sri Lanka tied very closely to wanting that 100,000 Tamil votes for your party at the next federal election.  You have written articles on Sri Lanka with full of falsehoods, and then talking about “the sense of the Tamil people that they have never been able to find justice inside a failed state’, upholding the idea that Sri Lanka is a failed state.

This was clear when on June 2, you stood up in parliament and said, “Mr. Speaker, I have a question for the Minister of Foreign Affairs.  It is clear that it is now necessary that there should be a public enquiry into the events that have taken place in Sri Lanka.  What will the Minister do to ensure that an internal enquiry is carried out with regarding this question?”

This was regarding the alleged human rights violations by the Sri Lankan government during the latter days of the Tamil Tigers terrorist separatist war during early May.   You felt that there were many ways to skin a cat as after all the motion to bring the Sri Lankan President and his heads of armed forces in front of an International War Crimes Tribunal during the UN Human Rights Council debate was voted against by 29 countries representing 4.6 billion people, while 12  White-dominated western countries including Canada  representing 250 million people voted for it.  You just couldn’t accept that decision did you, Bob?  And it is that request in parliament that made me brand you as a “hostile-pretend-friend-of-Sri Lanka”.

Bob, the time of reckoning has arrived. You have no reason to hide behind the mask of “I am a moderate when it come to Sri Lanka’s ethnic crisis”, as you are part of the Liberal caucus that refused to ban the Tamil Tigers, who let them collect 2 million dollars a month for 13 long years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest, who believed that the Tamil Tigers were “Doves of Peace” when they continued to kill innocent civilians with human bombs, claymore mines, RPGs and bullets bought with Canadian green 20 dollar bills.  You are indeed a marked Canadian politician in Sri Lanka, and in my eyes a “hostile- pretend-friend- of-Sri Lanka”.

Let’s cut out your Liberal hypocrisy, and believe me, my prediction is that Sri Lanka will prosper with or without Canada’s help.  And I encourage you and your Liberal colleagues to stop meddling in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and pander to the hissy-fits of your Tamil constituents and get your faces bloodied by the Sri Lankan law makers.

You may have noticed that Sri Lankans have renounced their white-colonial shackles long time ago and now act with confidence as a sovereign nation and  as an equal of Canada, and that a seven million dollar aid package will not open the gates to Sri Lanka for Canada’s Bobs, Jims, Marias and Judys.

And by the way, let’s not forget that Canada denied visas to three Sri Lankan cabinet Ministers recently, and one was Douglas Devananda on grounds of “ƒ”¹…”threats to national security’.

And I just read the news that, “Strong support from India at the IMF Board and the need to match China’s growing clout in the island nation have resulted in the US giving up its opposition to the international funding agency extending a $2.5 billion standby facility to Sri Lanka”.  Bob, I am not sure how you feel about that since you want to screw Sri Lanka every which way, but I say “Amen!” to that smart decision.


Asoka Weerasinghe

5 Responses to “Bob Rae’s comment on IMF loan for Sri Lanka”

  1. 0101 Says:

    You pretty much hit the nail on the Bob Rae’s head!

    Your write up is a great account of this ridiculous, hypocrite of a parliamentarian Bob Rae.
    Great job! And bravo!

  2. douglas Says:

    Good work. All Parliamentarians must, at least now, learn to look at the issues from various angles before arriving at conclusions. That is what is least expected of our representatives sitting in Parliament. Please do not rush to make comments and such confused state of mind will definitely put you into a very difficult spot, as Bob Rae has now fallen into. This is a good example for the rest of the MPs.

  3. Siri Says:

    Mr. Asoka Weerasinghe – This was a very good telling off to that Liberal Hypocrite. I am a Sri Lankan Born US Citizen living in New York, USA for the past 30 years. I did not come here as a refugee and am a tax paying professional. This is a great country and Canada was also a beautiful and great country at one time. I have visited Canada several times. I have began to notice that Toronto, especially Scarborough has changed and is almost like a third world country. This is I am sure due to the influx of the Tamil refugees of the LTTE diaspora polluting this town. I guess the Liberals such as Bob Rae also contribute to the pollution. I wonder when the real Canadians will wake up to this fact and clean up this mess of the LTTE diaspora. What a shame – Poor Canada. What has Liberalism brought them???

  4. 0101 Says:

    You said “Scarborough has changed and is almost like a third world country”.

    Well, wait for another year or two. It “will” look more like Vanni with the rate that Canada is going to bring in the Tamils (IDPs). They are in the process of opening the second flood gate for the Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka since the late eighties and early nineties onwards.

    Guess what? All the LTTE remnants will be landing here in plane loads.
    With the all out support of parliamentarians of Toronto like Bob Rae and Taliban Jack (Layton), I wouldn’t be surprised if LTTE set up next LTTE head quarters in Scarborough, Toronto. Thanks to Canadian bleeding hearts!!

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Asoka!
    Beautiful work Asoka!How to accept justice from those who doesn’t treat original Canadians equally?Additionally we all know most westeners kicked off their children after 18 years. On return children ignore their parents at their later stage and dump them at elderly homes.Western societies doesn’t have fundamental relationship of Parents – Children, Children -Parents! They are very much run after money, greedy selfish societies. So how to expect justice or any help from them! Those who doesn’t look after parents in old age?
    What their loans means another burden to developping countries like Sri Lanka. Realistically what we have bought from their loans?The out dated goods and services isn’t. Have they given any loan to develope our country.Their loans will come with lot conditions and to sell their goods mainly junks and services.Mostly 40% loans go back to their men’s salaries. In additionally this a another type of neo colonisation in 21st century!
    We lived as a self sufficient nation more than 5000 years. All these poverty and other problems came to SL after european invaders. So again if we want to stand as an independent country we should self sufficient in food and need a green revolution.If we can self sufficient in food products we can ignore all these western influence. Then Canadians and other LTTE supporters can keep their $ with them.
    The best joke is IMF’s main doner USA is a begger and they borrow loans from China and Mexico to invade Iraq and Afganistan?If china and mexico stops their loans to USA how come they fight with Bin Laden?Except europeans entire world know their double standards. So Bob Rae you can fool some in some times but you cannot fool all in all the time.

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