Indian RAW Agents attempted to meet KP at undisclosed location
Posted on July 27th, 2009

By Special Intel correspondent

 It is being alleged from Intelligence sources that India’s dreaded Intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) agents have made several attempts to meet up with the newly self-proclaimed Tamil Tiger chief Pathmanaban popularly known as “KP”. Several LTTE agents from Canada have flown over to South-Asia recently to meet up with the new Tiger chief and sources informed that the Indian’s dreaded RAW too were keen to open up a dialogue with him.

 Intel sources also informed us that the RAW were in discussions with several ex-Tamil militant groups and their leaders and have already re-established training facilities for the Indian based ENDLF (Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front), a group linked to many cold-blooded murders both politicians and rival Tamil political party members in Sri Lanka and India. The Indian establishment has warned the Sri Lankan Government of serious consequences if it fails to bring a speedy political settlement for the Tamils of the North-East. India’s RAW was also recently accused of orchestrating the attacks against Sri Lankan cricketers in Pakistan.

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