Lankaweb article on ‘Black July’ – Needs Addendum
Posted on July 28th, 2009

Dr. A Samaraweera.

Dear Editor,
This lengthy article (ref. below) that appeared in ‘Lankaweb’ of July 26th, along with many others that were published on the same topic, have missed out on a crucial factor which appeared only as a ‘blip’ in the massive outpourings that occurred from the begining of this year on the Sri Lankan conflict . 
Some may not have noticed it and others may have trivialized it.  I do not have the time or the inclination to go into all the evidence that could be dug up from our notoriously short, short term memory, but here it is:-
The man on the ground was Digshit (sorry if my spelling is poor) who had journalists with a negative disposition towards Sri Lanka (including foreigners) positioned in critical cities; lists of Tamil households in some selected areas distributed among key supporters who were waiting for the signal and forced JRJ to inexplicably lock himself up indoors for 3 long days until the mission was accomplished. 
The majority (? 6/9 ) of Deputy Inspectors General around that time were Tamils.  Why did they refrain from doing their routine, basic duty of ‘Keeping the Peace’ among civilians?
‘Black July’ was instigated by the LTTE on cue and when JRJ realized the danger of a backlash and tried to bury the dead 13 soldiers in the silence of the night, it was Digshit’s machinations that exposed the news… which may have convinced even the innocent/less aggressive people to join the mobs and fuel the fire.  The rest as they say, is history.  I dare say that there were (and still are) Sinhala traitors who aided and abetted this “dirty job”.
If you analyze the sequence of that sad episode in this light, it becomes very clear that the majority Sinhalese were taken for another ride by India of the time.  I am not sure that they have given up such destabilization/colonization tactics even now.
I for one, will never apologize for that so-called ‘Black July’.
Dr. A Samaraweera.

2 Responses to “Lankaweb article on ‘Black July’ – Needs Addendum”

  1. cassandra Says:

    India’s record, despite her pious posturings, is not so grand as some would have us believe and is a sad tale of meddling in the affairs of her neighbours. The Indian Army was sent to Kashmir, ostensibly to supervise elections. It is still there, after some 60 years. India had no compunction in simply marching into Goa and annexing it. India actively helped the break up of Pakistan and the establishment of Bangladesh. India’s role in funding, arming and training various Tamil terrorists is well known. Nor can we forget India’s ‘parippu drop’ and blatant violation of Sri Lankan air space. This time around, India saw fit to help Sri Lanka beat the Tigers although one wonders whether they would have done so if not for China’s current role in assisting Sri Lanka. So, we have every reason for remaining suspicious of Indian intentions as far as Sri Lanka is concerned.

  2. ahangama Says:

    There is also a Communist plot here to split the country up into smaller states. They played a big part in the Black July ‘celebration’ to discredit Lanka. The Geneva Gang who are highly praised for what they said at the UH hearings, darling Dayan making infantile antics, has to be seen in context. What they said were common knowledge facts that we all know, things about how the West is treating us. If they did not say what they said, they would have lost their jobs by now.

    UN mission in Geneva is a hive of traitors that try hard, without proof, to say that a past national government provoked the Sinhala people to attack innocent Tamils. What they want the world to think is that a future government at the center could not be trusted to treat the Tamils fairly. The ultimate aim is to give state powers to Provincial Governments paving the way for secession. DEW Gunasekera is also a member of this gang. They are no doubt a group that has to be rolled down Uþuvankanða in katu beree. (Note: þ is not p just like h in not n).

    They write these articles directly on the government’s web site’! Well, isn’t it obvious that something has to be done?

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