Posted on August 3rd, 2009

By Walter Jayawardhana

When the government repeated the same performance of the ancient heroes of Wellassa and emancipated this country some political elements of here wanted to take those emancipators to the hangman, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing a mammoth public rally in the grounds of the University at Buttala in the Moneragala District which a facing the Uva Provincial Council elections.

“I would like to tell the nefarious elements that we are ready to meet not only one hangman but many to protect the freedom of the country,”the President said.

The President said it is not necessary to go into details to describe the heroic feat of the security services of Sri Lanka in liberating this country from terrorism, a task even stronger and richer nations have failed to do for their countries in the modern world.

The President further added that terrorism has been completely eradicated from the country. Therefore he said the heroic struggle the nation undertook cannot be easily forgotten.

Thanks to the government all ethnic groups , the Sinhalese, the Tamils and the Muslims after the interval of few decades are once again living under one national flag.The President said this is a feat no other government in Sri Lanka could not  achieve before this.This is feat no other government could not even imagine to do. Only the acient heroes of Wellassa fought to achieve such great feats.

The government is only celebrating those past patriotic deeds by repeating them, the President said. The enemies of the nations put into swords our heroes of the Wellassa rebellion waged for freedom. In a similar fashion the nefarious enemies are proposing to send those heroes who freed the nation to the hangman, the President said.

The President said undeterred by those threats the present day liberators are ready to go to not only one gallow but to as many gallows as possible.

The President further said the freedom won by our troops could be protected only by the development of the land snatched back from the enemy through sheer hard work and dedication.

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