Fish Theory!
Posted on August 5th, 2009

Daya Nikahetiya

Nemo the clown fish…has to learn
It has to learn more how to survive
Because it’s a little fish…little and weak
Therefore its life is in constant danger
Endangered of being swallowed by a big fish
and every little fish is fair prey to a big fish
Big fish can fish a little fish whenever it wants
In the night, dawn or during the day-light
It has that privilege by birth!

 Big fish can have it…whenever it wants
For the dinner, break-first, lunch or brunch
But the little fish has no resistance against
Does not have the freedom of self-defence 
The mighty blue ocean is enormous….
but when there’s a danger; there’s no place to hide
Barracudas, sword-fish and sharks are chasing behind
Marines, submarines and pirates are running around
Unidentified objects are vouching “ƒ”¹…”round-the-clock’

 Every little fish is a fair prey to a big fish
and it is not just theory but a reality
Some believes it’s an intelligent design
Others may say the fittest will survive
Whichever is correct there’s a secret behind
Something is happing covertly unseen!
Big fish can fish the little fish whenever it want
During the summer, winter, autumn or in spring 
and it’s happing continuously for millions of years!

 Having observed the behavioural genetics;
a new theory was formulated by some experts
It’s to define the hara-kiri method of hierarchy
and to analyze the socio-political tendencies
Poly-poly, oligopoly and capitalist monopoly,
are responsible for many social discrepancies
Creating of great depression and financial crises!

 Comparing the fish story….
with human behaviour and intellectuality  
Some experts formulated a new theory
To analyze the super-stimulus mentality
….and called it the “Fish-Theory”
It’s to highlight the non-existence of equanimity
 The powerless must always surrender to the mighty
It’s the simply logic of this whole theory!

 Nemo the clown-fish…
It has learn how to how to survive
The reality does not happing according to the theory
But the theories are formulated to confuse the reality
One should ignore the theory…and observe the reality
 ….to understand the reality of relativity!

 The world is rotating….
and it’s rotating clockwise….day and night
with all movable and immovable belongings
Bikini-Islands Mumbai and Big-Apple
Amphibians and clown-fish….. kings & clowns
All are rotating in one and the same circle
As a result day comes after the night
Darkness disappears in the bright side of the life.

 The life is an open challenge
It’s changing according to the natural principles
….neither a beginning no end
Even the little fish reborn as a man or an alien
It has to face the same problem again
Has no end to sufferings, until another Big-Bang
All those who are living in the mighty blue ocean
and in seven the continents or in other dimensions   
…are subject to causes and conditions
Big fish can fish the little fish whenever it wants
It can have it when ever it wants;
for the dinner, break-first, lunch or brunch
But it never happens……vis-ƒÆ’†’ -vis
Experts formulated a new theory to define it;
and called it “Fish-Theory”

…..What a “ƒ”¹…”Selfish Theory’? 

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