There Can Be No Room For A Resurgence Of The LTTE Under Any Guise Despite The Rumbles And Rhetoric From Aspirants To the Cause!
Posted on August 6th, 2009

LankaWeb Editorial

August 4th 2009

Addendum to Lankaweb Weekly Editorial:

Subsequent to the latest editorial on the main topic of the new LTTE leadership of Pathmanathan alias KP almost coincidentally the man in question has been arrested in Bangkok, Thailand where he has been living with a Thai wife and not in Malaysia as reported erroneously and the error is regretted. The call for his arrest however appears to have been fulfilled.
Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence Quoting Brig.Gen.Udaya Nanayakkara SLAF has reported that Selvarasa Pathmanadan alias KP has been arrested by Sri Lankan law enforcement officers where the details of the arrest are not elaborate at present although the news was broadcast on Sri Lanka’s state owned ITN television in several special news bulletins which attested to the arrest of  the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s self-proclaimed leader , following the death at the hands of the Sri Lankan’s military, of previous LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran.
Upon confirmation this could mean a greater impact towards closure of LTTE influences globally as well as  in Sri Lanka and smother any chances of a resurgence of the organization. Pathmanathan despite the clean cut image he was attempting to present to the global community bore shades of another LTTE theatrical genius the late  Anton Balasingham who all but fooled many who thought he was a genuine liberator but turned out to be a mendacious and duplicitous criminal together with his wife who not only trained  women LTTE cadre but also has the reputation of murdering innocent children but where are they now beyond contemptible nefarious historical records. Pathmanathan according to the profiles on him is also a dangerous a terrorist as was his predecessor who is wanted by Interpol on many counts as well as the Indian Government for his role in the assasination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and also has the notoriety of being the Tamil Tiger terrorist outfit’s former procurer of weapons  and armaments. He became the most senior LTTE ‘official remaining alive when the Supremo of the group refered to earlier Prabhakaran  and his most senior comrades were killed  in Mullaitivu by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.
A man of many faces, a con artist as well as an impersonator who travelled many countries in various disguises and dealt in many forms of criminal activity now appears to be under arrest as his past seems to have finally caught up with him.

The question is,will there be others who might try to follow in his footsteps ?and if so let this arrest be a deterrent towards Sri Lanka remaining an LTTE free environment where the punishments needing to be meted out to Pathmanathan should be stringent within the law!

The Tamil Tigers by definition have been mowed down, exterminated and vanquished by the Rajapaksha Administration and the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, all kudos to which are in order but what then is this resurgence of another Tamil Tiger Organization under the leadrship of one K. Pathamanathan said to be in hiding in Malaysia and if so why are the Malaysian authorities harbouring him while providing him safe haven instead of arresting him and handing him over to the Sri Lankan Authorities? Should not any links to the Tamil Tigers be considered criminal by virtue of world consensus and its participants therefore also being criminally liable?
Is this some kind of joke that there are reports of a continuing Tamil Tiger organization with this
 K.Pathmanathan who is  said to have been appointed as the ‘Leader of the Tamil Tiger Organization’ recently and sees “bringing together the International interest to coincide with the Tamil Tiger interest”  as his primary task before him. Or does the man need psychiatric evaluation?
Furthermore is this not an affront to all of the efforts of the Sri Lankan Administration and the Armed Forces who wiped out the LTTE in their entirety despite which there are reports of the resurgence of the same organization in exile under a new leadership where references are  being made to this  K.Pathmanathan and blatantly so which should not only be scoffed at albeit with a wary eye open but also is deserving of zero publicity and tolerance towards the effort to publicise it in the best interests of the prevention of global terrorism as well as those of Sri Lanka!
What international interests might there be to coincide with Tamil Tiger  interests? the more discerning should ask relative to the Tamil Tiger Organization  this Pathamanathan is attempting to spring up from the burnt ashes of a terrorist organization  the LTTE which has been effectively put down or are there sources in the global community still around apart from the disgruntled and defeated Tamil Diaspora interested in a resurgence of the LTTE?
This individual Pathmanathan is  no more than a terrorist  as well as a protegee of Velupillai Prabhakaran and one who managed to slip the security cordon of the Sri Lankan Authorities and seems to have found a safe haven in his overseas domicile presumed to be Malaysia. He has the nerve to suggest quoting from a press report~ and a press which probably has been ill advised to publicise such trash that ~” though Prabhakaran nursed great hopes of international intervention during the period of the war ( internal armed insurrection a better definition),  those did not realize because the international interests and the Tamil Tiger interests were not brought on a par. ” which is totally incomprehensible and irrational considering the realities that Prabhakaran’s idealogies were related to terror, murder and mayhem where no international community would even consider  bringing on a par any interests whether Tamil or not  with international interests unless the spread of global terrorism was the objective which then becomes laughable beyond the metaphor!
Not a thousand Pathmanathans nor their like minded ilk could ever convince any sensible person or persons at whetever level of administration though garbled rhetoric to moot, that Prabhakaran and the LTTE had any good intentions towards either the Tamil community or  the Nation of Sri Lanka as history has now proved!In fact the freedom loving Tamil Community is said to be breathing a huge sigh of releif that the menace of Prabhakaran related terrorism has been wiped out in its entirety and they are free of his clutches and past attrocities!
Hopefully lessons have been learned by both Sri Lanka as well as the global community through decades of strife due to LTTE terrorism that the likes of Pathmanathan must never be permitted any leeway towards re-kindling LTTE sentiments as this is all the man seems to be attempting to do and the amazement of it all is he has an audience thanks to the blinkered approval of certain areas of the international media who have chosen to publicise his idealogies which are tantamount to the same old LTTE objectives of resuging the contentious thrust for Eelam although in somewhat of a disguise to all appearances unless one reads between the lines and is fine tuned to the ‘music’!
There seems an eerie pattern of similarities hovering around the Pathmanathan idealogies attempting to re-gain recognition for the Tamil Tigers with those of the early days of Velupillai Prabhakaran as Tamil freedom fighter following his announcement that his biggest challenge is to bring the interests of the International community and the Indian interests on a par where he has attempted to coerce the Indian media to extend its support to the Tamil Eelam Cause but India should neither be swayed nor fooled by this. Did Prabhakaran too not commence his campaign by approaching India for support and did India not respond through the Tamil Nadu campaigns of arms , training and logistic support  for the LTTE ? or have these anomalies of aberration been forgotten all too soon? Aren’t these the lessons which must never be forgotten by both India and Sri Lanka relative to the dire repercussions which followed and took nearly four decades to clear?
 In his present mode of campaign K Pathmanathan has to be deemed another criminal of the same ilk as Velupillai Prabhakaran and arrested by the authorities of whichever country he is hiding in and neither Sri Lanka nor the Global  Community, incorporating all the countries which have categorically banned the LTTE as terrorists should half as much as tolerate another mirror image of Prabbhakaran as is Pathmanathan to all intents and purposes.
His pleas to release the Tamils within the IDP without proper scrutiny seems none other than a ploy to get the many LTTE cadre known to be in hiding amongst some 300,000 refugees released so that they can re-establish the old criminalities of the Prabhakaran era it has to be presumed with conviction and is this a chance the Sri Lankan Administration could ever take?
While Pathmanathan needs to be sought after, arrested and brought to justice in lieu of this not being possible in the case of Prabhakaran who had the easy way out there should be no sympathies directed towards his idle rhetoric which carries the same old tune as that of the LTTE of yore but with different lyrics!
The camps of the Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the meantime need to be disbbanded with care, proper re-settlement and reconciliation notwithstanding and all terrorist elements treated equitably within the law if they cannot establish bona fides which whilst being time consuming and perhaps even long drawn would still be in the best interests of Sri Lanka, neighbouring India as well as the global community who will then rest easy with no fear of the resurgence of the LTTE under any guise!


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    Excellent editorial Sir. Excellent news too!. Thank you for your publication which I read routinely every morning.

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