Posted on August 8th, 2009

By Walter Jayawardhana

A nine year old British girl who saved a four year old from drowning at a hotel in Sri Lanka has been hailed as a heroine by the British press.

The nine year old who has had swimming lessons in England was described as cool and swam swiftly to the victim in a pool at Kaluwamodera Sri Lanka when the non-swimmer mother of the victim was screaming in panic helplessly.

The British girl Yasmin Tinnon saved the four year old from drowning while her family was on holiday in Sri Lanka, reports said.

Yasmin was swimming in a resort’s pool when she saw a four year old was getting into difficulties while her mother was screaming. Yasmin stayed calm , swam to the four old and pulled her to safety. The hotel Manager of the Eden Resort and Spa later congratulated Yasmin for being a real heroine.

Raymond and Sylvia , in UK , told newspapers that her daughter’s performance in Sri Lanka will highlight the importance of teaching swimming to children. The young girl learned swimming with basic life saving. The family from Hayton Cumbria in the UK however never thought that the girl would ever use the life saving skills or it could prevent a potential tragedy in far away Sri Lanka.

At Eden resort and Spa Kaluwamodera when they heard a scream their first thought was something had happened to Yasmin.

But at the pool edge what they learnt was that it was another girl who was in trouble and their daughter had just saved her from drowning.

Yasmin told a newspaper, “It all happened so quickly I did’nt have time to think about it.

“The girl was in the pool and was bobbing up and down, touching the bottom.

“She slipped down to the deeper bit. She was going under and couldn’t swim. The mother was shouting desperately.”

Without panicking Yasmin swam across to the pool and carried her to the edge.”

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