Should KP be allowed to be extradited to India?
Posted on August 8th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

The multiple faces of KP aka Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the self-appointed “new” leader of LTTE, the supplier of the multi-million dollar arsenal to the Terrorists, effectively created the blood bath in Sri Lanka for thirty years, claiming to start a new political movement for LTTE, should be tried and kept in Sri Lanka.

With his network of criminals around the world, the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deposits, KP would certainly plan a stunning escape on any soil, India or Sri Lanka.

Although many would want him dead, simply to carve out the wealth and the networks on drugs and weapons, there are a similar band who would want him to be whisked out of any penitentiary.

The Sri Lankan government and the military establishment deserves the highest commendations for the elimination of the LTTE high command, and now, to remove the brains behind the supply logistics. Highest points to the Secretary of Defence and General Sarath Fonseka!

Human Rights and the Public Opinions should not be given any consideration during the process of interrogation of KP.  The authorities should, and I am 100% certain that the best of the best are, at this precise moment, holding “chit chat” with KP over a cup of tea.

The arrest of KP should also make a few persons nervous and very likely would try to save their own skins and start spilling the beans.  There must be dozens currently held in the camps who just might volunteer to “assist in the enquiries”.

One person who should not be forgotton is Adele Balasingham, the wife of late Anton, who was behind the women suicide cadres. Any chance of bringing the woman to Sri Lanka for a dosai dinner?

KP should be able to shed some light on the doings of Erik Solheim, “white Tiger” who allegedly opened the doors to NATO know-how. And to a great deal of information on the supply chain of weapons and technology.  Also how the suppliers and  informants were compensated for asisting in the blood bath in Sri Lanka.

There are several other networks which KP should open-up to the investigators.  The Paris Ring of LTTE Tamils who have their tentacles in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
This network facilitated the political activity and raising of funds in Scandinavia.

If KP is allowed to be extradited to India, the Tamil movement and RAW (the Indian dreaded security apparatus) would certainly facilitate an escape route to recreate political unrest and economic uncertainty in Sri Lanka, once again.

The Indians, however much they say about the need for calm and peace in Sri Lanka, it is in their interests to keep a certain degree of volatility in Sri Lanka, in order to maintain a balance and tacit control.

A peaceful, economically stable Sri Lanka is not in the interests of India.  Political and economic stability in Sri Lanka will bring in unwarranted foreign investors, such as China, Arabian interests, even the Russians. Although Sri Lanka will never be a military or a nuclear power, political and economic stability might attract such powers to patronize the natural facilities and the strategic location of Sri Lanka.

KP should remain in Sri Lanka until the interrogater-authorities are satisfied that the “lemon is squeezed dry” before being discard into a bin. Attempts to commit suicide or any escape should be avoided at all costs, until Mission Accomplished.

With the wealth and intelligence, KP would use the best legal challenge available, and there should be shoal of legal whales willing to defend the criminal. 

It is however interesting to watch how the Sri Lankan government might plan the legal strategy subject to questioning of KP.

However, KP should remain in Sri Lankan custody, until some inexplicable fate befalls on the global terrorist.

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    G’ Day Prof, You have highlighted some very serious and valid points. India is our friend as much as we can be friends; we must always think outside the norms. RAW is a busy body. Squeez the lemon before binning. Good point. Natural course of action in self defence.

    Prof, do you know if KP was roaming London, (the land of democtracy and criminals) in mid to late 70s. If you do please drop a reply.

    It seems to be a puzzle to know where KP was arrested. I think he was in Singapore. We better check the old Ceylon Sports Club office bearers. Just a wild guess.

  2. Rajesholickan Says:

    Your views on the way Indians think are unfortunate .India is a nation suffering due to the instability in some of our neighbour countries . We cannot think of a great democracy like Sri Lanka in bad waters.People of India wish to see a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka and thats the reason even after all that protests in Tamil Nadu there wasnt any policy change from New Delhi.Our sentiments to LTTE ended by the murder of our dear leader Rajiv Gandhi. You speak of India letting criminals handed over by other countries go scot free.Is there any instance so happened in this country. Arrest and Release is not our game and thats the reason criminals listed with Interpol are not seen in India.
    With Sri Lanka India has better business to do through Co-operation than Competition.

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