Posted on August 11th, 2009

By Noor Nizam, Sri Lanka Peace Activist & Freelance Journalist, Hamilton, Canada “”…” August 10th., 2009.

The news item in the Hindu datelined August 4th., 2009,  India and posted by renounced Indian journalist Mr. B. Muralidhar Reddy highlighted the reality of terrorism in Sri Lankan in 2002. Journalist B. Muralidhar Reddy clearly has stated thatThis is the difference of fighting terrorism from the US way, but the Sri Lankan indigenous way, which cannot be parelled in any part of the world, be it the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cheneya, Mumbai, Karachi, Sudan or Columbia. This is one of the “home grown solutions” – that too for wiping off terrorism against Sri Lanka with in the country. But the threat of the Transnational Government “gimmick” was a pain in the neck for the Sri Lankan authorities and the international Tamil Diaspora that wanted an end to violence and looked forward for a democratic path to resolve the issues.

On 2nd of August 2002, when the Nalanda Old Boys Association first took into organizing a war hero commemoration, all hopes of defeating terrorism militarily were blown away from this country. Both people and leaders of this nation were sceptic of defeating the LTTE, yet Nalanda College against all odds led the way organizing religious events and commemorations for those at the forefront”.

For thirty years national leaders and governments of Sri Lanka failed to end the scourge of LTTE terrorism, and President Mahinda Rajapaksa led this country to this ultimate feat on May the 17th., with the heroic advances of the security forces led by General Sarath Fonseka, the them Commander of the Army and now the Chief of Defence Staff, under the command of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the defence administration of Secretary of Defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. What is more to this, as the President is also a product of Nalanda,”

But the truth of the statement made by  Gotabhaya Rajapaksa when addressing a War Hero commemoration event held at the college auditorium (August 02) is a message to both the local and international community that Sri Lanka means what it says –

“We should teach our youth and our children to love this country and make every effort to preserve the glory won by the valiant efforts of our gallant men and women. We should also save our future generations from terrorism”.

 Gotabhaya said – several countries rendered their support in arresting ‘KP’ and that their actions were “praiseworthy”.

“The flawless international relations established by president Mahinda Rajapaksa played an important role in apprehending the LTTE strong man,” the Sunday Observer a national weekend newspaper quoted the defence secretary as saying.

 But the threat of terrorism is still looming against Sri Lankan for now and the future in the horizon of the West. Though many South Asian countries helped the capture of would be head of the LTTE “Transnational Government” – a word not know to Political Scientist or Academics till now, Gotabhaya is correct in telling that:

“The outside forces which helped the LTTE against the sovereignty of Sri Lanka will now learn a bitter lesson with the arrest of Pathmanathan,”

It is now the need to magnify this statement to probe all the links and leads that will help Sri Lankan to determine what some of the Western, EU and Scandivian countries had done to divide the Sinhalese, Tamils and the Muslims into politically and culturally polarized camps to fight and unwarranted ethnic conflict. This violence of the LTTE which demanded the security forces to match them with better firepower had cost the nation nearly 70,000 lives, specially the youth over the last 3 decades and driven the small indian ocean island into much economical crisis too.Magnifying the statement made by the Gotabhaya needs courage by the government of Sri Lanka and HE. President Rajapaksa. Courage, that the President has in abundance as the overwhelming support and love he has from the people of Sri Lanka who love peace and a future without violence, but harmony and prosperity.Apart from the questions that the interrogators will ask Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) about the LTTE procurements of arms and ammunitions and the plot to kill Rajiv Ghandi, there are other important questions that the Sri Lanka authorities should ask KP, which is of prime importance. They should never fail to do this.

 1. What role and how did the Norwegians assist in making what the LTTE to
     become the worlds ruthless Terror Organization in the world?
2. Who are the Norwegian politicians other than Hon. Erik Solhiem who had
     helped the LTTE since 1969 and misled the aspiring Tamil Youth in Sri
     Lanka to take to arms?
3.  Are some of them presently domiciled in Sri Lanka presently?
4.  Which Swedish youth organization instigated the Tamil youth to follow
      rebellious armed struggle?
5.  Who are the Sri Lankan politicians who gave a helping hand to these
      activities during the last 3 decades for the favours they received in return
      from the foreign interest groups and their representatives in Sri Lanka?
7.   Who are the former and present Hon. Ministers who are tainted to these
       types of unpatriotic action since 1977?
8.   Who were the senior most government officials/secretaries/GA’s who
       assisted interested foreign groups to covertly engage in their anti-Sri
       Lankan activities since 1977?
8.   Who are the present Sri Lankan diplomats posted abroad now, who were
       part of this group during that period?
10. Which are the local NGO’s and the INGO’s linked to these unpatriotic
       activities of the past 3 decades?

If we are to teach our youth and our children to love this country and make every effort to preserve the glory won by the valiant efforts of our gallant men and women, answers from Kumaran Pathmanathan to the above questions will be vital. It will defenitely help save our future generations from terrorism”.

YES WE CAN is Gotabhaya’s attitude and the Nation looks forward towards this.

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