Posted on August 20th, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando


All hats off to the brave and courageous UNP members who demonstrated yesterday that UNP is not a party to host politically impotent and nationally dangerous people like Mangala Samaraweera and his band but for the people who love the country truly and dearly.

Although time wise it was bit late for this treatment for Mangala the culprit who conspires with enemies to topple the government or harm the President by some means, this initiation by the Kurunegala UNP people shall be extended till Ranil, Mangala and their friends who always try to harm the motherland are completely cornered and isolated. In fact it is a duty of every peace loving citizen of Sri Lanka to strengthen the hands of President Rajapaksha in this crucial moment and to kick the personnel like Mangala and Ranil out of politics. Whenever Ranil, Mangala and their friends open the mouths poor Sri Lanka is drastically threatened.

Now it is high time for all UNP organizers in the country to show their patriotism and to elect a true leader who is capable of genuine contribution to the progress of Sri Lanka. It is most unfortunate the Grand Old Party of Sri Lanka, the United National Party has been weakened and ruined by Ranil Wickramasinghe the traitor of Sri Lanka.

The contest between Ranil and Mangala to become the worst traitor of all time Sri Lanka has achieved a climax which has become nonsense to everybody today.

During the humanitarian operation launched by the Sri Lankan defense forces to rescue innocent Tamil and other civilians from the Tamil tiger terrorists Ranil, Mangala and the gang simultaneously launched a massive campaign to discredit the credibility of the forces and organized many activities unsuccessfully to dishonour the President and his invincible team.

If not for the unwavering courage and strong determination of the President and his team the dangerous Ranil, Mangala and the traitors would have let the terrorists to survive by the help, intimidation and interference of the foreign powers who were trying their level best to stop the operation s of the defense forces.

Finally the supporters of the traitors Ranil, Mangala and their gang shall be known hereby that they also shall be equally responsible for any harm done by the above mentioned gang to Sri Lanka and shall be answerable to the people who have come to the limit of patience of this deliberate harm done to the innocent country Sri Lanka.

Long Live Sri Lanka the Paradise of the Planet Earth!

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