HRW: “We Gotch-ya, Sri Lanka”
Posted on August 23rd, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

August 21, 2009

Jo Becker
Human Rights Watch
55 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 403
Toronto, Ontario M4P 1G8 Canada

Dear Jo:

The  recent news item in the Toronto Star which carried a caption of what you had said, “Canada missed opportunity to right Sri Lanka’s wrong”, did have that bold audacity urging Canada to take up the cause of your HRW mandate, “We gotch-ya, Sri Lanka!”

You had said that “In voting last month to approve a $2.6 billion (US) IMF loan to Sri Lanka, the Government of Canada squandered an opportunity to press the Government of Sri Lanka on its treatment of war-affected civilians following its military victory over the rebel Tamil Tigers in May”.  My immediate reaction was “this woman is full of”¦.you know what!”   What treatment is she talking of, I wondered!

That statement showed how blinkered HRW has been on its policy on Sri Lanka and your group has lost its relevancy where Sri Lanka is concerned.  I suppose you have noticed that Sri Lanka couldn’t care two dosais from the Tamil Curry Hut in Toronto about you lot, and that aches your Human Rights advocacy ego, doesn’t it?   You, no doubt have also noticed that Sri Lanka is certainly doing extraordinarily well with the IDPs, letting over 9,000 seniors leave the welfare villages to be cared by their families, relatives and friends; resettling 75,000 this month in their homes in villages in Vavuniya and Killinochchi; providing special tutoring for over a thousand children to sit for their public exams on their way to become brain surgeons, diplomats, lawyers and engineers, and that too must be aching you, doesn’t it my lady?  What do you expect, when you all act like a bunch of “ƒ”¹…”Horriblus Retarded Whores’ (HRW) who would do anything to earn a living?  That is a slap on the faces of honest human rights defenders.

When UN’s Special Envoy Prof. Walter Klein after visiting the IDP Kadiragamar Welfare Village and Arunachalam Welfare village near Omanthai gave the Government of Sri Lanka an A+ for its facilities and vocational training centers, no doubt HRW must have said, “Oops! there goes in another long nail into the coffin of irrelevancy on our “We gotch-ya, Sri Lanka” mandate.  I am sure you must have lost a lot of sleep over that incident.

Didn’t you gather that Canada is mainly a Christian country and it understands the words “remorse” and “ƒ”¹…”penance’?  It took the first opportunity not to “right Sri Lanka’s wrong” as you put it so perversely, but to “right Canada’s wrongs towards, Sri Lanka through 13 years of Liberal rule”.

In case you did not know Jo, Canada was the problem for prolonging the agony of Sri Lanka’s haemorrhaging when we let the Canadian-Tamils stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest with two million dollars a month for 13 long years to buy weapons to kill thousands of innocent peoples.  And the majority happens to be my Sinhalese people and I resent that.  Our Canadian-Tamils provided one-third of the operating funds of the Tamil Tigers each year. Canada stands guilty of that crime. 

Bringing down the Central Bank Building in Colombo on January 31, 1996, killing 114 people and maiming for life another 1,338  with explosive materials Semtex and TNT used in a truck bomb bought with Canadian dollars from the Rubezone Chemical Factory in the Ukraine sits at the apex of our crimes against Sri Lanka like a proud star on top of a Christmas tree.  The 7 ½ million dollars that bought the explosive materials was with a cheque cut in 1994 from a Tamil-Canadian bank account in a Vancouver bank. You obviously did not know that, did you Jo?

So Canada was doing what she should be doing to absolve itself from its guilt of being proxy killers in Sri Lanka by voting for the IMF loan to help the Tamil peoples who we Canadians were responsible for their suffering.  This should be clear as the ding-dong of the Sunday Church bell to you now.

You obviously lacked the basics of Canadian domestic economics.  The Conservatives are much smarter than what you give them credit for. Here’s what they achieved by voting to approve the IMF loan for Sri Lanka.

They wanted to help Sri Lanka who would in turn help their 280,000 IDPs in the welfare villages by funding their welfare, de-mining, medical clinics, infra-structure and housing assistance programmes, schooling of their children and feeding all of them.  Denying all this meant that the thousands of the Tamils who demonstrated in Toronto and Ottawa last April and May would have descended onto the streets like ants carrying their sea of  red Tamil Tiger terrorist flags demanding the Government to bring the 280,000 Tamils over to Canada saying that they are suffering, raped and subjected to genocide.  Such demonstrations would have cost us millions of dollars as it did before to clean and secure and polish the streets after these tribes left.

To siphon the 280,000 Tamils out of Sri Lanka would have cost Canada billions of dollars, for not only air lifting them, Tamil Tiger terrorists and all, but also the administration and placing them on welfare no sooner they set foot on Canadian soil.  Those are the fiscal logistics that you lot at HRW have had difficulty to comprehend as you are blinkered wanting your cock-eyed “We, Gotch-Sri Lanka” mandate to succeed.  That is what the smart Conservative government achieved by supporting the IMF loan for Sri Lanka.

But what is so transparent about the HRW’s wicked and wretched conspiracy against Sri Lanka was and still is to starve Sri Lanka by denying international funds and strangle their welfare programs for the IDPs which will push back the dates of repatriation indefinitely to their homes in villages after re-habilitating its de-mined environment with running water, electricity and the like, when HRW will spring into action  like Jacks-in-the-boxes with bull-horns announcing to the world that Sri Lanka is now indulging in an act of a “ƒ”¹…”creeping genocide’ of the Tamil IDPs, and try to haul the Sri Lankan Government to an International Human Rights Court, etc. 

Having succeeded with your “We Gotch-ya, Sri Lanka” mandate, HRW will now jockey for renewed and additional funding for its existence and in-turn keep your jobs, so that you all could provide a plate of food on the table for your families.  It is a game of Human Survival of the Fittest.  A game of deception and what a way to earn a living!

That is your conspiracy.  That is how wretched you are.  Now that you  thieving rats are out of the holes caught with pieces of cheese on your snouts, you can be rest assured that the Sri Lankan Government will let the cats go after you lot unless you stop meddling with their internal affairs and lying.  It is that simple Jo.  They have no time for your song and dance.  Not even a moment to slap their palms together and say “Bravo! Human Rights Watch, you guys are just great!”  I doubt that even Mother Theresa would have sung praises on Human Rights Watch knowing your decrepit shenanigans to hurt Sri Lanka.

A bunch of “ƒ”¹…”Horriblus Retarded Whores” I called you lot.  I have given you enough reasons why I called you so. I lack a vocabulary to be anymore creative or precise, knowing what ugly and vulgar shenanigans you all are up to bring Sri Lanka to her knees, my birth country which is so dear to my heart.


Asoka Weerasinghe

2 Responses to “HRW: “We Gotch-ya, Sri Lanka””

  1. gdesilva Says:

    Well said and I sincerely hope that you did not forget to distribute this to other branches of the HRW and AI for whatever its worth.

    There is no doubt in my mind that HRW and AI are organisations funded by the CIA, MI5 and the likes. Their role is to destabilise developing nations which gives the western powers full control over the politics in these countries.

    Have you noticed that the western intelligence agencies are never in the limelight these days, unlike in the days of the Vietnam war? This is because this work is now undertaken by HRW and AI on their behalf.

    Ever wondered how these organisations manage to run offices in the most expensive cities in the world? Ever wondered how they manage to pay their staff and roam around the globe just like that? No, they are not relying on the $10 donations given by the innocent unsuspecting public like you and me – they do get funding from western governments and they do their job well for their paymasters.

    Sri Lanka is the ‘Waterloo’ for many of these ‘Horriblus Retarded Whores’ as you quite rightly put it – their work in Sri Lanka has exposed their dark and hidden agendas.

  2. Manjula Says:

    As always, Asoka has given another terrific answer to those so called Human rights “whores” and Amnesty (to terrorists) international etc who are willing to do anything for a living. I whole heartadly agree with Asoka in this area and in fact I have mentioned exactly the same facts about HRW and AI in some of my posts in “Lanka Academic Forum” few months ago. I am proud that I am not alone.

    Great work Asoka and I am waiting to read more from your excellent and brave writing.

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