Pride & President
Posted on August 23rd, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Following an expression produced by a contributor to LankaWeb, I tend to agree whole heartedly that HE Mahinda Rajapaksa should refrain from over-exposing himself in public demonstrations.

No doubt, the President is Proud of his noble achievement, and HE should be Proud!

History has shown that Presidents and other political leaders in many countries, and indeed in Sri Lanka, have succumbed to an assassins bullet.

President Rajapaksa and his team have done a superb job in eliminating a thirty year old war in three years.  The country still needs this Fab Five to finish what they have started, and it is not a job which can be finished in a few months.

The remnants of the Tamil Tiger LTTE are still alive albeit scattered, and a danger to both high profile as well as ordinary citizens.

Although security might be under better control, there is always “A Slip between the Cup and the Lip!”, which is near impossible to give a 100% guarantee on slippage.

The country might enjoy to see the President in live and have the opportunity to Press the Flesh.  However, this honeymoon is not going to last long.

The Opposition is in disarray and mutiliated for the time being, under Ranil Wickremesingha, but not for long.  Sri Lanka has a history of producing good leadership and UNP might have a few in the bag.

The country is now waiting for the delivery of goods. Security, Investment,  Employment, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Agriculture, all leading towards self-sufficiency, which is within reach in Sri Lanka.

There are Press Scribes screaming about great investment seminars and Expressions of Interest being created in many countries.

But is Sri Lanka ready to accept such investors and supply an End-to-End service?

The hotels in Sri Lanka and the services in hotels are First Class.  But getting to the hotels and getting out, is something which both visitors and domestic population question!

There are many other areas now the President must direct from the Top.

In the meantime, Sri Lanka needs President Rajapaksa in good health and alive!

Pride usually comes before the downfall. Sri Lanka cannot afford that!


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