Why the descrimination in providing news coverage?
Posted on August 23rd, 2009


Dear CTV News,

The CTV news coverage today shows the headline news of the Taliban having cut the fingers of two voters. When the Tamil Tigers did the same to a voter in Sri Lanka, in the last general  election, this did not make any headline news! It did not even reach any form of news. But when the Tamil Tigers protested in the streets of Ottawa and Toronto, creating havoc in traffic, and major discomfort to the hard working Canadians, it made headline news in the CTV. Even before they protested, their protests were broadcasted and given prominence.

Is the CTV being biased towards, one terrorist organization? Since Canada is fighting against Taliban, that is considered a terrorist organization, but the Tamil Tigers are not! Is that it?

The CTV has always tried to put the Sri Lankan government down in its fight against terrorism, but any effort against Taliban is considered dangerous. Why were not the Tamil Tigers dangerous? Perhaps they have loser ties with the CTV? Or is it for another reason?

I would like to know the reason

Sincerely yours,


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