Tribute to Our Security forces, including the Police
Posted on August 26th, 2009

Ben Silva

Our security forces risked their life to safe guard us. Their massive contribution to our safety has to be acknowledged.  Recent incidents have shown that there may be a few bad people amongst them that has spoiled the reputation of our brave security forces including the Police. Such bad people need to be removed by peer intervention and by alert public. Unsuitable people are in all professions and need to be eliminated by peer intervention and also alert public.

My own experience  is that majority of our Police do a good job. However bad officials need to be retrained or removed.

The citizens of Sri Lanka, from their young age, should be taught basic values such as honesty, integrity, refrain from stealing or taking things that do not belong to them, refrain from killing, hard work, justice and fair play to all, and so on

Failure of not having basic values will lead to the collapse of the society.

Recent incidents have clearly indicated the collapse of traditional values in the society. This trend has to be arrested.

People should know the difference between right and wrong and should refrain from doing “ƒ”¹…”wrong’ things. If people want to acquire things, then that has to be done using honest means rather than stealing someone else’s sweat and blood.

Any dishonesty, corruption and wrong doings will bring  about instability and the decay of the society. The wrong doings to fellow humans should stop before it is too late   and no one should be above the law of the land.

In my view, we should develop a Sri Lankan identity and dismantle mono ethnic racial areas that brought about death and misery to all Sri Lankans.

  We also should not be indifferent to poverty that is  evident in Sri Lanka

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