Posted on September 9th, 2009

By Stanley Perera

My dear Rajapakse brothers and Sarath Fonseka,

I salute you honourable people for making me a proud Sri Lankan. Your courageous efforts in wiping out the terrorism from my mother land is something that the west and the church never expected to happen. The previous governments since independence ruled my motherland with no guts to stand up against the Wild West. CBK only robbed the country with her uncle and nearly established eelam for ten years while Ranil W connived with the west and made the Terrorists more powerful organisation. Ranasinghe Premadasa armed the Terrorists to chase away the IPKF and those guns and ammunitions killed Sinhalese soldiers in thousands. JRJ surrendered to the Indians and gave away the North and East to the Terrorists.

 A careful study has convinced my mind that Sinhalese people have suffered well and truly at the hands of country’s corruput and gutless politicians. Some cabinet ministers under Premadasa Government robbed the country’s crown land. Some others plundered the wealth of the country in an un imaginable proportion. The so called and self appointed International community with the INGOs and NGOs walked all over the constitution with no respect to the country’s territorial integrity.

The IMF and the ADB dictated terms to my country. The gutless politicians trembled in their boots when the western jokers and the Japs visited Kilinochchi to enjoy the hospitality provided by Tamil Chelvam in the comfort centers. In the past two years Erick and Yasushi spent more nights in Kilinochchi than with their own families. At the drop of the hat, those two clowns rushed to Kilinochchi and put a dollar bothways. Corrupt UNO officials had field days when the suicide bombers killed scores of civilians and they were thriving on Terrorist’s funding. Hillary Clinton said LTTE are the good terrorists and Al Kieda is the bad terrorists. Robert Blake is yet to be trained on diplomacy. Obama used LTTE Terrorist’s donations in the election campaign. Those were the days we were treated as the third world. Not anymore.

Rajapakse government undertook a mammoth task in undoing the wrong doings of the gutless governments of the past. It is admirable for a small country like Sri Lanka to reject the visa application of Swedish Foreign minister and kick in the back sides of English Miliband and French Couchner. Well doneGota.

Rajapakse government challenged English chanel 4 in the bogus media campaign. Nobody expected Sri Lanka government to sue a foreign Professor Mc Klean had some serious doubts about the ability to take them on. However Sri Lanka government is determined to sue chanel 4. Well done Mahinda Samarasinghe.

Elder is not old enough to call elder. Elder you may be big enough to the UNO’s instrumentality UNESCO. Elder, you should have been kicked out of Sri Lanka some ages ago. Sri Lanka is determined to revoke Elder’s visa. Well done Gota.

This is our NEW SRI LANKA under RAJAPAKSE ADMINISTRATION. Your Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse, you re-claimed the entire country and brought under one umbrella. You have accomplished that mammoth task of eliminating the terrorism from the country. You set an example to the whole world. The small Island nation first in the world to rid the country of terrorism. This is not the end. Please be informed that you have another mammoth task to accomplish. Those land thieves under Premadasa government must be brought before law of the country no matter whom they are and please repossess that valuable crown land. Thereafter please clean up those corrupt ministers. If such is not done before too long, I am afraid the victory you gained will be useless.

Yours faithfully,

Stanley Perera.
Melbourne, Australia.


  1. jay-ran Says:

    Yes Stanley, WE ALL HAVE TO BE PROUD OF MOTHERLANKA HAVING DEFEATED THE 3 DECADES OF UNENDING TERROR FACE BY INNOCENT SRI LANKANS.This annalysis is very immortional when read with the TRUE SPIRITED SRI LANKAN attitude as the way the RAJAPAKSE SAHODARA SAMAGA(as humiliated by the traitors) along with Sarath Fonseka and others faced many obstacles,humiliations in defeating the terrorists.


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