Peace Direct: Where do your get your information about Sri Lanka?
Posted on October 5th, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester, Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

Ms. Carolyn Hayman, OBE Chief Executive
Development House
56-64 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4LT

Dear Carolyn Hayman:

When I received your call “(Global Alliance) Re: Join the Sri Lanka campaign for peace and justice” from a friend of mine by e-mail on October 2, at 2:03 P.M., I was enormously troubled by the information that you had presented in that Global SOS showing your concerns about Sri Lanka.  It so happened that I am from that exquisite island, and so I wrote to you immediately (2:13 PM) saying, “A friend of mine forwarded your call (Global Alliance) Re: Join the Sri Lanka campaign for Peace and Justice”.  I’d like to respond to that note, but before I do that can you inform me from where you get your information as I am stupefied with what you had to say.”

Since I have not received a response as yet, and being impatient, I thought that I better write to you before you send out more of your SOS circulars around the world with the information that you seem to be collating from whom ever they may be, which I question.

As you and I know, Peace-nicking has grown to become a lucrative million dollar business which has attracted too many Goody-two-shoes, too many parasites and too many liars.

Here’s what concerned me in your request to “Dear Jean de Dieu”.

It does seem that Peace Direct had suddenly woken up as if it had been unexpectedly wacked on its head with a cricket bat.  “In May 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka announced a decisive military victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE or Tamil Tigers).  It was a bloody war with thousands “”…” estimates range from 7,000 to 20,000 “”…” civilian deaths in the final two months“, you said.  It gave me the impression that Peace Direct were not concerned of the 100,000 killed during this war, the majority killed by the Tamil Tigers being innocent Sinhalese and Muslim civilians, and it somehow seems kosher to kill as long as the killers are from the Tamil terrorist tribe.

“Inform me from where you get your information”, I asked.”  Here’s my problem, and as I like to believe that you are an intelligent woman and an Officer of the British Empire, I hope you will take a few moments and reconcile my figures with yours and revise your text accordingly in your call to help Sri Lanka with Peace and Justice.

The London Times online edition came out with a startling revelation on July 10, 2009.  It reported that 1,400 Tamil IDPs died in a week at the Menik Farm Camp.  Take out your calculator and figure this one out.  If it did happen, there would have been 200 deaths a day or eight deaths or more each hour.  This, in my opinion, was a fairy tale trying to get flood gates opened in the western countries for mass immigration or for refugee claimants.   Have you noticed the phenomena that these Tamils do not wish to join their brethren in India, Malaysia, South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but, they always want to hang their hats somewhere in Europe, England, Scandinavia, Canada, U.S. and Australia.  Amazing, isn’t it?

The London Times again reported that it had evidence, but never provided it, to say that about 20,000 (which you have quoted)  Tamil people and not flies died during the latter days of the war. Figure out how 20,000 dead bodies could be hidden in a sliver of land during the last few days.  Once you figure out that puzzle, please let me know so that I could be convinced with your concerns and the call for help.

The five Tamil doctors who were treating the IDPs and later surrendered admitted that they were forced by the LTTE to announce those inflated numbers or else.  They said that the “death toll of the civilians in the last few days of the war couldn’t be any thing more than 300 to 350.  Most of the leading foreign newspapers including Britain as well as New York had their reservations about the 20,000 figure.  And “Inform me from where you get your information,“ I asked.

Let me repeat myself, “Peace-nicking has become a lucrative million dollar business, which has attracted too many Goody-two-shoes, too many parasites and too many liars.”

You also said, “Three months later, an estimated 280,000 men, woman and children “”…” equivalent to the population of Cardiff “”…” are still detained in appalling conditions.  Meanwhile, the government control of media intensifies and human rights violations continue unabated.”

That is indeed a strong libellous statement of indictment against the Sri Lankan Government, and Peace Direct should accept responsibility for having made it with such authority.  And “Inform me from where you get your information“, I asked

Here is my problem with your statement.  I cannot see how these IDPs who are being provided with all necessities, like three meals a day, to the best of its ability by the Government of Sri Lanka, and whose welfare have also being looked after by more than 50 relief and welfare organizations of the United Nations and other International and Local groups being described by you as “still detained in appalling conditions.”  And “Inform me from where you get your information“, I asked.  The fact is that the Sri Lankan Government is spending over rupees 1.4 billion to rupees 1.8 billion per month to feed and maintain these innocent civilians who were liberated from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers by the brave Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

You say that “Three months later, an estimated 280,000 men, women and children”¦are still detained in appalling condition”.  And you know that this is not fact.  Three months since May, over 75,000 IDPs have been resettled in their homes.  And “Inform me where you get your information“, I asked. Let me repeat myself, “Peace-nicking has become a million dollar business, which has attracted, too many Goody-two-shoes, too many parasites and too many liars.”

Just a note as a reality check for Peace Direct since you were not in operation in 1990.   Most of the established heart-bleeding Peace-nicks in the West didn’t care a tuppence for the 100,000 Muslim IDPs created by the Tamil Tigers.  That  fateful  day in October,  1990, the Tamil Tigers made Uganda’s Idi Amin look like an angel as they gave the Muslims just 24 hours to get out  from the North of Sri Lanka leaving behind their gold and valuables at the nearest mosque, while Amin gave the Ugandan- Indians three months to leave the country.  Obviously he had a heart compared to Prabhakaran who most of the bleeding heart Western countries and peace-nick organizations tried to save during the latter days of the Eelam IV War. And that’s a fact.  Ask your David Miliband, and if he is honest enough he will admit that he was one such person representing your great country, England who was trying to weasel Prabahakaan and his senior gang out of Sri Lanka.

Perhaps you may want to tell me, since I am curious, where were you and your organization when these 280,000 Tamil IDPs were forcefully  herded by Prabhakaran and his Tamil Tigers from Mannar in the west of the island to Mullaitivu in the east for almost two years, through a horrendous, inhospitable, mined terrain which was over 150 kilometres.  No bleeding heart peace-nick organization cried for these innocent people nor did they ask Prabhakaran to stop this human-cattle run.  Where were you all Peace Direct then, may I ask!

 “”¦an estimated 280,000 men, women and children”¦are still detained in appalling conditions”, you said.  And “Inform me where you get your information”, I asked.

It is obvious that no one has informed you that all the IDPs over 60 years of age have been handed over to their relatives and friends to be cared for.  There were over 9,000 of them.

Did anyone inform you that the Government had provided special tutoring in makeshift classes at the welfare villages for over a thousand youngsters to sit for their GCE A-level public exams giving them the opportunity to become doctors, brain surgeons, diplomats, lawyers and engineers?  And “Inform me where you get your information“, I asked,

But here is the rub.  While you are crying for Sri Lanka’s IDPs, the Americans who were affected by Katrina in 2005 are still living in 13 temporary trailer parks in New Orleans.  No peace-nick seems to be crying for these unfortunate  mostly coloured people.

But here is the rub.  Dragen Piljevic, Trustee for Refugees in Kosovo said on 9 January, 2008, that 4,000 IDPs from Kosovo living in Prokuplj are facing a humanitarian crisis.  And that war ended in 1999.

If you listen to Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa carefully, you might hear his vocal strains singing, “Don’t cry for my Sri Lanka”.

Oh, by the way, in case this information had not landed on your desk, UN’s Secretary General on Human Rights of IDPs, Professor Walter Klein was in Sri Lanka late last month for a three day visit.  He was able to observe at first hand the conditions of the welfare villages and the preparations for accelerated settlement in Mannar District including de-mining and the restoration of vital infrastructures that will sustain and stabilize resettlement and the IDPs  return.  He was pleased with what he saw and there was a frank and almost glowing acknowledgement of the positives in what he witnessed. 

This is afar cry from what you had to say in your SOS call for help in Sri Lanka.  “They are still detained in appalling conditions“, you said.   “Inform me from where you get your information“, I asked.

I said, earlier that, Peace-nicking has become a million dollar business, which has attracted too many Goody-two-shoes, too many parasites and too many liars.

Pray! Let’s hope that  Peace Direct does not find itself pigeon-holed in one of the above Peace-nicking categories.

With all the information that I have provided you, I solicit that you revise your text on the SOS call for Sri Lanka, so that  you will be truthful and fair to the administration of that island’s internal affairs.  What they do not want is another meddlesome foreign NGO trying to be another bleeding-heart ‘Goody-two-shoes’ Peace-nick eyeing for a slice of that lucrative million dollar business.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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