Posted on October 6th, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

The giving up of all the evil; The cultivation of the good;
The cleansing of one’s mind; This is the Buddha’s teaching.

 A most popular and widely participated weekly Buddhist Dhamma phone conference in Sinhala is achieving its hundredth successful milestone on this Saturday the 10th of October. This highly valuable and useful phone conference has been in operation for the last two years and participation can be done conveniently by anybody.

The weekly phone conference is scheduled to take place on Saturdays beginning at 7.00 pm (EST) and will be conducting through 9.00 pm (EST) corresponding to Sunday 4.30 am through 6.30 am Sri Lankan time. (Please note that this corresponding time for Sri Lankans will be changed as from 5.30 am through 7.30 am from Saturday the 07th of November as the daylight time saving will be ended on November 01st for USA and other effective countries).

This hundredth Dhamma conference anniversary has been organized to become an interesting session to the participants. The topic for this special session has been selected as “What is Dhamma?” and the teleconference will be moderated and led by Ven. Peradeniye Sathindriya Thero, the abbot of Triple Gem of the North Buddhist Organization in Minnesota, USA. Various other reverend monks will also be participating in the colorful discussion and anybody can join into the discussion in the form of a question or with any idea or opinion.

This great opportunity allows the participants specially laymen to receive simple and complete answers to their questions and to improve their knowledge in Noble Dhamma. Venerable monks from USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Australia and other countries participate as panelists other than to the laymen.

The participants can join the conference either by the telephone or using the Skype (totally free). Please see below for the methods pf participation;

From Skype (totally free!):

Call Skype number +9900827048980674 to be a participant. Please note that this Skype out number is totally free. Please ensure that you include the leading “+” when you dial this number using Skype’s Call Phone feature. (If you type this number in an email, depending on the email client, the recipient will be able to just click on the above Skype number and invoke the Skype call.)

From a regular phone:

Calling from the USA/Canada, call 1-201-793-9022 (long distance costs apply).

In Europe, please call the following numbers;

Austria- 0820 401 15470, Belgium- 0703 57 134, France- 0826 109 071, Germany- 0180 500 9527, Ireland- 818 270 968, Spain- 902 881 270, Switzerland- 0848 560 397, UK & Northern Ireland- 0870 0990 931. The conference is free but premium national rate charges will apply to these calls as follows; Charge/minute: UK: 1.5p, Germany: 14 Euro cents, France: 15 Euro cents, Belgium: 8.7 Euro cents, Switzerland: 4 Euro cents, Ireland: 1.3 Euro cents, Italy: 8.2 Euro cents.

The Conference Room/ID Number is; 8980674 and the Security Code is; 342662 (“DHAMMA”)

Once you enter into the conference, please dial * (Star/Asterisk) followed by number 2 (that means *2) to mute and unmute. 

To receive the weekly email regarding this precious phone Dhamma conference and for any other inquiries regarding this program, and to listen to the previous preceding, kindly visit the web site, .

  Sabba Danam Dhamma Danam Jinathi!
“Gift of Truth (Dhamma) Excels All Other Gifts”

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