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Dear Mr. Cohen,

I have read an article published on Tamil Net about IDP’s in Sri Lanka this afternoon.  I am not sure about your intentions for the statement, and I sincerely hope that you are not trying to tarnish my mother land without knowing the true facts about IDP’s in Sri Lanka. Our country has suffered enough and need every support to develop, without LTTE thugs in Sri Lanka and the other parts of the world including Australia. Majority of the LTTE supporters around the world dupe Westerners to gain sympathy, and please do not fall into these traps. Here are some clear evidence how they fooled people in London (see below). Be honest and let our country rise from this terrible mess, so that people from every race be able to live in peace and harmony in our beautiful mother land Sri Lanka.


James Jayalath

Hunger striker’s £7m Big Mac: Tamil who cost London a fortune in policing was sneaking in fast-food

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1219112/Hunger-strikers-7m-Big-Mac-Tamil-cost-London-fortune-policing-sneaking-fast-food.html#ixzz0TQxZbJOy



  1. aravinda Says:

    I felt the article in Tamilnet by Mr.Cohen was funny. Once again LTTE diaspora has duped another well intending parlimentarian. Mr.Cohen, Please read some hard facts. The Sri Lankan Tamils in north and east of the country are the fourth largest ethinic community in Sri Lanka after Sinhala, Muslim and Indian Tamils of recent origin (plantation sector). LTTE is an armed group representing some casts of Sri Lankan Tamils.

    There are 30 million IDPs in the world, mostly created by actions of western nations. After 30years of war, IDPs in Sri Lanka are less than 1% of this. Sri Lankan government has won a thirty year war against worlds most vicious, inhuman, cruel, gruesome and unethical evil force of terrorists. According to FBI, LTTE is the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world. In this 30 year war, more than 70,000 humans were murdered by LTTE. They killed the Indian Prime Minister, Sri Lankan President and blinded another Sri Lankan President. Tamil Tigers killed almost all Sri Lankan Tamil parlimentarians in the country. They carved out unborn from the wombs of mothers, bashed babies against walls to crack up their skulls, planted bombs in moseques and temples, ethinically cleansed Muslims and Sinhala people from north and east of the country. This list can go on for many pages…

    No others evil force has committed crimes of this magnitude. As money flowed from drug trade, human smuggling, flesh trade, arms trade and legal business fronts in western nations and from LTTE supporting Tamils around the world, we witnessed this carnage for 30 years. There are thousands of trained LTTE killers hidden amoungst IDPs. They need to be identified and retrained to enter civilised society. The Sri Lankan government is doing a great job under very difficult circumstances.

    Thanks to China, India and all Asian nations Sri Lanka managed to see the end of the war. Many so called western nations tried hard to prolong the war to bring more hardships to Sri Lanka. The idea was to break up SRi Lanka and use that as a blue print to break up India. That plan is now in tatters.

    The incredible Sri Lankan army should be used as a blue print to train other armies in the world. Their bravery, decipline and self sacrifice has freed Sri Lanka from the clutches of LTTE and possible division of the country. Your idea of cricket to be used as a leverage against Sri Lanka is ludicrous. Cricket can go to hell! For Sri Lankans, living without fear with dignity under a democratic government is far more important.

    There will never be terrorism in Sri Lanka again. But for that Sri Lankan government need to be vigilent. The screening of IDPs and retraining formers LTTE killers is very imprtant part of this process. The land need to be demined and thousands of LTTE buried weapons need to found and destroyed. If Mr.Cohen is so worried about IDPs in Sri Lanka, he sould have commented about 100,000 Muslims ethinically cleansed by LTTE in 1990. These people are still living in camps. They were given 24 hours to leave their homes and assets or die. Before settling Tamils in camps, these Muslims should be resettled in their lands in North and East.

  2. aravinda Says:

    Mr.Prameswaran Subramaniyan may now make millions of dollars by appearing in MacDonalds advertisements. Even hunger strickers can’s resist Mac Donald burgers!

  3. gdesilva Says:

    For those who do not know, Mr. Cohen’s media contact person is one Catherine Coorey – see http://www.iancohen.org.au/mediarelease.aspx?id=369. Has this person got anything to do with this media release by Mr. Cohen? I will leave it you to speculate!

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