Posted on October 15th, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Present Sri Lankan constitution has been amended several times in the past and in most of the occasions the loop holes in the amendments have threatened the security and the sovereignty of Sri Lanka severely. The largest blow to the security of Sri Lanka did happen during JRJ era which the constitution was amended according to the needs of neighbouring India.

The executive president JRJ during that period was acting worse than a puppet and the whole country was heavily damaged by his weakness for a considerable time. Had JRJ acted wisely and bravely similar to the present President Rajapaksha, Sri Lanka could have saved not only from the disastrous terrorism but also from the economic calamity which took place with terrorism hand in hand.

Thankful to the noble courage and unwavering commitment by the present president, Sri Lanka could be navigated back to the correct course of voyage to prosperity. (Indirectly Prabhakaran, the most brutally notorious and ultimately dangerous terrorist in the world also should get the credit of helping to get Mahinda Rajapaksha elected as the president in 2005, as he enforced a boycott of voting to the Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka or otherwise Sri Lanka’s enemy number one Ranil Wickckramasinghe would have been elected as the president with a vast majority).

Finally Sri Lanka got a president who can be genuinely respected as a true president. Constitutionally he is the president but for all patriotic Sri Lankans he is the King of modern Sri Lanka. As soon as Mr. Rajapaksha got elected as the president, he bravely challenged Veluppillai Prabhakaran for a one on one duel in order to save thousands of men and women being killed in the war. This is the same request which King Detu Gemunu bravely did to stop killing of Sinhalese and Tamils during Elara time in Gemunu-Elara war.

In another occasion President Rajapaksha said that ‘Even if I am killed, my spirit shall save my beloved country Sri Lanka”. These were true words came from his heart as a true son of Sri Lanka and they were neither political nor opportunistic.

That happened in the recent history and since we have received the rarely expected and mostly celebrated victory of eradicating the terrorism, other vital objects and projects to achieve the permanent prosperity shall be implemented now without wasting the valuable time.

 Necessary immediate changes shall take in the following;

 The White Elephant – Provincial Council System

The Provincial Council system which was introduced by India for Sri Lanka is just only a White Elephant and nothing else. This indeed was crafted by India to console the Tamils of TamilNadu and it is never suitable for a small geographical country like Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka does already have a constitution to govern each and every inch of its land. The Provincial Council system only drains the wealth and discipline out of the society. The education system is also badly affected by this inefficient system.

This provincial council system shall be completely abolished and all the titles and posts shall be nullified.

 The pathetic Preferential Vote System

Most probably Sri Lanka can be the only country in the civilized world that the candidates from the same party are fighting among each other while destroying the public and private properties. This was paramount in most recently concluded South Provincial Council elections and even after the winners were declared by the election authorities there had been several brawls among same party members. This is completely opposing the definition of democracy and if this dangerous system is not scrapped immediately the nation will be gradually brought back into the uncivilized age of tribes and gangs.

 Introduction of a Practical and Strong Patriotic Act into the Constitution

Unfortunately current Sri Lankan opposition parties are the worst ever political parties in the world today. Their ultimate motive has become to destroy the image of Sri Lanka and those traitors of the country are tirelessly working to achieve their goals everyday and all around the year. They have become members of international conspiracies and invest millions of rupees to their propaganda. In order to topple the present government and destroy the president, these shameful and disgraceful elements such as Ranil, Mangala, Kiriella, Rauf, Tissa, Mano and similar perpetrators are destroying the image of the country in a huge scale.

There shall be a practical patriotic act to bring the people into justice who criticize the country abroad and who supports any kind of terrorism and secession by any means.

 In conclusion it must be emphatically asserted that all peace loving Sri Lankans shall be united to fight the malicious international and national propaganda which is trying to harm the newly liberated Sri Lanka by all measures.

 Long live Sri Lanka!

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