“Poor Hillary the Victim”
Posted on October 18th, 2009

by Hela Puwath

Dear Editor,

 We think it is appropriate time for Lankaweb viewers to be reminded of Hillary Clinton’s views of the LTTE terrorists, now that it has become a little clearer as to the reason for her views.  This is very appropriate specially for those who view Mrs. Clinton as “Poor Hillary, the Victim”

 Appreciate if you would share the Youtube video with your readers, with the heading:

 “Hillary Clinton on TAMIL TIGERS”


One Response to ““Poor Hillary the Victim””

  1. cassandra Says:

    I don’t think what we hear Hilary Clinton say in the interview is the smartest thing she’s said. But it is good to bear in mind that she was probably guided by what her minders and her support team will have coached her to say. And even if the views were wholly her own, whilst we may not agree with her views, we need to respect her right to an opinion that is different to ours.

    And quite seriously, for how long more are we going to go on with this Hilary Clinton thing? It is not going to achieve anything. Rancour and bitterness and a sense of continuing grievance are not good for the soul. Let’s put all this behind us and move on to more rewarding and productive endeavour.

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