Posted on October 21st, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Dear Hon. President,

Let me be very straight forward from the beginning. There were many positive, suggestive and instructive letters and articles written by me and several others to you and in general in the recent past, especially in this web newspaper “Lankaweb”. (Lankaweb is the leading newspaper that publishers only the articles which are truly productive and productive for Sri Lanka). None of these authors are supporting or representing any political party, but write to encourage you in your noble endeavours and to perform some sort of a service to Sri Lanka through journalism.

 Majority Sri Lankans love the country more than the political party they belong to or the person they vote for. They want a peaceful country to live in with dignity and prosperity.

 Most respected you, after becoming the Honourable Executive President of Sri Lanka, got your name written in the world history as the most successful leader in the modern world by eliminating the world most dangerous brutal terrorist organization from the country, rescuing millions of innocent Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese and other racial people from the grip of the terrorists, and simultaneously launching some unprecedented development programs all around the country.

 Congratulations for these victorious and marvelous achievements Mr. President!

 Now please do not let the country which moves on while celebrating these achievements to suffer with pity politics played by the people around you and opposing you.

 Alas! This is strange! An extreme confusion to all peace loving Sri Lankans and non-Sri Lankans living in and out of Sri Lanka!

 What is going on in Sri Lanka and with you Mr. President?

 Nobody is perfect Mr. President, everybody does mistakes. It is simple and very easy to make enemies but making everybody a friend specially making an enemy a friend is greater. Of course there are certain people who cannot be corrected or make them realized how wrong and dangerous they are to the people and to the country like the present infamous opposition leader and his friends with henchmen. In the meantime there are few people who can be useful for the country, but you were compelled to side them due to temporally unavoidable reasons, whatever they may be.

 For example, Mr. Mangala Samaraweera who spearheaded the presidential campaign in 2005 for your own sake has become a number one enemy for you. He has completely forgotten “ƒ”¹…”Mangala Karunu‘ but continuously spells opposite of “ƒ”¹…”Mangala words’. As a layman he could have carried his own motivations to fulfill after your win in 2005 and that is completely normal. Surely he was disappointed and that id normal too. Finally by sacking him, he was made an enemy for you. We should act wisely Mr. President. People do mistakes and great people correct them immediately or at least later.

 It is the same thing regarding Mr. Karu Jayasuriya. Please do not let anybody to interfere into others business unnecessarily whether they are from your own family. This has become an ultimate threat to the whole country and all the good name you earned hard is being flushed to the drain by these activities.

 Mr. President, General Sarath Fonseka performed his duty as a true commander of the army vowing that he will not pass this menace of terrorism to another army commander and he fulfilled his promise stylishly. He is a person who went to the other world momentarily by the terrorist’s suicide attack on him and came back like a more disciplined and aggressive real lion king.

 By the extraordinary and efficient guidance from you, your brave brother Gotabhaya as the Secretary of Defence and the unprecedented coordinative support from the commanders of the Navy and Air Force, General Sarath Fonseka eliminated the main root of terrorism from Sri Lanka. The brutally notorious and inhuman Prabhakaran also had admitted several times that General Sarath Fonseka’s plans are invincible and he even cannot guess the General’s next move.

 It is emphatically accurate that all those war tactics and techniques of General Fonseka would not have been effective if you were not safeguarding him and Secretary of Defence like a father who protects his children from danger. The mega pressure you courageously faced from the powerful world leaders and the way you acted for the sake of Sri Lanka is a record and also an exemplary act to other leaders.

 A person like Sarath Fonseka is somewhat indispensable and it is your honourable task to obtain his service continuously to Sri Lanka.

 I am more than hundred percent confident that General Sarath Fonseka will work for you loyally in any assignment you delegate to him in his line of military experience by “ƒ”¹…”Planning the Work and Working the Plan’ to save our country from the remaining problems of corruption and discipline. You should handle these matters personally so that everybody will be happy for a win-win situation.

 Also please be informed that the more you favour your friends and relatives, the more you damage your name and fame. As the momentum of bad news has some larger strength than the good, the hardly earned name for you will be ruined in no time if you do not act swiftly and immediately.

 Mr. President, please cease meaningless appointments which is taking place in all the ministries, boards and institutions immediately.

 Let every Sri Lankan citizen enjoy all the privileges firmly and fairly irrespective of their connections to families, political parties, religions, races and any other category.

 You are the modern day King for Sri Lanka and May All Good Guardian Deities will protect and guide you and Sri Lanka till eternity!

 Thank you,

 Yours truly,

 Shripal Nishshanka Fernando
Michigan, USA

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