Dollar Hits a New Low and Galleon Investors are Pulling out the Rug!
Posted on October 21st, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Easy Come – Easy Go? Not quite!

Sh*t has Hit the Fan and the Investors have started the Dollar Diarrhea Run.

As history has shown, when the doo-run-run starts, with the CEO out on bail with a $100 million tag, its bad news.

Too bad the man has invested in the Top 10 companies in Sri Lanka. That news is in Public Domain.

Lets now see Who is Who underneath the Sheets! There must a few who are now suffering from diarrhea, clutching onto a bottle of whisky between the loo and the drawing room.

There must be a few nervous souls from both political parties in power as well as other key persons from military and the government, hoping that tomorrow never comes.

Whatever one might say about the American Dream, the judicial circus plays its role quite well. Of course there are American jails and jails. Where the cream of the criminals get a better deal than the rif-raf.

If at the end of the day Raja has to forego his $10 million pad in New York, he might spend a few years, not the entire 20×5 years, in a reasonably comfortable pad in jail, taken care of pretty well. Not like the slum at Welikada Jail in Colombo Borella.

I knew of a pair of Canadian twins who duped President Johnson with brown envelopes and ran a $100 million scam in 1976, ended up in very comfortable prison cells, each twin taking turns, and the other holding court in London.

Like many of the Ponzi players, Raja has certainly melted a few $100 millions of moolah under ficticious names in the Bahamas, Malaysia, Cyprus, Singapore, Norway etc to warm his toes on a chilly day.

Wonder what role Erik Solheim has played in this game?

Would KP know something? Of course KP knows a lot. He did the Forex deals.

I would not be surprised if KP just happened to commit suicide one of these days! Also accidents do happen.

This will be the Raja-Gate of 2009. So much to look forward to!

Also the Presidential and Parliamentary elections may have a new meaning now!


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