LTTE terrorists last gasp
Posted on October 21st, 2009

Ranjit Rupesinghe

Letter sent to Time Australia and local paper (Courier Mail,Brisbane)

I am sure that hundreds of viewers, mere mortals like myself, who at first glance at the images flashed across television screens last week of the Sri Lankan “refugees” on the boat bound for Australia would have deduced that those on board were not genuine. If we look at it dispassionately, they could not be and should not be categorized as fair dinkum refugees. No sooner that  “Alex”, chief spokesman on board the vessel opened his mouth, it was easy to conclude that this was another ugly LTTE terrorist ploy orchestrated by the terrorist “Eelam” diaspora.

Having seen their dear leader, the “invincible” Prabhakaran and his criminal gang eliminated, after wreaking havoc and mayhem for well nigh three decades, on a once tranquil and happy land, the remnants of this miserable gang are now hell bent on destroying the fair image of Sri Lanka, descending to any low tactic, risking innocent lives as they have done in the past, to convince the world’s community that Tamils cannot continue to live in Sri Lanka as they face persecution which is a canard in itself and a monstrous lie. The fact that a great majority of Tamils live and work in the south of Sri Lanka amongst the majority Sinhalese and other minorities is testimony and blasts this myth.  

Be that as it may, what baffles me is the stance some media “heavy weights” have taken on this issue such as the bleeding heart Tony Jones on the ABC”s Q & A program who went on and on for about 1/3 of his time dwelling on the “plight of these desperate people”. Jones and even presenters such as Barrie Cassidy on “Insiders” seem to have swallowed, hook, line and sinker, this gigantic hoax. Not for one moment did these doyens of the 4th estate pause to ask the simple question as to how these “desperate people” managed to fork out $4.5 million to undertake this trip to “freedom” or where “Alex” joined the rest of the passengers, because he is certainly not from the “vanni” jungles of eastern Sri Lanka. The money has come from the huge ill gotten LTTE terrorist war chest, stashed away in various parts of the world.

In the name of balance and fair reporting, why was the question not posed by Jeff Thompson of the  ABC to “Alex” that if it was liberty and freedom they were seeking, why didn’t they opt for Tamil Nadu in the south of India, a mere 40 klms from Sri Lanka across the Palk Strait, where 60 million of their brethren would have welcomed them with open arms. Why faraway Australia? The simple answer is that the remnants of the terrorist LTTE together with their cohorts, will employ every vile tactic to besmirch the fair name of Sri Lanka to avenge their ignominious defeat at the hands of the heroic security forces of that tiny island who did so with brilliant military strategy and without a semblance of help from any western power, and despite western skull duggery, rid the free world of the most ruthless terrorist group .

Wake up Jones, Cassidy and the rest of you journalists who only  listen to one side of the story. Put aside your sanctimonious platitudes and in the name of quality journalism, ask the proper and relevant questions and do not let your emotions get the better of you, so that the public will know where the truth lies.  

Ranjit Rupesinghe

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  1. cassandra Says:

    Journalism is a demanding profession, and if he is to be any good at his craft, a journalist will need to be well acquainted with the issues he is covering. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and even the so-called ‘big names’ in the profession are not sufficiently well informed about what they handle. On TV and Radio, they work within the constraints of time and often present a story more for achieving maximum impact rather than objective presentation. And they don’t seem to be concerned with the story beyond that particular programme; what is of interest is only the present – small wonder then that these things are handled so poorly and so superficially. During interviews, they have no time for asking incisive or probing questions and they seem to swallow hook, line and sinker any fable spun by any plausible ‘spokesman’. Journalists help shape public opinion in the way in which they present stories and unfortunately some of them, because they are ill informed or uninformed or in too much of a hurry end up presenting an incorrect picture.

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