VICTOR Vs VICTOR……………………………….People The Jury.
Posted on October 24th, 2009

Piyal Samarakone

Hiding a victor from a victor is probably the best way to live among the people to gain all the grounds for much needed political longevity. The issue is can a victor become yet another victor in different kind of a battle? The battle against corruption, bureaucracy and above all emerging neo-nepotism.

President Eisenhower the 34th President of America led the Europe Front during WWII and elected to the White House by American people in 1953 and remembered as one of the best President of America. More importantly he wasn’t a one time president but a rare two-term president. Handful of war veterans in different periods in different regions were at the top spots and proved trust-worthy in governing.

We may find history makers but it does not necessarily mean that all the victors are capable enough to repeat the same feat what Eisenhower did. Nevertheless, by proving and displaying the skills in the taught field one cannot ignore the hidden credibility one can possess to perform the similar feat in a different arena. It is worth to know invariably reality is much more fascinating than the speculations or mere imaginations.

Since we are on the threshold of a new beginning and we all know the rare and precious opportunity got today cannot be wasted, for the common man who is not color-bounded knows the color of the victor is not important but the bona fide of the victor with unwavering willingness to deliver what is correct and just. People’s willingness to taste the lost world of prosperity would not come in calm waters and they too need to be prepared to practice austerity to a greater extent and must understand that eagerness along cannot achieve anything.

To achieve a lasting peace and prosperity which will be benefited to all the citizens of the country regardless of their cast and creed need a victor, a victor who can identify the correct path and determined enough to deviate from the wrong.

Let us not forget that we still live in a post war period and limping out of the mess which we were living in for almost three decades and its psychological war fare is still not diminished.

Any government need to buy certain amount of time to stabilize a economy and to make people believing that its making all the efforts to put the ailing social and economic structure in place after a long conflicts infested period, but certainly people’s natural intolerance towards the ever growing corruptive means to achieve development is quiet justifiable.

Without being adhered to proper and just means to bring intended results to the people who are more than deserve to be benefited as they were the true sufferers for ages, sadly trying to apply the trivial policy of “out of sight out of mind” very well knowing that Sri Lankan peoples’ mindset, can be boomerang as the recent event has already become a modern day epic and a folklore.

Besides all extended triumphalism, opportunistic and bankrupt politicians on both sides craving to get the benefit of the doubt in peoples’ minds to their advantage will deprive the real beneficiaries’ well being at the end.

The peoples’ verdict as the jury will go down in the history one day, for its greatness or its ridiculousness.

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