John McKay: Let’s take these 77 illegal migrants in
Posted on October 27th, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario Canada

October 26, 2009

John McKay MP
Liberal MP for Scarborough-Guildwood
House of Commons,

Dear John:

I read your statement in today’s National Post defending the 76 Tamil illegal migrants who floated into Canadian Pacific Ocean waters on board the rusty Ocean Lady, to try and get them in as refugees.  The statement said “”…””In the House of Commons on Friday, Liberal MP John McKay said Tamils are seeking refuge in Canada “because of the injustices they experience each and every day from their government merely because they are Tamil.”

John, isn’t that awful?  These damn Sinhalese and I happen to be one of them too!  I think you are right, let’s get into Canada not only the 76 Tamil illegals, but also the 288,000 who were rescued from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger human shields, by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces on May 18 and housed them in temporary welfare shelters.

But you better hurry up John.  I understand the Sri Lankan Government has resettled 90,000 of them already, which mean you Liberals have lost 90,000 Tamils to boost the Liberal voter bank.  But then, I suppose, you can get their address list and go knocking at their doors with a plane ticket for each one of them, and coach them that after they get onto the plane to destroy their passports and when they land at the Pearson Airport in Toronto to say that they are refugees from Sri Lanka, as explained in parliament by Liberal MP John McKay about the injustices they experience every day, just because they are Tamil.

If they show some reluctance to come to Canada, here is the teaser.  Tell them that they could get a welfare cheque for over $500 each month, which is equivalent to over 50,000 rupees and I bet they will jump like Jacks-in-the-Boxes at this opportunity.

If they ask you, “Sir, where can we stay?”  Be honest and reassure them, telling, “That is no problem, I can have four families in tents in the back garden of my home, and there will be other Liberal MPs like Maria Minna, Jim Karygiannis, Judy Sgro, Derek Lee, John Cannis, Michelle Simson, Bob Rae, Bryon Wilfert, Dan McTeague, Albina Guarneiri, Yasmin Ratansi, Borys Wrrzesnewskyj, Andrew Karnia and John McCallum for starters who may be able to accommodate you all temporarily in tents in their back gardens of their homes until you will be found shelter by our Social Services“.  What an incentive!

John, your campaign is a good one.  After all you were one of the actors during the February 4th Parliamentary Gong Show – “Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka” when you lied like a Trojan and convincingly with a straight face about Sri Lanka.

You said, “When Independence came, the Sinhalese majority decided that it was time to take back what was then Ceylon, and now Sri Lanka, as its own and implemented a number of laws that were reprehensible to the minority population.  The consequence of that was that the Tamil people were excluded from the civil service or it was very difficult to get into the civil service.  They were unable to access high education as they were excluded from high education.  These lists of difficulties, grievances, slights, injustices and outrages built and built until we have what we have today, a civil war”¦.”

You know John, even though all what you said was a crotch full of Cod’s wallop, I will still support you siphoning all the 288,000 from the welfare villages in the North of Sri Lanka and bring them over to Canada.  Even though I will say this about you if asked: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the liar of them all?  It is John McKay,” yet, I will still support your campaign to siphon the 288,000 Tamils including hardcore Tamil Tigers, suicide bombers with all the warts, into Canada. 

These hardcore Tamil Tigers will tell the border-guard custom officers when asked, “What is this”, pointing to the case carrying the AK47.  “Oh! It is a  Gundumbaram, a Tamil musical instrument”.  And when they ask, “What is this?” pointing at a hand grenade”.  The Tamil Tiger would say, “It is a flask with ayurvedic  medicinal payawa for my sinus ailment.”  So you will be OK, John. You won’t have problems to get them in.

I understand why you couldn’t let the parliament know the truth about the Tamils as your intention was to lie to help the Tamils come in to Canada who would eventually become your party voter bank, like when the July 1983 riots took place the highest  ranking Police Officer, the Inspector General of Police was Rudra Rajasingham, a  Jaffna Tamil; The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was  S. Sharvananda also a Jaffna Tamil together with several Supreme Court Judges, and  that  the Attorney General was a Siva Pasupathy, also a Jaffna Tamil.  And that when the  July 1983 ethnic riots happened the High Commissioner in Britain was a Tamil, the Ambassador in Germany, the Ambassador in France and the Ambassador in China were all Tamils.  I know you had to cloak yourself as the biggest parliamentary liar to hide the truth that three Tamils were also Cabinet Ministers then, just because you wanted to bring over the Tamils to bolster the Tamil voter bank in the GTA ridings.

It might have been tough for an honest Liberal parliamentarian like you to turn out to become a God-dam Big Liar, but then I understand why you took the role.  Wanting to help the Tamils to get over to Canada was worth it, I suppose.   I take it that money too is involved in this whole nefarious exercise.  There are billions of dollars in the Tamil Tiger International funds that have been forked out to help Tamils to be sneaked in to the western countries.  I will give you a high-five when you get the last of the 288,000 rescued Tamil into Canada.  Let’s do it John.

It may have pricked your honest conscience when you lied in parliament during the debate when you said, “They were unable to access higher education as they were excluded from high education” knowing that in 1977 when the Tamil population was 12.6%, Tamils admitted for Medicine at the University constituted 27.8% of the admissions, for Veterinary Science was 44.8%, Agriculture 23.5%, Architecture 31.3%, 33% were Bio-Science students and 34.9% were Engineering students.

You just have to ignore anyone describing you as, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the liar of them all? It is John McKay the Liberal Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Guildwood”, because I understand why you turned out to be a God-damn Liar.  The cause is a good one.  Wanting to take in the 77 illegal migrants who turned up in the Ocean Lady and wanting to bring over the 288,000 Tamils who were rescued by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces is a good enough cause to turn to be a liar.

Hurry up John. The Government of Sri Lanka is resettling these rescued Tamils from the North pretty fast now.  Let’s siphon them out.  And I promise to come with you to Colombo to help you to push the loaded planes off the run-way at the Katunayake airport in case they are too heavy to take off. 

So, Hurry, Hurry, John.  Just ignore people calling you a “God-damn Liar,”  as I understand your goodwill gesture towards the Tamils who will be loyal to you and vote Liberal the rest of their lives and even kneel down to polish your shoes in servitude.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. shalini Says:

    Dear Sir:

    As a constituent of Mr. Lee’s I have noted you often accuse him of having referred to the “Tamil Genocide”. I wrote to Mr. Lee on the issue and I was very embarrassed when I actually went through the House of Commons Hansards to check all Mr. Lee’s comments, speeches and questions in the House to find that on “no occasion did he use the work genocide. If you could send me the accurate quote I would highly appreciate it, as now I am in the embarrassing position to defend accusations which I based on your inaccurate inforamation.

    Thank you.


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