Let No Man Nor Nation Put Assunder What Our Current Leaders Have Brought Together From Near Disaster! Namely The Nation Of Sri Lanka!
Posted on October 27th, 2009

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial Oct.26th 2009

The tiny Indian Ocean nation of Sri Lanka, the Resplendent Isle can only be viewed as a trend setting precedent making sovereign nation which ushered in the first successful ultimate defeat of nation destructive terrorists despite the greatest support the terrorists had from a humungus global network of expatriate diaspora et al, as well as back biting internal opposition politicians whose nefarious attempts to undercut the Rajapaksha Directive were severely crushed by an astute incumbent administration and a forceful military who acheived their Fait Accompli in grand style so it is quite natural that Sri Lanka is the cynosure of many envious eyes especially those nations globally cursed with the same plague of terrorism as well as some whose so called interference laced attempts to end terrorism outside their spheres of jurisdictions have failed miserably.

 So it is no surprise that all the calls for investigating human rights abuses during Sri Lanka’s military engagements are currently prevalent to the intensity it is. It can only be concluded logically that all the cockamanie theories put forward by the likes of the UN. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The European Union and a few misguided greenhorn politicians from the USA and the UK and all other related sources who often turn a blind eye to areas of real global human rights abuses are mere apathetic attempts based mainly on conjecture and hearsay very obviously promoted but the remaining global residue of Tamil Tiger support~ a powerful one at that~ to show derision and envy based on what they themselves were NEVER able to acheive by any stretch of the imagination and by comparison to what Sri Lanka has exemplified to the world of Her no nonsense stance against internal armed insurrection and how it was defeated.

 Very rightfully a trend which was initiated and patented by that evergreen former Matriarch of the Nation the late Hon. Sirimavo Bandaranaike whose defeat of terrorism during her incumbency albeit perhaps in a lesser perspective was nontheless a pattern which has been honed, fine tuned and successsfully executed in how the Tamil Tigers were defeated by the present Administration All Hail To That!Ironically there are certain elements within the Nation today which belonged to cells of the organization she put down who have gained political power through the process of democracy that need careful monotoring and scrutiny as they too appear to have joined in the current bandwagon to discredit the Administration and could pose a serious threat to the smooth functioning of Sri Lanka which is truly food for thought for the Rajapaksha Administration to bear in mind if it has not already surfaced on the wise assertion that “Once a terrorist Always A terrorist” with the odd exceptions of the likes of a certain Mr Gerry Adams! There are others who qualify for this recognition also who have already proved their net worth through loyalties to the Administration in an unflappable manner!

A quote from a recent bulletin by one of Sri Lanka’s most prominent and brilliant lawyer Journalists and political leaders says it all towards what the Mahinda Rajapaksha / Sarath Fonseka two pronged attack on terrorism accomplished that “The final defeat of the `killing might’ of the LTTE on the 18th May 2009 ushered in a new era to our tortured land “”…” an era when People of all races, religions, genders, ages and walks of life could go about their normal avocations without fear of being torn to pieces by bombs exploded in or about crowded city centres, shops, buses and trains; when Tamil residents of the North and the East could rest assured that their little children would no longer be kidnapped for slave labour in the LTTE’s terrorist cadres or for use as `cannon fodder’; when Sinhalese and Moors could worship at their temples and in their Mosques, work in their fields, and sleep in their humble abodes without fear of being slaughtered en masse; and when Tamils, particularly those resident in the North and the East are secure in the knowledge that their hard earned money would not be extorted from them by the LTTE in the guise of collecting `taxes’.” and a truer assertion of the realities related have never been accentuated better!

While this is a time for great celebration in Sri Lanka and recognition of the architects of the devastating defeat of the terrorists and a time to rejoice, it is also a time to come to terms with those who despite all the acheivements of Sri Lanka’s foremost modern day heroes continue to denigrate them, create innuendo and false presentations to the world and the International Community to the contrary and are deserving of capital punishment for treason!

This then is a heaven sent opprtunity to re-build upon a new found unity amongst all ethnicities in Sri Lanka to re-build this wonderfully blessed Country of natural beauty on a firm foundation of decency and fair-play rather than discrediting Her for all the wrong reasons, particularly selfishly motivated political ambition, greed and the hunger for a power which some of the seekers of their own goals in this direction will never be able to harness towards the best interests of Sri Lanka ever, despite all the rhetoric they could muster! Their times have come and gone and they have squandered decades of opportunity to re- build Sri Lanka for the better and it is now in the hands of the real builders of Lanka to continue with their task unimpeded by traitors, turncoats and wimps who are an apology to party politics and any aspirations by their reckoning to transform Sri Lanka to a place of prosperity, posterity and tranquility are mere aspertions of the devil and insignificant attempts to undo what Sri Lankas heroes have put together as an unshakable package towards nation building! Let No man Put Assunder What Our Current Leaders have brought together From The Brink Of Disaster~ Namely The Nation Of Sri Lanka.

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  1. [email protected] Says:

    It has been hardly 5 months after our historic victory over separatist terrorists. However it appears that some elements are still at work in different forms, to destabilize the government and down play the historic victory. Apart from all the strikes, work to rules, demonstrations organised by a bankrupt political party/parties, there is a more sinister plan by some others to propagate communal segregation, and racial hatred. I only heard this morning that Mano Ganeshan, a insignificant Tamil with Indian Origins is making a call to other Tamil parties, and Muslim parties to join hands. One of the Tamil parties called for and involved is the T N A a former L T T E sympathizer. A familiar slogan originally echoes by G G Ponambalam Jnr. who was assassinated has been resurrected. That is a call to win the aspirations of Tamil people. The Aspirations of the Tamil People is to live in one country recognizing one peoples and that is Sri Lankans. Not Singhalese, Tamil, Moor, Malay nor burgher. What Mano Ganeshan is trying to do is to create a segregation among the citizens of the Country on the basis of the language they speak. It is no secret that the cultures of these different people have already been integrated, so much so that one cannot be seperated from the other. Even Buddhism and Hinduism are so integrated that there are worship centers of deities in each others places of worship.

    So what is Mano Ganeshan is speaking of what he is trying to achieve is, if not segregation, hatred, and separatism of state. I firmly believe the government should put in to practice the proposal by Mr. Dinesh Gunewardena to abolish parties which symbolizes communal ism, Religion, and separatism. Parties should be National not only in their outlook but also in their creed.

    The government should also take action against those trying to spread such germs of hatred communally as well as in religion. The above action of Mano Ganeshan is grounds enough to investigate his intentions. After all only a few days ago he made a statement saying that he will resign from a Utopian alliance if Sarath fonseka is nominated as its common candidate. While the candidature of such an eminent person for a bankrupt alliance itself is much to be desired one should recognise the motives behind Mano Ganeshan’s statement.

    Only time will tell. Now is the time to act


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