Posted on October 30th, 2009

By Stanley Perera from Melbourne

Rt. Hon. Kevin Rudd M.P.
Prime Minister of Australia,

Dear Sir,

Re- Sri Lankan Tamil Asylum Seekers

You were furious when Wilson Tuckey warned you of the danger of Terrorists coming to Australia along with the Tamil asylum seekers.

You were furious again when another politician called those Tamil asylum seekers illegal immigrants.

You made no comments when Greene Bob Brown asked you to let all those Tamil Asylum seekers in to Australia.

Bob Brown made no comments to my open letter requesting him to let all those 285,000 Sri Lankan Tamil IDPs in Sri Lanka to-gether with over million and half Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Canada and in Europe who are suffering during the winter months in to Australia. Also over 60,000,000 Tamils in Tamil Nadu who are suffering from mal nutrition due to the starvation and lack of London hamburgers when they go on hunger strike. All these people are waiting to jump in to the next available leaky boat to get to Christmas Island to share the luxury life enjoyed by the politicians at the expense of the generous Australian Tax payers. Nobody can blame them when you have relaxed the immigration law. Well Kevin, you asked for it.

All these asylum seekers claim they are Sri Lankan Tamils. You gave them the signal that the labour government is in power and no longer John Howard’s draconian immigration law is in force in Australia. Sri Lankan government say that 10,000 hard core Terrorists have fled the IDP camps. Already a dozen of them are arrested by Canadian Customs officers. Does it not vindicates Wilson Tuckey?

You have seen to your own eyes how fluent that five year old Tamil child spoke in English without looking at any notes like a parrot. If the five year old Tamil child can speak excellent English, the adult Sri Lankan Tamils must be professors in English. Even the Australian politicians cannot speak such excellent English without looking at the notes. Did that five year old child learn her English in one month she spent in the Malaysian jungle? Or does it mean that Tamil people in Sri Lanka are deprived of free education? All those 255 Tamil asylum seekers seem to be very well nourished and in clean and modern clothes? Does it mean that Tamil people in Sri Lanka are deprived of three meals a day are wearing rags? They are so poor that they can afford to pay $15,000 per person to the human smugglers, a cheap fare to go to Australia to bludge the generous Australian taxpayers and share the luxury life style maintained by the politicians.

My dear Prime Minister, the spokes person Alex made a demand that you ring him so he can tell you all about those human smugglers. You have failed to make that phone call so far. That is un- Australian. Alex thereafter said he will go on hunger strike. You ignored the second demand. Then Alex said he will destroy the leaky boat. You ignored his third demand. That is also un-Australian. Then a man wearing a white button on his collar asked you to let them in. You ignored that also.

My dear Prime Minister, if you listen to the every Dick, Tom and Harry, you will have no country to rule. Nobody invited them on our shores. My sincere advice to you is, be firm with your ruling. If you cave in to the pressure applied by the opportunistic politicians who are trying to win the forthcoming by-election and those bleeding hearts, please be informed that there are well over 65,000,000 Tamils waiting to arrive at the Australian shores.

Perhaps it is most appropriate to re-name those bogus asylum seekers as gold diggers or bludgers.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Stanley Perera.
Melbourne, Australia.

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