Posted on November 1st, 2009


It is sad and disappointing that a high ranking intelligent legend such as SF has decided to make a private trip to USA at this juncture. Apart from the necessity to renew his US Green Card, he also made politically sensitive speeches during his stay.

Now US government has cornered SF to face a lethal interview on issues relating to War. We all know that SF is not only a skilled army man but also a man with a high ego. There is nothing wrong with having a high ego, a quality any aspiring leader should possess.

One of the main weaknesses of SF is his out of turn speeches. It may be due to frustration because he must be feeling that he is capable of fixing the problems much faster than traditional politicians. And believe me it is not all his politically sensitive speeches were bad. In fact, I like lot of his speeches, very close to my heart.

He once said, Sri Lankan Tamils problem is not Sri Lanka’s problem, but India’s problem. SF then reminded the public after winning the War, what Ravi Karunanayake said in Parliament to redicule the Army. Now very famour reminder was, Ravi saying in the legislative assembly ( prior to War Victory) that: “Alimankada was captured, actually it was Pamankade”, “Kilinocchi was captured, actually it was Medwacchiya”. That speech by SF has touched the hearts and minds of Sri Lankans, because he made that speech after the delivering the goods.

Now SF is in trouble in US, will Ranil, Chandrika, former JVP insurgent now Buddhist monk in US, will come to his help? He should telephone directly to Gotabhaya and President to get clear advise to avoid disaster.

This is a serious situation, because it is becoming abundantly clear that SF is unable to control himself and may get himself into foreign traps. The best thing for him now is get back to Sri Lanka immediately, without facing US governmental interviews.

Has SF shot himself in his foot?

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  1. nilmini Says:

    Why should he come running back to Sri Lanka? to hide all the truth…. He went to accept all the credit of winning a war and to secure his Green card status. So from here onwards the lankan’s learders will be visiitng India, china and Russia?

  2. Sydney Zoyza Says:

    I assume your are one of Ranil Wickemasinghe’s homosexual partners who is out to discredit the General. I can’t imagine a normal Sinhalese person with an iota of patriotism will write such drivel. Even Mervyn Silva claims to have a Phd. Please don’t hide behind a Sinhala pseudo-name and a Phd. You are neither a Sinhalese nor do you have a Phd.

  3. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Ref Sydney Zoyza’s many recent comments, I hope you have direct links to SF. Given the possibility that you could be from Ambalangoda (Yes I do have friends in that area with your adopted funny surname that almost always twist my tongue), I share a lot of interest in current state of affairs in Sinhale’ and tend to believe that your comments may be true though in this instance, you missed some important text in this article in support of SF and insulted the writer unknown to me. As a person, I do not support or judge individuals by their identity or position, but by their deeds. In fact, all the events that are unfolding are within our expectations. Whatever individuals do will affect them at a personal level. But what goes on here is something very big and beyond the understanding of many of you. Anyway, there is nothing to be worried if you are a supporter of Sinhala people. For those who go with English, I can see that their future is very bleak. Dear readers please catch up with the following extract to learn more about what goes around.

    “This is a good lesson for those idiots going behind English and seeking sanctuaries in their colonies including traitorous politicians who force English down our throats under the illusion of development, to understand that all these English speakers have just one culture, that of the most evil murderers. When you are under their jackboots, either as migrants, visitors or followers of their culture, you become just part of their human stock that will be treated the way they treat other livestock. They feed you, make you work for them and discard or leave you for dead when useless, or slaughter you as they did to Sadam Hussein of Iraq. For those scum backing English to the hilt and holding power in Sinhale’ (Lanka), it is time to seek help from Sinhala leaders to save their own backs to prevent this kind of predicament. Sinhala people are the only people who can beat this monster who rule the world by the paper version of money power appealing to our animal instincts, because, we, Sinhala people, do not work for money, but for time-tested values. If needed, we have the means to ensure that these murderous barbarians finally end up in the hell.

    It is time to start our own acts by rejecting servility to English way that makes these silly people going behind them. We should not forget that these barbarians have many enemies around the globe who lack the knowledge to fight them. We can offer it free and take a million lives for one of ours. Let this general and other would-be migrants to these hellholes understand that you are choosing the worst part of the hell when you leave the Heaven on earth as pathetic migrants. It is time to start with letting their local agents pay for their crimes in this saga.”

  4. babaloo Says:

    It is indeed very sad that people start resorting to insults and character assassination, rather than present coherent counter arguments to statements that they do not agree with. Dr. Dissanayake was nothing but complimentary to General Fonseka. I wondered myself about General Fonseka’s timing in regards to his trip to the U.S.A.

    Someone of General Fonseka’s intelligence should have known that the US was going to release a report on what transpired during the final battle with the LTTE and as a major figure in this operation, the General should have had the good sense of staying as far away from the USA as was humanly possible – at least until the dust settled. If the General knowingly undertook this risk just for the sake of renewing his green card, then I must honestly say that he has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

  5. Sydney Zoyza Says:


    The so called Dr M D P DISSANAYAKE lacks any civility and has denigrated the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sanga
    He has used malicious and sinister terms on several occasions to describe Ven Dharmasiri Thera of Maharagama
    “former JVP insurgent now Buddhist monk in US.” That is slander and character assassination. No Sinhalese Budhhist person will do something so disrespectful, especially when it comes to the Sangha.

    Ven Dharmasiri Thera has hosted many current government politicos and former politicos. He is a true patriot. When Lakshman Kadiragamar was alive he would always visit the Washington Buddhist Vihara whenever he visited the USA. Ven Dharmasiri has spent many years lobbying the USA on Sri Lanka’s behalf at numerous public forums. He teaches a class on Buddhism at one of the leading christian universities in America.

    A person who character assassinates our Buddhist clergy is nothing but a Devadaththa and deserves abosolute contempt.

    Priyantha, I am sure you and I share a common ancestry (I can’t elaborate any further because this is a public website). People who had you last name served honourably in several governments in post-independent Sri Lanka. They may have been hot tempered but they never denigrated the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sanga.

  6. cassandra Says:

    Yes, it does seem the good General was not sufficiently prudent in choosing to visit the US at this time. There has been talk aplenty of apprehending alleged perpetrators of war crimes anywhere in the world and given the charges made against the SL government and the armed forces about the conduct of the offensive against the LTTE in its final stages, the General will have been better advised to stay at home, for the time being at least.

    That did not happen however and we can but hope that the SL government will do everything possible to prevent the interrogation by the US of General Fonseka. Once again, we see here the high handed manner in which the US chooses to act in relation to the less powerful countries. How a country guilty of the most terrible acts of human rights abuses – Hiroshima, Vietnam, Iraq, etc – can adopt the holier than thou attitude that the US does is both shameful and smacks of absolute arrogance.

  7. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    As a knowledge researcher, I like Lankaweb very much because it opens up new thoughts every time I read an article or a comment. There is something special about many individuals associated with this website. They have shown a remarkable resilience to English domination. I reckon that English should be really alarmed by the failure of their time tested means to subjugate and use humans as their tools of labour, which have not worked that effectively for many of you, mainly due to your Sinhala heritage. I wish I could do something to make you understand that you could do much better if you try.

    I must thank Sydney Zoyza for the last response and hope that MDPD tell a bit more about himself to build an understanding. You rightly described one of out inherited characters common to all of my relatives, which is also a means to verify their pedigree. Unfortunately, there are many others who carry the same characteristic that has many interpretations (You already displayed it) but without the surname as it is carried forward by the males only according to our tradition. I wish we could work out a way to maintain a kind of descendents chart for all of us. If we had, the world could be a very different place today.

    I am pleased to hear your attachment to Sinhalaness and hope you have or gain a Sinhala identity in your real life. But when you say Sinhala Buddhist and rebuke MDPD’s perceived anti-Buddhist comments, I am bit amused and want you and the others who may sound like you to read the following. It is true that even I was proud to identify myself that way and was practicing rituals at a much higher level until I met a lot of Hindus and had the firsthand experience to learn their way of life. Buddhism is a high level ideology that needs a lot of intellectual skills to follow it. But at some point, I found myself out side this ideology, as I could not agree with its version of events. By nature, I am a strange fellow and did try my best to find out what I should be. Obviously I can not tell all my achievements in my life thought I may have a part played that may affect all of you in someway, good or bad at a much bigger scale. However, I realised that I was born to be Sinhala and my values are almost the same as that I found in people who built the ancient Sinhala civilisation that started a long time before the much-publicised animal-worshipping Hindu civilisation. Since that time, I believe in Sinhala values and am proud to call myself a Sinhalist, a person who loves and desires to live longer as a human. So, you can understand that I am not a Buddhist because this philosophy, an extension of Hinduism (worshipping animals and following animal ways) is devoid of this essential value. As I see, it is a suicidal philosophy that hates being human and seeks abstention from sexual conduct, an essential part of our reproduction cycle ( No children means no future humanity), amid all the logic that carries a lot of wisdom. Please note that there are many other knowledge based factors that prove that a true Sinhala person can never be a Buddhist, or any other type of religionist that are more primitive by nature, because Sinhala people have developed their way of thinking around living, the true universal religion followed by all other life forms as well. So I believe your anger is unfounded and wish you have the capacity to realise the truth. Given the damage done to Sinhala people, their history (They have turned Sinhala people into refugees in their own country – the worst crime), their heritage, wellbeing and the very survival under the patronage of alien influences, I see Buddhism as the biggest intellectual threat that must be limited to academic studies. As sweets are a best source to poison a sweet lover, intellectually advanced traps can be more harmful to intellectually gifted people like Sinhala. Obviously, those to be considered as JVPers are not even worth mentioning because they are the lowest form of humanity found among our people. I recommend Buddhism for those who mistakenly took the form of humanity under misguided beliefs, as a means to end their useless lives, and Sinhalism for those who love to live like humans and desire to live longer. I hope you should choose wisely as the Sinhala Buddhist identity has the same meaning as North South direction. By the way, what many people attribute as Buddhist thinking were in existence long before the Buddha. We find that they were concepts Hindus originally borrowed from the Sinhala civilisation to spice up with their animal/suicidal thoughts.

    Please read the dedicated Lanka Web forum to learn more about the ancient history of the Sinhala people, the first civilisation outside the jungle that established the modern values and knowledge base that we use to make a living without any gratitude. I may be one of the very few who know the true meaning of the word “Sinhala” and must tell that the meaning given by those half-witted morons who twisted our knowledge as a BIG lie and a huge insult made by outsiders to our civilisation. These idiots have even distorted the original Sinhala alphabet according to their whims and fancies according to our latest research. I hope this will give you some idea not to get angry at insulting religionists/politicos, whoever they are. By the way, I personally know someone who went to US to spread his belief as a Buddhist monk, now having at least three children. So much so for the credibility of these missionaries who have facilitated the Cannibalists (Do you know what is this religion?) to enter our back yards. Isn’t it disgusting to hear western ads telling that a sip of their version of blended tea would make you feel like attaining Nirvana?

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