The General in USA, The President in Sri Lanka & The Double Sided Coin
Posted on November 2nd, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

The General goes to USA on a part official and part personal visit during a tongue wagging saga whether the General is planning to take a shot at the next Presidencial elections for the Top Seat.

The Secretary of Defence makes a statement to the effect that that the entire saga is created by the Opposition by driving a wedge between the President and the General.

In the meantime the Secretary of State of USA and the Foreign Secretary of UK and with the tacit support of the likes of Norway are trying to rehabilitate the remnants of LTTE Terrorists and paint the Tiger in white to look more like a docile sheep.

Despite the cloud over Raj Rajaratnam, his minions led by Rudrakumaran are actively seeking vengeance from the entire Island of Sri Lanka.

During the past few weeks, it was in the Public Domain that the UNHCR supported by USA, UK are claiming Human Rights violations by the Government of Sri Lanka as well as the Tamil Tiger Terrorists of LTTE. However, there is no head in the LTTE to carry the can.

And the President has responded that HE and he alone shall accept the full responsibility of any violations perpetrated by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces. The buck stops at the feet of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Now the good General is denied his invitation to an official ceremony, publicly humiliated, which the authorities should be ashamed of, for not having checked out any pre-requisites for such an invitation. Then the USA authorities invite the General for an interview to discuss War Crimes against Humanity.

Whilst USA has been and still are the biggest perpetrators of war crimes in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other countries, the USA now acts as the Police, the Judge and the Jury, as well as the Hangman.

The Sri Lankan Embassy offer full legal support to the General, which is of course should be accorded to the Chief of Defence Forces of a Sri Lanka.

There are two sides to each coin but three sides to every story, Yours, Mine and the Truth.

One might claim that this entire exercise is a pure charade. A game of political mischief! A double faced game, perhaps even funded by the LTTE Terrorist dirty money.

Hold the General who is denied Diplomatic privilege because he has a Green Card. Hold him back till President Mahinda Rajapaksa declares a Presidential election which might throw suspicion on President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the hold-up. This might create an Afghanistan type scenario as happening now and de-stabilise the country with the help of the Opposition and the Tamil Diaspora.

Or release the General with due apologies and allow his return at his leisure to arrive in Colombo as a hero of sorts. That would also appease the opposition.

Whatever is the outcome, the opposition stands to benefit. “Heads Rajapaksa Loses, Tails Wickremesingha Wins”. Thats “Fair”? Game in politics!

The man who can deliver the “bananas” home is none other than the General.

As an Officer and Gentleman, I hedge my bets that the General will tell the Truth!

First, the General was not aware of that he would be invited to a tete-Įՠթ-tete.

Second, he was rather taken aback and humiliated by the withdrawal of an official invitation to an important event.

Third, as the ex-Commander of the Army, he accepted direct orders from the Secretary of Defence, an ex-subordinate Officer, but with full acceptance of responsibility to defend the country and to his army.

Fourth, His unquestionable allegiance to his Commanding Officer, the President, who has publicly declared that he, as the President and the Minister of Defence shall be totally responsible for the actions of his Defence Forces.

Fifth, That said, the General should let his legal team do the talking!

Or would USA start a Nurenburg type Trial against General Sarath Fonseka? Or send General Fonseka to the Hague? And then the Sun would Rise from the West!

In this particular event, the Double Sided coin was minted by the forces who are trying to destabilise the Island. Just make a wish and flush the coin in the nearest loo.


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5 Responses to “The General in USA, The President in Sri Lanka & The Double Sided Coin”

  1. Sydney Zoyza Says:

    Prof Hudon Mclean or whatever your real name, I have read your articles with great interest in the last few years. I believe you are a great patriot. Please keep out of the General SF vs President camps. Both are patriots and none of them will do anything to harm Sri Lanka. They may have a disagreemennt among themselves but great minds sometimes disgaree. Be assured that none one of them will sell their soul for a few pieces of gold to the USA or to any other country.

  2. monkeynuts Says:

    Hey Sydney Zoysa, you trying to be a clown or a dictator ordering people to shut mouths? Try and stop all the other jokers who are interfering with the President and the General. And if you had your way, you could impose censorship on any comment you dont like. This is a democratic site and people have the fredom to say what they likes. Have you decided for both the General and the President?

  3. Nihal Fernando Says:

    This is as clear as the statue of Liberty holding the scale without blinking the eyes even in the high noon but those who look at the statue are doing both the blinking and winking at her because the scale is tilting upward and downward nowadays. She cannot hold it anymore keeping the equal balance due to the gravity of the duplicity, double standards, calculated deceptions, misconceptions and snow jobs by the American politics, that General Sarath Fonseka was inveigled into making this trip to America. Blake’s fake flu was another clue to think that he was one of those behind this set up. We hope that General will not fall prey to those vultures. He is a heralded hero and not a fallen. America, EU, UN are the highly paid LTTE patrons and they support terrorism. Whoever in whaever way supports terrorism is a human right violator and a criminal. The two side of the Dollar is ‘peace’ and piece’. The terrorists buy the peace from those who appear as the world bodies for the peace for a piece of nickel. This is the name of this game.

  4. monkeynuts Says:

    The Americans who are famous to lay “Honey Traps” laid this one with an invitation and General Fonseka fell Hook, Line & Sinker. Subsequently the Invitation was withdrawn and replaced by another Invitation. Right Nihal?

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Hurrah for the good Prof. McLean who keeps us well informed – never stop this act of patriotism ! It seems to us in the fringes, that a Halloween Charade is being enacted here, with a few in the US State Dept., Radhika C. & Anandasangaree. We wonder who the Director of this whole thing is, but the timing is perfect for the Halloween season ! But, Truth is like treacle and will ooze from under the closed door and if we know Lanka’s denizens, all the facts will be thrown out in the open. As for the General & the President, they have done a marvellous job for Lanka and will continue to do so, hands held in friendship, with eyes wide open. Go, Lanka, Go !

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