The Seminar on Sri Lanka -“Sri Lanka After the War – Building of a New Nation where all its Citizens will live in Peace, Dignity and Prosperity”
Posted on November 3rd, 2009

Sri Lanka Support Group

The Seminar on Sri Lanka (“Sri Lanka After the War “”…” Building of  a New Nation where all its Citizens will live in Peace, Dignity and Prosperity”), was held successfully at the Parliament House, Canberra, Mural Hall, on Thursday 29 October 2009.

A series of Sri Lankan experts spoke on different topics at the Seminar.  The seminar was primarily targeted at addressing the issues of how Sri Lanka should move forward in light of its successful defeat of the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (LTTE), in order to achieve a peaceful, harmonious and inclusive “ƒ”¹…”new’ Sri Lanka, for all its citizens.

The speakers (about 9) were Sri Lankan experts in their respective fields. They consisted of the following:

  • Yohan Ramasundera, MC (IT Professional)
  • Dr James Jupp, (ANU Professor in Immigration and Multicultural Affairs)
  • Dr Priyanka Bandara (Biologist)
  • Nimal Liyanage (BSc, Mechanical Engineer)
  • Don Randall (Australian MP for Canning WA)
  • Dr N Nadesan (Journalist and Tamil Community Leader from Melbourne)
  • Senaka Walgampaya PC (High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in Australia )
  • Don Mahindapala (Freelance Journalist and former Editor of the Sunday Observer, Sri Lanka)
  • Steve Hutchins, (Australian Senator for NSW)
  • Chanaka Bandarage (Barrister & Solicitor, Australia)

 The Seminar prominently addressed issues such as the situation of the Internally Displaced persons (IDPs), false allegations of human rights violations made against Sri Lanka by various Western Governments, NGOs and Human Rights Organizations, Media Freedom in Sri Lanka, and Sri Lankan asylum seekers to Australia by boat and their threat to Australia; but, it primarily focused on the future and way forward for Sri Lanka. The final hours of the Seminar consisted of a questions and answers session, which was very successful. The panel was comprised of all the above speakers plus  Nizar Sappideen. The panel moderator was Chanaka Bandarage.

Ranjith Soysa, Ujith Galhena and Badra Karunarathne provided highly valuable contribution to make the Seminar a success; they worked very hard from behind the scene. Some of the others  who worked hard to make the Seminar a success are: Kith Silva, Kithsiri Karunarathna (television), W Shirantha (Graphics), Suminda Weerasinghe (photography), Bandula Wijesinghe, Lakshman Kodituwakku, Pium Attanayake, Dudley Upasiri, Nelson Piryaratne, Thilak Ekanayake , Anupama Dharmaratne, Upali Karunarathne, Vathsala Ramasundera, Hiran Herath, Shashikala Premawardane, Dr Michael Wanigrathne, Shanthi Goonathilake, Rohan Bandarage and  Asoka Kuruppu.

A large number of distinguished guests graced the occasion.  The Seminar Book that was published specifically for the Seminar contained valuable data and information about the correct  Sri Lankan situation. The Book was very popular among the Australian parliamentarians.

 Seminar proceedings were telecast prominently by the Australian media.

It is widely believed that the Seminar helped to quell the adverse propaganda that is currently being made against Sri Lanka by certain sections of the Tamil Diaspora in Australia, Australian media and Australian human rights organizations, etc. against Sri Lanka.

 It is expected and hoped that work of this nature (ie, organisation of Seminars etc., to highlight the fabrication of facts against Sri Lanka perpetrated in Western countries by various vested groups), will encourage patriotic Sri Lankan organisations in other Western countries to embark on similar projects. It is very important to do this; otherwise only one-sided, fabricated stories will be constantly propagated by sections of the Tamil Diaspora and Western Human Rights Organisations that have vested interests against Sri Lanka. It is time for the patriotic Sri Lankans to rally round and fight to quell the lies and deception that is being propagated against Sri Lanka by various interested groups. If the Sinhala Diaspora wait idly, it is the Separatist elements that want to divide Sri Lanka into two that will eventually succeed. Untold damage has already been caused to the good name of Sri Lanka worldwide. We must understand that the Sri Lankan Government is unable to face the enormous threat that is coming against it from the Western nations on its own. As fellow Sri Lankans living in the West, it is our duty to come forward to protect mother Sri Lanka from such unfair and fabricated  stories of violations of human  rights against Sri Lanka, and many other concoted  stories.

 Sri Lanka Support Group will next hold a big media gathering in Australia  soon. This is to educate the media about the boat people issue, unfair allegations of human rights violations and other accusations that have been made against Sri Lanka, media freedom  in Sri Lanka etc.etc. Information of this event will be posted on Lankaweb in due course.

 The full information about the Seminar and its proceedings that will be placed on the internet can be obtained by contacting the Sri Lankan Support  Group.

 Sri Lanka Support Group (Chanaka Bandarage -0423 779 120, [email protected])

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