Double standard Policy of Canada Tamil Congress
Posted on November 7th, 2009

By Walter Michael in Canada

Tamils living in Canada was mislead and misguided by CTC by saying that Sinhalese are not a trustworthy and ruthless behavior community who are not treating Tamils in home land Sri Lanka equally and not respecting their rights. CTC blames blindly that Sri Lankan Government as a Sinhalese Government for genocide Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka and Promote LTTE psycho theory which is justifying killing any one who oppose their policy. This racial mentality they have planted in younger Tamil generation whose parents were taken Canada as their asylum country.

This young generation Tamil Canadians who are growing with hate trance against to Sinhalese community who are also Canadian citizen. University’s in Toronto was penetrated with these narrow minded young kids who are spreading anti Sinhalese mentalities among Tamil students with the instructions of CTC. Tamil students who are friendly with Sinhalese students were warned by this crowed and told them to stop any relations as “they are our enemy”.

Tamils who associate with Sinhalese community social events or High commission in Canada were named as traitor to Tamil community by CTC. They were harassed by giving threatening calls.

However all these top men in CTC who preach this anti- Sinhalese mentality never practice in their life. The good example is recent wedding taken place where CTC top man’s son got married to Sinhalese girl with the blessing of his parents. This function was well attended by other CTC top men including CTC spoke person MR.David Poobalapillai.

Our investigation raveled this double standard policy of this CTC members are not for anything only gets their own benefits from present Government in Sri Lanka. The bride of this wedding is Grand daughter of former Sri Lanka freedom Party strong man and former influential minister , who was a cabinet Minister in Madam Srimavo Bandaranayake regime. Still the family has very close relationship with Cabinet ministers and party leaders in present regime too. It shows all preaches are for other and not for them. It is a selfish coward mentality of these so called Canadian Tamil Leaders.

After LTTE was defected by Sri Lankan forces and peace has installed in Sri Lanka, the opportunity of investment in Sri Lanka look brighter. CTC top members who run behind the LTTE flag now realize to make some connections to invest and get benefits from present government. This wedding may bring some personal benefits to this CTC member.

We are more welcome inter-race marriages between Sinhalese and Tamils who are son and daughters of Mother Sri Lanka. We need to build one identity as Sri Lankan. This change of mind and heart of CTC members should spread to other Tamils and Sinhalese in Canada to encourage inter-race marriages not for their own personal benefits. As we know there are Tamils and Sinhalese are marrying to other nationalities they are far away from our culture and customs. We are happy to say that our daughters and sons are married to white or brown skin but shame to accept our Sri Lankan inter-race marriages. We need to change this mentality.

We wish this couple for long life, and wish to change the mentality of our CTC members for sake of future generation.

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