Posted on November 7th, 2009


For many years, Indian Tamils came illegally by boat or swam through Chavakachcheri to Sri Lanka( then Ceylon). During the recently concluded War against Tamil Terrorists, there are no reports of many Tamils leaving Sri Lanka to India or other countries, because they all thought Prabhakharan will be their Prime Minister of Eelam and Norway government had all emergency plans to recognize Eelam. Vast majority of Tamils, I would say 99% of them, prayed and expected Prabha to find a homeland for them. But President Mahinda Rajapakse, Gothabhaya, Sarath spoiled their plans. Now their hopes are in tatters, those who did not leave Sri Lanka during the War, are now trying to find an alternative place to avoid further investigations against them.

Since being elected Prime Minister in 2007, Mr Kevin Rudd had enjoyed a massive popularity gain percentage over opposition leaders, viz. Dr Brendon Nelson and the current leader of Liberal Party Mr Malcolm Turnbull. Since 2007 Mr Kevin Rudd had to face many serious issues, one of which was the global financial turmoil. He and his Treasurer Mr Wayne Swan took timely action to ensure growth, employment, investment, education, infrastructure development, education by injecting Federal Government funds to avoid an economic disaster. Many other government leaders have thus far failed to find a practical solution to come out of global recession. Global financial melt down did not melt down Mr Kevin Rudd’s popularity.

Last week poll by Newsweek, has shown a dramatic reduction of Australian Prime Minister’s popularity, in as much as 6% points. This was caused by one single factor, i.e. tamil illegal migrants issue. The TV and radio talk back shows continue voice Aussies anger, if the government allows these suspected terrorists are allowed to enter to this peaceful land.

If you are a peace loving person, friendly, honest you are accepted in Australia. If you are properly qualified and possess necessary skills, you can rise to the highest position. But to enter Australia there is a procedure. Tamils on the Boat have apparently paid well over $20,000 per person, to enter into Australia. They are refusing to disclose their identity. If you are skilled in the relevant category, you need not spend $20,000. The question is where these guys have found such vast amount of cash, are those the hidden resources of LTTE?

One Tamil on boat complained that his 9 months old baby daughter cannot get enough milk each day. (How about breast feeding, Thambi Nadarajah?) Australian government is apparently spending $75,000 per day to look after these Tamils but one woman on boat cannot get enough milk to feed the 9 months old baby. These boat people are well dressed, wear many jewelleries, speak good English, can spend $20,000 per person, to illegally migrate to Australia. How can they be asylum seekers? Why are frightened to disclose their identities? Who is funding them?

By refusing to disclose their identities and to land voluntarily as temporary asylum in Indonesia, they are already breaking the law. How can Australia, Canada, Indonesia can make these Tamils happy? We as Sinhalese have tried and still trying to make them happy with so called “Uthuru Wasanthaya” .((I think Uthuru Wasanthaya is an absolute waste of time and money, instead must settle Sinhalese and Muslims in North and East). Is there a single Tamil who says ” Thank you” to Sinhalese? None. If you ask a Tamil, “: From which country you originally come from?”, the answer is “Ceylon”. But suddenly the Tamils on boat are calling themselves with headline banners. “We are Sri Lankans”, instead of calling themselves as “Ceylonese”. That is to draw the sympathy and next few weeks will unravel the true identity of these (suspected) terrorists who are being hunted by the Government of Sri Lanka.

“The Australian” newspaper on its edition of 5 Nov, had the front page headline as “Solution to Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers”. According to the story, these Tamils if accepted into Australia, will be employed as “unskilled” workers, exactly the same way Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) gave jobs to Tamils as Cleaners ( Sakkiliyas) etc.

India has done enough for Tamils. Sri Lanka has done much more than what India has for Tamils. But those who cannot live peacefully in their own country peacefully, cannot live anywhere else peacefully!

All these Tamils on boat must be sent back to Sri Lanka, let them be screened under a joint Aussie-Sri Lankan UN panel of Inspectors to determine and identify who they are.

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