Fonseka’s Conditions to Join ANU(S)
Posted on November 9th, 2009

Dilrook Kannangara

ANU(S) stands for (S)UNA – United National Alliance – spelt backwards with a “S” to complete! Backward is the direction UNA is moving after it made a U-turn. It retracted the following statements referring to the great General, the greatest hero of our time.

  1. “Any ass can fight a war”
  2. “Army Commander Sarath Fonseka is not suitable at least to command the Salvation Army”
  3. “What’s all this fuss about the Thoppigala jungle? It’s nothing to crow about”

 Rumor has it General Sarath Fonseka is going to join the UNA as its presidential election candidate. This may or may not be true. Assuming its true, it opens a wide array of opportunities for the nation. Although the incumbent has done a yeoman service to the nation, things can be done better. Much better. Fonseka may be the man to do it although he hasn’t proven his political capabilities. But one thing is clear. If Fonseka leads the UNA while another nationalist leads the SLFP, it helps find a proper political solution to what is alleged as the “ƒ”¹…”ethnic problem’. UNA is keen in getting Fonseka into its fold not for the welfare of the nation but for its own good which is acceptable. What is not acceptable is using politically inexperienced Fonseka to do all the dirty jobs of the Ranil clan and then dumping him. It has happened twice before and Fonseka must not be the third.

 Lucky and Perera were treated like toilet paper by UNA

Lucky Algama and Janaka Perera died under mysterious circumstances. In the case of Lucky (1999), the LTTE suicide bomber specifically and carefully avoided harming any UNP member other than the target. The LTTE suicide bomber waited patiently until Ranil and other UNP bigwigs were not near the target before approaching. What did the bigwigs suffer? Not a scratch! And it all happened after Lucky was exploited to the maximum.

 Perera’s case (2008) is same. While the NCP Provincial Council had more than a dozen UNP members, only a handful came to the opening of their main office! None of the bigwigs participated which is even more strange. Once again it occurred after Perera was used up fully. The new Opposition Leader of the Council who replaced Janaka is not such a nationalist as Perera. He didn’t obtain even a three quarter of the votes Perera obtained!

 As long as this use and kill attitude guides the party in relation to retired army officers, there will not be any tangible progress in the UNA. This is why Fonseka must be extra careful. Dismantling the pro-LTTE mentality that has spread like a cancer in the UNA is going to be very difficult. Timely elimination of Lalith, Premadasa, Gamini, Lucky and Janaka paved the way for Ranil to continue with pro-LTTE policies that are highly unpoopular. Today LTTE front groups provide millions of dollars to the UNA to retain its pro-LTTE stand. Refer link to read LTTE’s million dollar donation to Ravi Karunanayake, UNP MP. ( Will the UNA lose millions of dollars from rich LTTE sources just to accommodate Fonseka?

 Mano Ganesan, the open advocate of Tamil Elam

Mano Ganesan has been an open supporter of Tamil Elam and the LTTE. He has participated in a number of hardcore LTTE activities including Pongu Thamil events canvassing for violence, racism and separatism.   (

 Fonseka in his right mind cannot sit with this Tamil Elam terrorist supporter. Upon accepting UNA leadership, Fonseka should sack this terror menace. Keeping violators of the PTA, ER and the Constitution in the Fonseka camp exposes him for possible abetment of these crimes. It also gives the wrong impression that Fonseka approves Ganesan’s dangerous views. It will also ensure continuity of Fonseka in politics by avoiding the mishaps that befell previous army generals.

 Hakeem has always been a LTTE sympathizer

It is no secret Hakeem still has an active agreement with the LTTE signed 7 years ago. ( This contract was never officially rescinded and still stands valid. There is no way Fonseka can team up with such separatist and racist elements that attempted on his life and did everything possible to destroy the nation General Fonseka protected with his life. Getting rid of these vile elements from the UNA is the first step in cleaning up the party for victories instead of usual defeats.

 This individual has also discredited Fonseka with a mistaken interpretation of what the latter said to the Canadian National Post. “The nature of the attack on the minorities in the interview borders on racism. His request for minorities not to make demands is totally uncalled for and only goes to create a fear psychosis among the minorities at this critical juncture of the conflict, the SLMC statement said.” (

 Ranil the biggest traitor of our times

Ranil must go from the UNA if Fonseka is to have a meaningful contribution at the leadership. Ranil has multiple issues with national security. In 1999 he vowed to handover the North and the East to the LTTE. He fulfilled the promise in 2002 within three months of winning power. His promise of not to lift the LTTE ban was broken within months of making it. LTTE became rulers and dictators of Sri Lankan affairs.

 Without stopping at that Ranil mocked military victories; used his stooges to make fun of war, armed forces personnel and hard fought victories. At one point his party equated army personnel to asses while hailing the LTTE. If Ranil retains the UNA leadership while allowing Fonseka a role in it, it is a dangerous plan to use Fonseka to achieve crooked ends.

 Mangala has mocked the nation and its people like no other

Sri Lanka army managed to recruit tens of thousands of men into its ranks in the past few years despite fighting the most ferocious phase of the war. On previous occasions it was monumentally difficult even to recruit a few thousand at a time thanks to all the anti-war propaganda deliberately timed badly by the “sudu nelum movement”. Mangala ridiculed the Sinhala Commission’s report and condemned it to the rubbish bin just because it concerned the Sinhalas.

 He has actively discredited Sri Lanka internationally following his defection from the party he helped to build when Chandrika was at the top. He joined a group of anti-nationals who he himself identified as such before his defection. General Fonseka is unsafe until he gets rid of this dangerous anti-national from the party.

 Jayalath Jayawardana has multiple law violations to his credit

Visiting LTTE “ƒ”¹…”mahaveer’ cemeteries and paying homage to them is just one crime he has committed. He undertook to travel to Europe and begged for the punishment of Sri Lankan armed forces personnel for liberating Tamil people from LTTE stranglehold. In addition he has on a number of occasions tried to disrupt military activities with irresponsible remarks, threats of disruption and fabricated allegations. (

 General Fonseka cannot join the league of the likes of Jayalath and therefore this LTTE sympathizer must be shown the exit from the party.

 General Fonseka has nothing to do with these backstabbers and he must in the first instance clean up the ranks of the UNA. If he is not allowed to become the leader of the party, he should not accept the sham position offered. If Fonseka rejects the UNA offer, chances are that people too will reject the UNA. Its all in the acronym.

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