UNP strategy to sponsor Gen. Fonseka ” but wants to sell all the arms and armaments” !
Posted on November 9th, 2009

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

The current talk in town is that the UNP and its aligned ‘lame duck’ political parties strategy is to sponsor General Sarath Fonseka as the Presidential candidate. But ironically wants to sell all the arms and armaments which the General treasures!

During last weeks Emergency debate, the UNP had demanded that the government sell off the armaments including artillery pieces, guns, multibarrel rocket launches, fighting crafts like the MIG’s and other military hardware. But the governement had quite rightly rejected the request as they are equipment used by war heroes. Some of them were captured from the enemy at high cost. So they are symbols of national pride.

 Apart from this the UNP should be aware that there was a time when Sri Lanka was starved of armaments. The West refused to sell arms to Sri Lanka. So some of our friendly neighbours. During the Eelam war III when the LTTE was about to over-run Jaffna it was Pakistan which came to Sri Lanka’s rescue.

 During the Eelam war IV, Sri Lanka faced the same problem but was able to buy arms from other friendly countries such as China, if not the story would have been different. Therefore, it was an uphill battle for Sri Lanka to purchase arms in the war against the LTTE. If so, why should Sri Lanka sell the arms obtained with great difficulty and gamble with the future security of the country.

 Selling off arms would keep the LTTE, their sympathisers, the Tamil diaspora etc., happy. Now the UNP is advising the government to sell war equipment. Later, they could ask the government to demobilise the forces as well. By doing so is the UNP targeting the votes of these groups at the on coming elections?

 If this is the strategy of the UNP, who will take seriously a party which will put the future security of the country at risk?

Can General Fonseka take into confidence the UNP and its acolytes which wants to dispose off the arms and armaments which he values and treasures so much ?

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  1. cassandra Says:

    It is a measure of depth to which the UNP – once a great party, the party of the likes of DS and Dudley Senanayake – has fallen when it has to turn to an ex Army General to be its candidate for the Presidential Elections. Clearly, the Party has no confidence in its own leaders. So, what credibility does it have with the public?

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